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// Am enjoying working at Adrenalin (: Gotta admit that I like the environment very much and that I can easily communicate with deaf colleagues. Good thing is that hearing colleagues know some signs (: Not that I dislike colleagues who don’t know sign language.

Although I’m mostly doing admin while waiting for any events that need a photographer, colleagues have made me really comfortable here (: Really made me laugh till I literally want to roll on the floor laughing. As I hear Adrenalin stories from my 2 colleagues, I start to understand how Adrenalin is running. I know it’s always tough on staff as they try to meet clients’ expectations plus send in their proposals for any events they are planning which made me admire them even more. It also helps me understand what being a designer and an event organiser is like. Though it looks fun on the surface, it’s actually challenging. 😔

I really salute you team Adrenalin! #teamadrenalin (at Adrenalin Group Pte. Ltd.)


A video of our first Adrenalin 360 skate/surf comp at Avalon beach and Avalon Skatepark last month! Grommies shredding it up