Rachel Skarsten

The link to the short film is here:

A short film “What Would You Do For Love” made for Mosaic LA, starring Rachel Skarsten and Aaron McManus, directed by Erwin McManus, shoot March 2013, aired on Mosaic gathering on 27th October 2013 (in other words: ripped from “Life in Color: The Intentional Ones” message by Erwin McManus on iTunes. For more information, visit

If you just want to look at the GIFS then please accompany it with this song:

I cannot describe how beautiful she is. 

The #TEAMRSKAR t-shirt(s)

I am working on a lengthy write up about my very short lived experience with Rachel Skarsten, handing her the #teamrskar t-shirt(s), and getting her autograph.

I wanted to get this out days ago but as soon as I got back from Toronto, I was straight back to work. 

There will be new pics (trust me, you’ll like one of the pics). And I want to show you the other shirt I designed! I also want your opinions on them too!

Ahem, to all of you Rachie haters, take that! Proof that she is not a homophobe. So please, stop the nonsense, get back to your lives. Leave her alone. She is a beautiful (inside and out), talented, strong, wonderful woman.


If you ever see this, know that you have a very supportive fan base (we are #TeamRSkar), that admire you for everything you are and everything you do. Keep up the good work, and please, never, ever change. We love you just the way you are.