“Watch out, Virgil, the caped chowderhead’s coming your way.”

“I b-believe that’s actually a cloak, Scott.”

“Brains, this is so not the time…”

The other of my warm-up sketches today, a continuation of the thrift-store stuff. Vaguely based off my mother doing something similar (sans cape) years ago.

“Dunk your head in water and repent!”

Ah, more Sailor Guardian Thunderbirds. I waffled hard on whether John should be Mercury or Pluto (especially after Pluto’s amazing new song, “Chronos Guardian” from Petite Etrangere and the fact that her job is basically to watch time from a distance) but as you can see, I ended up on Mercury. Largely because that way the five are all together, and because that way I could sit down last night and write a little mini version of the end of the anime Dark Kingdom storyline because apparently I really love pain.  

He really does work well as Mercury, the smartest and most logical of the team, though the one with the least combat expertise. Mercury has insanely high test scores and a very high I.Q., which intimidated her classmates and left her ostracized. At least, until she met Usagi. She’s been shown to be somewhat insecure about who she is outside of her grades (and even then, in Sailor Moon S, she worries about whether that’s all she’s good for), but she’s very kind and self-sacrificing at the same time. It’s telling that out of all the girls, her dream is the most selfless- she wants to be a doctor to help people.

BTW, John’s uniform is a freaking nightmare to draw. SO MANY LINES AND CONTOURS AND ARRRRGGGHHHHHH.


Operation Khanjar, Helmand province.

[1,2] U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Adam King, a squad leader with Golf Company, and his fellow Marines of 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, maintain security in a field during an operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, July 3. (Sergeant Pete Thibodeau)

[3] Seaman Jesse Deller, a corpsman with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 3, poses with a couple Afghan children from a village in Helmand province’s Garmsir District shortly after splinting the arm of a local child with a dislocated elbow. (Corporal Daniel Flynn)

(Article by Corporal Daniel Flynn, 5 JUL 2009. Source.)

HELMAND PROVINCE, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan — More than 180 Marines with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Company G performed route clearance over a 12-kilometer area near the Helmand River from, July 2 through July 5.

Their mission was a part of Operation Khanjar, which involves more than 600 members of the Afghan national army and nearly 4,000 Marines and sailors from Marine Expeditionary Brigade — Afghanistan working to secure population centers along the Helmand River valley from the threat of Taliban and other insurgent intimidation and violence.

The company’s main objective was to link up with the Afghan national army at another location and help them provide security for the people in the southern region of Helmand province.

The Marines completed this grueling foot patrol weighed down with an average of 65 to 80 pounds of protective gear, ammunition and water. Over the course of the three-day movement, the Marines encountered several improvised explosive devices, came under small arms fire and detained several insurgent fighters.

“The company’s overall performance was outstanding,” said Capt. Matthew J. Martin, Co. G. commanding officer. “It was a very well-planned and executed operation.”

Despite the sporadic fighting the Marines encountered during the three-day push, they suffered no casualties while completing their mission of clearing the area south of Hasanabad in the Garmsir district, deep into southern Helmand province.

“The Marines handled themselves well out there, and they all made it to the objective safe and sound — which is good,” said Sgt. Liam Anthony Flynn, a squad leader with Co. G.

With the objective reached, one platoon pushed further south to meet up with a sister company from the battalion. Another platoon stayed at the objective to build a patrol base and start working with the ANA to develop relationships with the locals, according to 1st Sgt. Robert W. Pullen, Co. G first sergeant.

“It’s amazing what the Marines did,” Pullen said. “With a full combat load, they made it through this push with all of the firefights and IED’s they encountered — as well as dealing with the heat — and did a phenomenal job.”

The Marines involved in Operation Khanjar have seen temperatures soar well above 100-degrees Fahrenheit — heat that is compounded by the body armor and gear that is worn close to the body.

Pullen attributes the success of the Marines here to the intense training they went through prior to their deployment, which brought the Marines together as a team and allowed them to accomplish even the most challenging of missions.

2/8, along with the other battalions under Regimental Combat Team 3, continue to reinforce the authority of the Afghan government and support the Afghan national security forces in this volatile part of the country. The Marines’ primary focus remains conducting counter-insurgency operations in southern Afghanistan alongside the ANSF in order to allow the legitimate government to extend its ability to provide security for the Afghan people here.


Okay, so I’m working on my commissions again after being on a bit of a slump. It’s looking a hell of a lot better now than it did before, but I still need to fix some proportions. Mostly on the big guy. But, other than that it should be fine xP
Hopefully, I can get it done soon xP
| May 16, 2013 ; Sketch fixed
| June 1, 2013 ; Line art and base coloring done [after a while of procrastinating]
| June 2, 2013 ; Finished coloring and had to change parts of the coloring of the guy in the middle since the one who ordered the image changed his color scheme.
| June 7, 2013 ; I really need to stop getting distracted. But, I should have this done soon. ^_^