How are UK-based game developers responding to Brexit?
By Allegra Frank

“'This is complicated news and I think it depends on where you are in the value chain,’ said Phil Harrison, an investor in the game industry as well as a former corporate vice president at Microsoft and president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

Harrison told Polygon that there could be a greater effect on studios, particularly when it comes to recruiting diverse staff. When the U.K. leaves the EU, it’s expected that things will get a lot harder for foreign-born residents or those looking to move to the country. Currently, citizens of the Union’s member states can reside in any country with relative ease. That will no longer be true when the British make their exit.

‘We’ve always had a melting pot of talent,’ Harrison said of the British games industry. 'When I’ve run studios and placed ads we’ve had applicants from all over Europe and that sort of diversity makes for a more dynamic culture and more exciting and better games.’

'Obviously, developers’ access to EU talent will be somewhat constrained, but they are now a lower cost place to do business, so it’s possible we will see publishers move more development there,’ [Michael] Pachter [a research analyst at Wedbush Securities] said.

'As you can probably imagine, we’ve been talking about the EU referendum results a lot today,’ a representative for Chucklefish, publisher of Stardew Valley, told Polygon. 'We are shocked and disappointed, as we believe that being a part of the EU is beneficial to the games industry as well as the country as a whole.’

Team17, which publishes the Worms games, along with the upcoming Yooka-Laylee and Way to the Woods, issued a more impartial statement:

‘We are entering a period of uncertainty but the UK People voted and this has to be respected. Team17 are committed to continuing to develop our sustainable business with all of our partners around the world. On a more local level, our hope is that all progress the industry has made thanks to the efforts of both TIGA and UKIE will remain in place (access to finance and favourable tax environment amongst many other things). As a creative industry, we rely on talented people, and talented people are spread around the world so we need to make sure we can continue to ensure our industry flourishes despite today’s referendum results.’”

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Team17’s Flockers coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2014

Team17’s new game, Flockers, turns the studio’s Worms franchise on its head: Players help sheep escape from years of captivity at the hands of their tyrannical worm overlords, the company announced today with a teaser trailer.

According to Team17, Flockers combines the gameplay of Lemmings — guiding animals through a series of deadly obstacles — with a steampunk aesthetic and humorous gore. You can see the gore part of that in action in the “MEat the Flockers” trailer above, in which the sheep’s curiosity is their downfall.

(Link to the full story)


It’s a blast from the past! We revisit two games we looked at last year that have since had fancy-schmancy HD remakes put out. Are they any good? Are they bollocks. Here is a video.


PT-inspired Allison Road Drops Kickstarter and gets signed by Team17

Games industry veteran and independent games label Team17 are incredibly pleased to confirm details of their latest partner and game signing, Lilith’s first person next-gen survival horror game, Allison Road.

Allison Road recently hit Kickstarter after a great response from its community and press that saw their prototype gameplay video receive over 1.9 million views on YouTube. The game was on track to fund towards the end of October, however by joining Team17’s games’ label it will allow Allison Road’s creators to focus 100% on the game whilst having resources, experience and support available to them.

Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s CEO said “Allison Road is exactly the kind of game we are looking for to expand our label’s portfolio, the game is absolutely stunning and I look forward to helping Chris and his team on their journey. Our label was created by games developers for games developers and has been built in such a way to allow games makers of all sizes to focus 100% on the most important aspect ‘The Game’.”

Chris Kesler, owner of Lilith added, “We were incredibly excited when we received the call from Team17. Whilst signing with them was never in question, we were however faced with the decision to either carry on with our Kickstarter campaign or to withdraw from the program and get started straight away.  After much deliberation, we chose the latter and are now looking forward to working with Team17 and accessing their vast resources to really take Allison Road to the next level”.

Further details on Allison Road will be available early 2016.

About Allison Road
You wake up one night without any recollection of prior events. Now it is your turn to uncover what happened to your family and face off against the horrors that await in the house…
What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark, in the safety of your own home? If you couldn’t tell what’s real and what’s not?
Allison Road is a narrative-driven survival horror game developed entertainment industry veterans and life-long game enthusiasts Lilith.


It’s finally here! Watch the latest PortsCenter, which looks at an entire games system - the Amiga CD32.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up: Jan 16-22, 2012

Monday: 1 hr elliptical trainer + Seventeen’s February Workout (40 minutes) while watching Tangled!!! omgodz so good 

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run, 1 mile walk…my foot hurts after last week’s 17 mile suicide attempt

Wednesday: Rest, not feeling well 

Thursday: Seventeen’s Feb. Trim & Tone workout, Calisthenics Exercises throughout watching True Grit 

Friday: 2 mile run around track, 40 min elliptical, NTC 15 min. Leg Definer workout (Watching Full Metal Alchemist)

Saturday: 4 mile run, 20 min elliptical, Seventeen’s Feb. Trim & Tone (addicted to Full Metal Alchemist) 

Sunday: Bikram/Hot Yoga 90 minutes

Notes: I don’t think my feet muscles like minimalist running shoes for long runs =/ I felt fine after my 17 mile run last week, but after cross-training on the elliptical the next day, a muscle on my outer foot got strained. So, not much running this week, but I tried to do some more strength training. Oh and…you may notice that I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately because I’m still on vacation! Exercising while watching TV is just too easy…now exercising while surfing the internet may be a little challenging…

Bloggin’ Plan for next week: Photography & Recipes