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Namelessshipping: Zombies

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Pairing: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: Mild violence?

AU: Zombies

Red crouched down behind a counter, taking a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow so it didn’t roll into his eyes when he needed his vision the most. He could hear the slight scuffle of feet against dirty tile flooring, tuning in to how many footsteps there were. He would estimate about five zombies in the small convenience store with him, he hadn’t seen them until he was already inside the store. Closing his eyes, he took a moment to calm himself down, focusing on the task at hand and those who were depending on him. He had to get food before he completely ran out, it was better to go scavenging when he wasn’t distracted by his own hunger. Once he felt like his heart had slowed down a good enough amount, Red cautiously peered over the counter.

It would likely be the best idea to just leave the store entirely, there were too many zombies in such an enclosed space for him to deal with. All he had was a baseball bat, which was better than nothing but not as reliable as a gun would be. He glanced over towards the door, there were two zombies blocking his way to it. He could take out probably one, but from how narrow everything was in this crowded store, it would be too dangerous and risky to take on two before the others joined in and effectively trapping him. He couldn’t rush, the zombies were unaware of his presence so he had some time, but he couldn’t stay in here forever. Crouching back down behind the counter, he assessed the things around him as if they would offer him some sort of idea.

There was nothing that offered some miracle, but he could improvise and take a chance.Grabbing a carton of cigarettes, he gathered up his willpower. This was dangerous and he would have to act fast, so it was best to formulate some sort of rough plan in his head before he snapped into action. Of course, in this world, he would have to be flexible in his plans as life would always find a way to poke holes through any well laid plan. Within an instant, Red hurled the carton of cigarettes over the counter as far and hard as he could in the opposite direction of him. Once he heard it hit the shelves, sending a few things clattering onto the ground to make enough noise, Red snapped into action. The zombies were distracted by the noise, the two blocking his path had turned towards it on instinct.

Red slammed his shoulder into one, shoving it into the other and sending them to the floor, but he didn’t waste time to finish the job as he burst out the door in a rush. He was panting heavily from the adrenaline. His head a little woozy, but that was normal for him, he just had to make it someplace safe so he could take a moment to wind down from it. In town wasn’t a safe place to ever linger in, he had to make a decision quickly. To stay and look for food or go home and try again tomorrow. He pressed himself down a side alley for a moment, keeping himself as alert as he could while the sound of his heart pounded loud enough he could hear it thrumming in his ears. He leaned against a dumpster to brace himself, he couldn’t handle excitement and fear very well. Having high anxiety with no medication in the post-apocalyptic world was hard on him, but he was stubborn when it came to the care of the things he loved.

Back home not too far from here, he lived in a small home, isolated from the world with his pet light orange cat named Pika. However, that wasn’t the only animal he was in charge of taking care of, a fluffy brown cat named Eevee who belonged to his boyfriend. A man who hadn’t been home in an entire week, who had stubbornly go out in search of some sort of medication for Red to help keep him from having panic attacks. Green was always the one to go out for supply runs by himself, refusing to let Red put himself in danger. It was rough and getting rougher, not knowing if Green would return. Red rested his forehead against his folded arms that settled on the rim of the metal dumpster, it was a bad time to be swarmed with these thoughts. Swallowing thickly, he tried to piece himself back together again before he fell deeper into this hole in the middle of a dangerous area.

With an exhale he straightened himself up, gathering himself as he prepared to continue his search for food. His confidence was short lived, though, when the plastic lid of the dumpster shot up, sending Red stumbling back in surprise. His hand flew up to his chest as if fearing his heart would leap out of it as it was pounding painfully fast. In his panicked attempts to escape the sight of the zombie lashing wildly out at him, Red stumbled over his own feet and fell back against the dirty concrete. Pain flared out over his body, his chest and left shoulder already had a crippling spike of pain but now it was accompanied by the ache from the back of his head where it had bounced off the concrete. In a dazed state, he knew he had to escape, to flee from the danger as he scrambled and pushed against the sidewalk.

He was frantic, unable to think when he felt his windpipe swell and constricting his airflow. It was like his entire body conspired against him as his blurry vision took in the sight of the zombie crawling out of the bin and falling onto the ground. Red had made it out into the center of the street and still he hadn’t managed to figure out how to get his legs under him, his legs were heavy and felt detached from his control. They could only work wildly without coordination to push him across the ground. He had to get himself under control but it seemed impossible when the edges of his vision narrowed, the inky blackness closing in and making him feel restrained. He felt something grab his leg and he opened his mouth to cry out in protest, but as always, he remained silent. Which was likely a good thing, considering any noise loud enough would attract more zombies.

