This is to all you plus size beauty queens: It is time to start reclaiming our sexy summer bodies, hot bathing suits, & start occupying those pools and large bodies of water!!

When I was a child I loved spending hours swimming in the summer!! In fact, some of my best childhood memories were inside or nearby water with my family. I always felt like I was a little mermaid & if I stayed in the water long enough I would become one. But when I became a teen, my self-image was so low that I was terrified of putting a swim suit on in public and water become sites of terror and trauma. Through out most of my teens, I denied myself the one thing I had always enjoyed!

My 20s & 30s have been a period of healing, rediscovery, regaining, self-acceptance, & self love!! I swim again every chance I get & most of the time I’m proud of how I look in my swim suit. It’s amazing how much confidence I felt in this bright colored suit with a peephole by MonifC!!! I am proud that I happily showed off my goodies & enjoyed myself at the ACE hotel and swim club during our getaway with friends in Palm Springs. My big girls code challenge is putting myself out there and showing people from different walks of life that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes & we should be open to expanding our notions of beauty.

Let me assure you that I was the only plus size woman I saw at the pool & although at first I felt a little timid, once I took off my sarong & got passed the initial moment of vulnerability, I gained strength & confidence. Once I felt comfortable, I was hamming it up & excited to pose & take these photos for the blog with my hubby. Cheers to having fun in the sun & occupying pools this summer!!


The Big Mermaid




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I feel like a lot of fic writers leave Thor out more so then other Avengers in non Thor-centric fics. I find it really frustrating but I guess some people have a hard time writing him? Do you notice this at all?

A couple of months ago (or like a year or more ago idk when it came out) I was reading a lot of Cap fics because I was charmed by Cap 2 and I noticed this was happening a lot. You could have the whole team there, plus everyone important in Cap 2, but not Thor.. and sometimes, that was even the better case, because the worst case involved Thor being there, but talking in caps lock and generally being the worse cliche. I remember specifically reading one Steve/Bucky fic in which Thor had exactly one line and it was so horrifyingly dumb that I spent the next ten minutes pondering whether or not I would continue reading even though I loved the characterization of the main characters of the fic. It made me question - can I really trust this author? This is horrible.

So yeah.. I don’t know, it’s true that it is hard to write the avengers as an ensemble. I think I might also opt to leave a character out if I didn’t know how to write them, rather than write them badly.

But idk, are you a person writing an ensemble avengers fic, with whatever pairing? Consider Thor that:

  • is willing to listen and offer advice
  • talks like everyone else, only with the use of slightly unusual nouns and tiiiiiiny bit more formality
  • likes eating and drinking well but it hardly occupies all his thoughts
  • is able to speak quietly
  • knows how to use all technology available, or at the very least learns it after the first try or explanation
  • understands every interaction between people, ranging anywhere from sarcasm to sex
  • idk just generally is a good, trustworthy dude that knows how to have fun but also isn’t to be messed with if you are really pissing him of or are his enemy
To win this, you need a good goalie. And our goalie’s not good. He’s great.
—  smiley Alex Ovechkin expressing his faith in Sergei Bobrovsky’s skills before the gold medal game.

Spanx-less Saturdays

I wear Spanx about 50% of the time I wear a dress. It mostly depends on the cut of the dress. For a form fitting dress I would normally opt to wear spanx, depending on how confident I’m feeling that day. Sometimes our spanx act like a security blanket! Today, I decided to let loose & wear this casual form fitting jersey dress spanx-less. My goodness was it refreshing to let my jelly come out & play at the farmers market & park!!!! In my head I heard Ru Paul singing, 🎶Must be jelly cuz jam dont shake🎶. Happy Saturday everyone!!!!
La Chica Mas Fina

Late Night Baking

So, I’m ignoring the fact that I have a story unfinished that I need to finish ( Cause that’s going to get totally changed) and give you this instead! 

It’s rather short, and half about Grimmons half about Red team. Based on this post’s au : It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both awake anyways so let’s bake in our underwear

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okay so… i dont wanna ask for too much here

but what are the chances of sakura’s entrance being a pulverizing punch that effectively clears the field

or or or

even crazier

what are the chances of sakura’s entrance being her defending sasuke from an attack

again, i dont wanna ask for too much buuuuut… id like to think she left this early for a reason