team: earth's mightiest


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Steve Rogers

Captain America - Age undisclosed - FC: Chris Evans - Open

Too scrawny to serve during World War II, patriotic Steve Rogers volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Enhanced to the absolute pinnacle of human physical potential, Captain America was born. Leader of the Avengers, Captain America is a living legend and one of Earth’s greatest and most respected heroes.

Party At The Tower

Natasha finished getting herself ready and walked down to the main floor where the party would be held. She was slightly early but considering she had been tasked with overseeing  the entire thing, it was logical. She had given the job of decorating to two agents who she now realized had never set up for a party for adults in their lives. She walked around the room muttering “tacky…” at the decor. Where the hell the agents found silver SHIELD emblazoned balloons was beyond her. Considering all she had really had to do was send messages to the residents of the tower’s tablets and make sure the bar was stocked (a fairly easy task considering Tony’s new found if not unnecessary liquor license) she really didn’t have to do much so the thought occurred to her that maybe she should have taken decorating on herself as well. Too late for that though. Everyone would be arriving soon. Natasha took one last look around the room before sitting herself on the couch and waiting for people to arrive. 

Lady Sif

Lady Sif - Age unknown - FC: Jaimie Alexander - Open

Lady Sif and her brother, Heimdall, were born of the second generation gods of Asgard, although their parentage has yet to be revealed. During their childhood, Sif was a constant companion of Thor, Balder, and Loki. The Avengers have seen the strength that this warrior displays and trust her as Thor does.