anonymous asked:

why has no one ever written an au where the west wing crowd are the american olympic team?

two words: Toby Ziegler. 

I mean, I can almost picture Josh pole vaulting or something. I’m sure Bartlet would be a gymnast. Charlie is too tall to be a gymnast, right? could he be one anyway? I could see him rocking the rings or the parallel bars or whatever. Leo could be, uh, the smooth-talking, well-dressed Olympic team manager? (idk anything about the Olympics, if that wasn’t obvious at first.) CJ could be a rower or a swimmer or a sprinter or something. Donna could still be Josh’s assistant (do pole vaulters have assistants, I wonder?) until it is revealed that she, too, is a talented pole vaulter or….high jumper….or something. Sam seems like a water polo player to me.

but can you picture Toby Ziegler doing any of these things? 

because I love him to death, but I sure as hell cannot. 


I take it back. Toby would clearly be a basketball star.