Not that it mattered, all it took was one bite and he was done for and with the Zombie grabbing his leg, he only had seconds before that happened. There was a thump of a sound and Red yanked his leg, surprised at the sudden give even when he felt the hand still clamped about his ankle. Confused, he pushed back more, wanting more distance between him and the zombie. Beyond the beating of his heart, he could hear something else, something that happened again and again before stopping. There was nothing else for a moment until hands grabbed at Red’s arms and in his state of panic, Red tried to jerk himself away to freedom. However, those hands refused to release him and instead dragged him close, pulling him into a familiar warmth.


Red instantly latched onto the other male, seeking the comfort Green had to offer. Ever since childhood, Green had been there for Red. Without his medication, Green was one of the things that could calm him down along with their cats. He was alive and safe, the relief of it all came crashing down on him and quietly, he allowed himself to cry against Green’s shoulder. A hand gently rubbed at his back, even though Green was comforting him, soothing away the panic, he was still on alert. Red could feel how tense his was, he couldn’t blame him. If Green had been only a minute later, Red would’ve been gone. Green lowered his head, his tone low as he still wanted to be silent.

“Don’t ever do that again. Without you, I’d be the loser.”

Namelessshipping: What If...

Felt like I left this date hanging for too long. Will do more prompts tomorrow.

Chapter 10

Pairings: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: None

AU: Canon Divergence

After about thirty minutes into their journey, Green finally stopped complaining. Red had promised Green a date, but Green should’ve realized that Red wasn’t the normal kind of guy who would take his partner out to a nice restaurant or a movie. While he wanted to impress green, he also wanted to show his childhood friend what he could offer. Red wasn’t going to put up a front, to pretend he’d enjoy the closed in buildings and crowded tables where other people were holding their own conversations. It was just too much for Red, he wanted peace and quiet, maybe not too quiet since he was taking Green with him. And the spiky haired male was anything but quiet. but it also reminded Red that he wasn’t alone. Not anymore, hopefully.

Red had taken them out of the town, away from the civilized world where he could allow Green to just be himself. He wasn’t sure how long Green could just relax and not put up this facade that convinced everyone that he was a self-confident man with no insecurities. In one of Red’s hands was a portable cooler he had filled with their lunches and drinks. It made him feel a bit nostalgic, the sun and clear skies with just the two of them. Back when they were kids and Green would drag him out on their small adventures, Red’s mom would always pack them lunch and they would spend all day out in the wild expanse of land surrounding Pallet Town. Red wanted to remind Green what it was like to just stop and relax every so often.

“Where are we going,Red?” Green asked for was likely the third time in the past five minutes, Red could only heave a amused sigh and shake his head. He wanted it to be a surprise as he climbed up the rocky slope, though he could already hear the sound of waves crashing against rocks. Once Red finally made it to the top, having made their way through winding outcroppings and narrow canyons to reach a secluded spot covered in grass. While Green paused to admire the view before him, Red made his way to the lone tree that would provide them shade for their picnic. Stretched out before them was the ocean, the sun hitting the water to make the waves give off a sparkle. The wind off the ocean kept the tropical heat at bay, offering a nice place to sit and eat lunch.

As he set down his cooler, Pikachu jumped off his shoulder, already running up to Green’s legs. Not that Pikachu tolerated Green, but he was more interested in calling down Eevee from her trainer’s shoulders. Unlike Pikachu’s eager and reckless jump from his trainer’s shoulders, Eevee waited until Green set her down on the ground so she could play with the yellow rodent. In the meantime Red began setting everything up, which didn’t require much effort. Since they would be eating without a table, Red had kept lunch fairly simple. Sandwiches, fruit salad, and bottles of water, all kept cool by packs of ice. While it was likely nothing Green was used to when he went out on dates, Red felt that it was the sentiment that really mattered here.

