Teas for Witches: the Basics

I can talk about tea literally all day (and I have because I’ve worked in a spice and tea shop for years), and there is SO much to talk about with both health and magical benefits. Teas are made from tea leaves called camellia sinensis, with the exception of herbal teas/infusions. For this, I’m going to list magical and health benefits by type of tea.

Black Tea

Feminine * Earth * Winter * Strength * Stability * Death * Expelling Negativity * Alertness * Energy

Black tea is the most fermented and oxidized of all teas. Its tea leaves look shriveled and black. It combats heart ailments, digestive problems, high cholesterol, asthma, and breast/menstrual problems. Black tea also has a lot of caffeine (47 mg, still less than coffee) and too much of it can cause acidity issues in the stomach.  

Examples: English/Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsung Souchang, Ceylon, Earl Grey

**There is a subset of black tea called Pu-erh, a post-fermented black tea. Some consider this to be the “purest” of all teas and connect it to the aether, as it is rare and valuable.

Green Tea

Masculine * Fire * Summer * Passion * Healing * Conscious Mind * Sexual Health * Love * Energy * Progress * Magic

Green tea is slightly steamed but not fermented, which maintains its green color. It has many health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing cholesterol and weight, boosting immunity and stamina, and reducing blood glucose. It has less caffeine than black, but still some. 

Examples: Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha, Gyokurocha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Gunpowder, Dragonwell

Oolong Tea

Feminine * Water * Autumn * Reflection * Meditation * Wisdom * Serenity * Concentration * Romance * Friendship

I always describe Oolong as being between Green and Blacks, since it is half fermented. It can help manage weight and stress, balance blog sugar levels, remove free radicals, and promote healthy skin and bones. HOWEVER, too much can actually speed up bone degradation because it sweeps away excess calcium. And beware of its high caffeine content (I used to drink Raspberry Wulong to pull all-nighters).

Examples: Milk Oolong, Formosa, Wulongs

White Tea

Masculine * Air * Spring * Happiness * Wisdom * Moon * Purification * Protection * Clarity * Cleansing * Beginnings

White tea is a little harder to find. Either the tea leaves are plucked as immature leaves and steamed, or the leaves have not been processed (there seems to be little consensus across cultures). Some have a small amount of caffeine. It’s a great antibacterial and antioxidant, and it improves the heart, oral health, and skin. Drinking a couple cups works better than one, and you can reuse the tea leaves, granted that the second cup will brew longer.

Examples: White teas come in many flavors and are usually labeled as white tea. You may need to seek out a tea shop to find some.

Herbal Tea

Magical properties depend on which herbs are used

This tea seems to be the most popular for witches on tumblr, because it is composed of dry, unprocessed herbs, seeds, fruits, or roots, and has no caffeine (as long as the herb doesn’t!). There are many recipes online as herbals are easy to make. In general, herbal tea promotes calm, reduces cholesterol and risk of heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes. Due to its lack of actual tea leaves it has less antioxidants than other teas. Some don’t even call it a tea, but dub it Herbal Infusion.

Examples: Rooibos, most Chais, Ginseng, Chamomile, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus

**Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is notorious for its high caffeine levels (you’ve probably seen the energy drink). It also zaps one’s appetite and can become addictive, so be careful around this tea!

As always, feel free to add/message me of any corrections, and I hope you find your cup of tea!

An Anon asked for more Strawbana kids and so I figured I’d do a big sketch dump for you all because hey I’M HERE TO PLEASE

I’ll also give you a bio for each Strawbana kid here so enjoy

Mars Wukong (Based on Mars, the God of War)

Nickname: ‘MarMar’ by family (Though Sun calls him ‘Sunny’ because puns), ‘M’ by Team

Age: 20

Gender: Male/Cis

Orientation: Bisexual

School/Year/Team: Shade Academy/3rd year/Leader of team MARZ

Aura: Red

Semblance: Star Burst, creates orbs of light that burst and flash, blinding his opponent. The orbs can change in size and variety and Mars usually wears tinted goggles to protect his own eyes from the blast.

Weapon: Heaven and Earth, Hook Swords with dust cartridges in the hilt that combine into a Bo staff ( named Yi when combined) or a sniper rifle.

Personality: Flirty, Lazy, Laid-back, Charitable, Collected, Playful, Protective

Voice: Evan Peters


  • Mars puts his hood up if he’s embarrassed or blushing.
  • He’s a daydreamer and often loses focus when in class.
  • When focused, he is extraordinarily detail-oriented and can pick up on subtle hints or social cue’s, being dubbed as a “mentalist”.
  • He often worries about always being seen as his parents child and living in their shadow instead of carving his own path.
  • His favorite food is Dreamsicle’s and he loves to play card games, his favorite being Strip Poker.
  • His goggles are a gift from Uncle Neptune
  • If pushed too far, either bullying his little sister, a friend, or torment falling upon himself, Mars’s temper is let loose and he turns into a wrathful and violent person.
  • He’s 6′2″, taller than his father

Xing Wukong

Nickname: ‘Princess’ by Sun, ‘Shinning Star’ by Ruby, ‘Twerp’ by Mars (he says it with love)

Age: 17

Gender: Female/Cis

Orientation: Heterosexual

School/Year/Team: Beacon Academy/1st year/Team OHNX

Aura: White

Semblance: Rejuvenate, a semblance that uses her aura to heal. If her teammates are in danger, she can use this semblance to help out her team. The semblance takes the form of burning white stars.

Weapon: Galaxy Waver, a buzz saw/yo-yo hybrid weapon.

Personality: Cheerful, Curious, Indecisive, Outgoing, Frugal, Romantic, Studious

Voice: Tara Strong


  • She looks up to her older brother, but also has a fierce rivalry with him (that he is unaware of). Said rivalry is the only reason she went to Beacon: To someday be put on the battlefield against him and win.
  • Xing falls fast and falls hard, having about five crushes within the first month of school.
  • Extremely close to her mother and often feeling homesick, Xing calls her once every day no matter how exhausted she is.
  • Her favorite food is cranberries and is really invested in her shows, which she keeps up on by using her Scroll.
  • The end of the day is the best time for a hot tea, sugar cookies, and a good book.
  • She puts up a happy and tough front, but Xing can be easily offended and hurt. A tender spot is being teased for being a Faunus and if her buttons are pushed, she will find a place to hide away and cry.
  • Xing is 5′5″, close to her mother’s height and hopefully still growing.

Iwa-chan < 3


Big thanks to Teamage for enjoying my doodles and motivating me! :3


Long time no see, my friends! I must say it’s really difficult to submit anything after such long time. I had a little artblock for last few months (and working on my diploma doesn’t help at all), so I’ve decided I’m gonna take it slow (not like Oikawa < 3) and make some sport anime doodles. I’m so much in love with Yowamushi Pedal lately (especially some cute second years, cough cough) and of course Haikyuu. I hope you’ll enjoy some… well, not best quality doodles. < 3

And btw, please, no spoilers, because in both series I still have a long way to go. : 3