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*Sigh* yeah she uses expressions in spanish but what I meant was that if she had some latin heritage from the dimension she comes from..? I didn't want to be rude or anything

*sighs harder*

Okay, darling, I took my time to answer this because I really wanna tackle a couple things here.

First of all, and foremost, to me, your asks sound like you’re trying to erase America’s Latina culture because of her other-worldly heritage. This is wrong for a number of reasons, mostly because you would be ruining an awesome example of representation many Latinxs identify with and probably giving a chance to many racists people to clear their conscience when they put her in a Latinx stereotype because ‘she’s not a Latina so it’s not racist’.

Also, if you look at a comic book character and think, “Gee! A brown strong woman who speaks Spanish, but I don’t think she’s a Latina!!!” You kinda have to rethink your life choices.

Second of all, luckily for you, this is something I’ve already given quite a bit of thought to and I’m gonna try to give you logical answers so you can drop the argument once and for all.

  1. Physically, America Chavez is clearly a Latina: brown skin, thick wavy hair, almond eyes, thick lips, strong thighs…. you get my meaning. Her race is not up for discussion. If anything, I could argue she might be an afro-latina, but the Latinx part is definitive.

  2. Her mothers/her world. Now, I assume your worries are regarding her nativity being the Utopian Parallel as opposed to a Latinamerican country. However, if this is an Utopia created by the Billy Kaplan we all know and love (and who in no way is racist) I am willing to bet his idea of a perfect world included a mix of cultural and ethnical representation. Which takes us to both America’s mothers being WOC, when in Issue #14 it’s made clear that not everyone in her world was. 

  3. America Chavez clearly identifies herself with her culture. How do we know that? Well, let’s see. There is her integrating spanish words to her language. No, not just in a “nada and jack” type of expressions that could very easily be used by native english speakers, but in surprise expressions that are instinctive, natural and beyond her control:

    Furthermore, she takes this cultural aspect of herself seriously. To her, the use of spanish expressions is not a joke. Proved when she quickly shuts down Loki for trying to use them: 

    further proof: 

    Oh, look! It’s America Chavez calling Nullifier a ‘white boy’, kinda like she doesn’t identify as white, uh? Weird.
  4. Full disclaimer: now we are entering the part where I make a lot of not proved theories. 
    So, let’s say we’ve gotten to this point, and you’re still thinking, ‘well, yeah, but she’s not human and her moms don’t speak spanish and blah blah blah’ here is what think about it: America arrived to 616 when she was approximately 8 years old (maybe younger). She was a recently orphaned, homeless and penniless child. How did a kid like this managed to survive all this long on her own? I mean, sure, she could go to anywhere in the Multivere but I doubt that’s an ability she had at that age. So, I have two options for you:

    1) It is not a far guess that America would’ve ended up with kids who, like her, were alone, marginalized, poor and without papers. Who are this kids? Children of illegal immigrants. It’s not an uncommon thing for their parents to be sent back to their country, while the kids who were born here are left alone. There’s even southamerican parents who sent their kids alone to the states hoping they’ll get a better life and an education. Now, if a 6 y/o arrived to this sort of group, it’s not a far stretch to guess she would’ve learnt their customs, language, expressions, culture, etc.

    2) Where are the living costs much lower than in NYC, much more forgiving weather during the winter and a greater amount of street kids? South America. So, maybe, baby America was smart enough to fly there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d spent there her first years in the Multiverse. The culture’s warmer and more welcoming. She might have ended up in a street child’s house or with some sort of gang who tried to make a living off the streets, for all we know.

    Now, I know this are just guesses, but for an ethnically latinx child on her own, it is not really hard for me to believe that she would’ve somehow gravitated to a crowd more like her.

So now, to conclude. We can affirm that America Chavez both: genetically is a Latina and identifies as such. The only part that could maybe be left for discussion is how she came to live this culture. Maybe her mothers already acted like Latinas in her world, and we just never saw them speak Spanish (even America scarcely speaks it, which btw is not a sign of her being less of a Latina, but a very respectful and true representation of how us, native Spanish speakers, communicate in English,  not throwing random Spanish words everywhere like a bad fanfic writer). Or maybe she got immersed in that culture at her arrival at the Multiverse. 

Either way, there is no question. America Chavez is a Latina.