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Welcome to the NHL, Bo Horvat.Canucks just let the rookie do a loner lap. (x)

Jake Virtanen Imagine: Decorating the Christmas Tree

“Jake,” you yelled in the quiet apartment. “Did you find the decorations?”

You hear a faint sound saying, “no.”

Groaning you get up from the ground leaving the empty christmas tree. Running up the stairs you go to the spare room that has your holiday decorations. Walking into the room you see a puzzled Jake. He seemed like a lost puppy in a maze of boxes.

“I told you it was the box in the corner on the left,” you tell him.

Throwing his hands up in the air he began to defend himself, “in my defence there are many boxes and none have labels.”

“You sure about that,” you say as a smirk grows on your mouth. “I think you didn’t look hard enough because there’s a box right there that says christmas decorations written on it.”

Turing around he finally notices the box. He face palms his face feeling really stupid because the box was really easy to find.

“I guess I mixed up my left and right,” he said starting to make excuses.

“Uh huh, sure you did,” you joke. “C'mon let’s go decorate the boring tree and then maybe we can decorate the house.”

He nods at you and says, “don’t worry (Y/N) I’ll pick up the box.”

You both crack a smile and start to work. Going down the stairs the two of you remove the decorations from the box. Jake takes out the lights and starts to unravel them.

“I’ll start circling this around the tree. Then we’ll put on the ornaments,” he exclaims.

Once he began to walk around the tree and put the lights on. Along the way he had a few errors, but you fixed them before they would get out of hand.

“Okay now since that’s done, let’s start to put on the ornaments,” you say very excitedly as Christmas was your favourite holiday and you always loved to put the ornaments on a tree.

Jake laughs at your child like behaviour and starts to hand you the multicoloured, solid coloured, and christmas figure ornaments ornaments. The two of you put random ornaments on random branches of the tree filling it up. Taking out your favourite ballerina ornament you put it in the tree admiring it. It’s the last ornament,so Jake plugged the lights outlet into the wall, so the two of you can cherish your christmas tree.

“The tree looks amazing (Y/N)!” he says.

“It’s beautiful!” you said not letting your eyes leave the tree.

“Not as beautiful as you,” he tells you making a blush creep up to your cheeks.

When you look at him you notice he took something out of the decoration box. Putting his hand up in the air you saw a mistletoe.

“Hey, look a mistletoe,” he says pretending a never acknowledged it before.

“Ha ha ha, I guess you want me to kiss you now,” you tease.

He eagerly nods at you longing for the feeling of your lips to touch his. You wrap your arms around his neck and tiptoe to place a kiss on his lips. Once your lips touch you feel those butterflies in your stomach. He sweetly kisses you back and eventually let’s go of the mistletoe to cup your cheek. Pulling apart the two of you laugh.

“That was nice,” he says breaking the silence.

“Yes, it was wonderful,” you say leaning in to peck his lips once more.

Something New

Can I get something where the reader meets him in Vancouver when he starts to play in the nhl (thank you!) - Request

August. Not exactly an exciting month for a University Student waiting for the academic year to begin once again. However, luckily for you, you had enough friends in Vancouver to keep you entertain the whole time. It was near the end of the month when your closest friend, a close cousin of a Canucks player,  dragged you from the comfort of your laptop to a situation that you could never find comfortable. The Vancouver Canucks Family and Friends Pre-Season Skate.

You were not a social awkward person, but you rarely strayed too far from your beloved Tumblr account. Now, you were being thrust onto the ice with no way of retreat. You were no necessarily worried about falling over, you knew how to skate and had your own skates. It was more the company and the number of men that made you feel uncomfortable.

“Calm down, (Y/N).” Your best friend groaned as her hand grabbed your arm. Your body was tense and showed very little signs of calming down. You could feel your skates gliding over the slippery surface as your friend shuffled backwards. “What are you so worried about?” She laughed.

Your head shook and your eyes cautiously strayed away from her face. Your body almost relaxed as your eye caught his. A feel of security and confidence washed over you.

“Who are you looking at?” She snapped. Your eyes tore away in an instant. Honestly, you have no idea who he was. A friend of a player maybe? Or maybe a brother?

“No-one.” You stuttered. You watched as her body turned on her blades, her eyes immediately finding him.

“What a cutie. You should go and speak to him.” She gasped. Your head began shaking again but your best friend had other ideas. She moved on her skates till she was behind you. You felt her hands grab your waist as she began to push you in his direction before his eyes once again found you. It was almost as if they lit up straight away. A frown on his lips disappearing as soon as his eyes came into contact with yours. Once again, the way of confidence wash over you. However, it was no you that made the first move.

You heard the sound as his skates cut into the ice, his body jerking to a halt directly in front of you. He couldn’t take his eyes off you. With an awkward giggle, your best friend gently pushed you closer to the stranger before she disappeared of to her cousin.

“I’m sorry to put you on the spot here, but could i ask you for your name?” He mumbled. You felt a smile growing on your lips, your whole body relaxing till you felt like nothing could ruin your new found confidence.

“I’m (Y/N).” You quietly answered. His pale blue eyes never left you; it felt like he was reading you like a page of a book.

“Friend or Family?” He chuckled. Your feet began to move, skating by his side with his hand grazing alongside your fingers.

“Friend of a family member.” You announced. His head slowly nodded. He pivoted on his blades, turning to face you as he skated backwards. “And i’m being completely rude… I’m Jake.” He sighed as his hand extended. Cautiously, you took his hand, shaking it with a grin on your lips.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jake. So are you friend or family?” You muttered. An awkward laugh escaped his lips, his eyes looking over your shoulder before his head shook.

“Worse. I’m a player.” He mumbled. An awkward laugh trickled through your lips, your hands covering your face as you felt it turn pink. You felt like a complete idiot.

“I am so-“ Your words were cut off as a force slammed your body into the figure in front of you, the force causing both bodies to tumble onto the ice surface. You could hear the cheers from the rest of the players as your eyes slowly opened. You had been pushed onto Jake. You could see his pink flushed face as he stared up at you with his pale, sky blue eyes. You could have stayed there for an eternity.

“I think i deserve to take you out for drink after this!” He laughed. You could feel his gentle fingers against your waist as the two of your fumbled around to get to your feet.

“I think that could be arranged.” You awkwardly laughed.