Red sat down on the grass, turning his head to look over at Green who had only moved a little closer but he was staring out at the ocean. While Green admired the view Red had picked out, Red took the moment to admire Green in turn. Not too long ago Red thought he’d never see Green again and would never be a part of his busy lifestyle. Now that Green was giving Red another shot, Red wasn’t certain if he could let Green slip through his fingers again without Red coming out damaged in the end. It was just a risk he’d have to take, a moment of love and happiness, no matter how fleeting, would be worth it in the long run. So while he had the chance, he would soak up the moment, to emblazoning it in his memory. While he didn’t particularly like the idea of thinking about the idea of Green leaving him, Red had already felt Green’s absence once, so he couldn’t get that worry out of his mind.

He didn’t realize he was staring until Green turned his head to catch him in the act. That familiar teasing grin making those hazel eyes light up in a way that made Red’s heart flutter a bit. Embarrassed at being caught and not wanting Green to point out his warming cheeks, Red ducked his head, using the brim of his hat as a way to hide, He busied himself with pulling out the plastic container with their sandwiches out, hearing Green walk over and sit on the grass next to him. Finally, Green broke the silence between them, taking a bottle of water out from the cooler. “I should’ve expected this would be your idea of a date.”

Red looked up, Green didn’t seem at all sarcastic about his words, despite the way they could’ve been taken. Instead, Green sounded a little surprised and pleased with it, putting Red’s nerves a bit at ease. Red nodded and opened the plastic container, pulling out a triangle of a sliced sandwich to offer it to Green. The auburn haired male reached out and took it from him, but not before the briefest touch of his fingertips brushing against his own. Red felt a little warmth flood in his chest, not knowing that even such a small touch could feel so intimate. Scarlet eyes flicked up, curious to see if Green had the same reaction, spotting a light dusting of pink on his cheeks. Red hoped that was from him, not wanting to be the only hesitant fool in this date.

“Do you often take people on dates like this, Red?” Green inquired, looking casual, Red couldn’t really get a read on him as he pulled out the other half of the sandwich for himself. Red simply shook his head at Green’s question, thinking that would be enough of an answer. Green didn’t seem to think so as he pressed for more, which only gathered Red’s curiosity. “So you’ve taken people out on dates before?” This served to make Red sigh out as he took a bite of his food, making Green wait since he knew where this line of questioning was going. Since they were alone, he felt comfortable talking, but even then, he barely raised his voice. This made Green really have to listen in over the distant cries of Wingulls.

“This is my first date.”

Green looked over at him as if he didn’t quite believe it, then it seemed the pieces finally fell into place. At least some of them, since Red had always been the loner type and no one went out of their way to know Red like Green had when they were younger. After Green left to follow his dreams, Red closed up even further. Only his care and love for Pokemon kept him in society, wanting to do something to benefit Pokemon and helping Professor Oak was a good way to do that. Green, on the other hand, had dates and even Red knew that. When he first met Green in Alola, he had a girl on his arm. From what Red had seen on TV, Green always seemed to have a different girl on his arm every other week it seemed. Red could only hope he wasn’t one of those flavors of the month for Green, while Green had come clean about his sexuality to Red, he hadn’t to the public.

It made Red wonder about why Green even bothered keeping up such a facade, the girls clearly thought Green was interested in them. If that was so, there was other things Green could’ve identified with. Red wasn’t exactly knowledgeable in sexuality, he hadn’t even really explored his own. Red took another bite of his sandwich, staring out at the ocean, this place really was beautiful once he escaped the hustle and bustle of the tourism. Green was quiet for a while, causing Red to look over at him in concern but only to find Green seemed to be content in the silence for once. Red glanced away, fighting back a subtle smile on his lips so Green wouldn’t see. Red sat up a little more, pointing out at the waves.

“Its about time, watch.” He said, his soft voice drawing Green in, wondering what Red was pointing at. It took a moment, but suddenly the water parted, revealing a Mantine leaping from one of the waves, soon followed by another and another. Across the sunlit waters, the spray of sea waves announced the flock of Mantine leaping out of the water. They seemed to be enjoying themselves from their cheerful cries. Soon a few brave Mantyke joined their adult counterparts in the play, testing the way it felt to have air under their wings. Green gasped and leaned forward, unaware his hand fell to rest on top of Red’s, drawing Red’s attention. He’d already seen this magnificent sight in his research on the Pokemon here, but watching Green enjoy himself. Truly enjoy himself, was a rare opportunity Red didn’t want to miss.

Without Green letting on, he made sure to take a picture of him. This one he would keep just for himself.


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