I’ve been informed that I forgot to make a very important announcement.

Thursday April 27th…was my birthday.

Whoops. ^^;;;;

34 years old and I still can’t be arsed to pretend I’m a responsible adult for more than a few hours at a time. Here’s to another year of books, brews, booze, badassery, and conveniently forgetting that I’m not 27 anymore.

thinking about Gabriel, specifically the night before he has to leave for a mission. you’re content just hold onto him all night. he’s stressing, because he’s going to miss you and it’s high risk, and you joke about how you’re pretty sure he’s invincible but you’re a little stressed too. you end up falling asleep against him. Gabe dozes off but stirs awake at 1:30 in the morning.

the moon is spilling and the window and he nudges you awake, “Amorcita,” he rumbles. You hum, blinking slowly as Gabriel’s mouth works down your neck. You smile lazily and wrap around him.

he fucks you slow, hips rolling and you’re pretty sure you’re both a little asleep and it makes you giggle. Gabe laughs into your shoulder when a sleep-heavy arm knocks against his temple.

your back bows off the bed, and you gasp, whispering his name into the air like a holy word and you squeeze around him. Gabe follows right after, panting and shivering as he cums, and you hear him breathe “I love you” into your skin.

you press a slow kiss to his lips, hand petting through his hair. “i love you so much.” his voice is hoarse with sleep and emotion.

you smile up at him. “i love you, too.”

anonymous asked:

Personal question: (around) how many times have you had sex in your life? Cus your fics has honestly made me more kinky in my sex life ever since I read them. Hahahaha


Jamie invited the whole family to the beach on Leisure Day… it all got a bit weird when the girls all got their phones out to “capture the moment” of their male relatives clustered around the juice keg. Manbir finds it all a bit of a bore…