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I know you said you want to not really talk about the whole pregnancy, but did you see the new articles about Liam leaving? this is all setting up like I thought, He's not the dad and he moves on ending the stunt?

Alright fine, I’m in a reasonably good mood, I have some Capri Sun, let’s talk about it just this once. 

They are very conveniently giving you the out for why Liam will not be around Cheryl, as he will be terribly busy solo!Liam-ing in LA. Like he’s basically been doing almost the entire time Cherliam pregnancy rumors have been a thing. 

Cheryl has already explicitly said she won’t be commenting on this baby directly (which most likely means A) the exclusive already has been sold somewhere down the line, and B) let’s be real, her team has been indirectly speaking to the tabloids this entire time), so I really can’t imagine anyone releasing a “Not the dad” quote. If anything, I picture a much more tactful quote when they inevitably breakup, which will be “Liam supports Cheryl in the next phase of her life and they will remain friends,” or some such whatever. 

I still think Liam’s solo career will be sans Cherliam, and I still standby his releasing music in January/early q1 like I’ve been saying for awhile now, so something has to give in the coming weeks. 

Also, suh sorry, but this is the most obvious marketing plan I’ve ever seen:

AN ALBUM! You don’t say. 


Lazer Team can be rated the worst movie of all time

Rotten Tomatoes, Imbd, and other critics can give it a -1 out of of 5 stars

People could talk shit about it and say it was shit.

Lazer Team could literally suck ass, but I will STILL think its the best thing to ever happen in cinema EVER.

like just the fact that it was made with a budget that came from the community, and most of the actors are associated with RT. Like it feels like you’re apart of it, it feels so much closer and familiar than how you would feel with big named production companies.

Its like watching your friends student film, and it may not be the best thing in the world, but you’re still really proud of them and you want them to keep growing and doing better. 

And thats why I can say Lazer Team is gonna be great.

“I always recite from Quran before I go out [on the pitch]. This really helps me to keep me focused. I pray and my team-mates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period.”