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So did everybody get their knuckles rapped by the ptb? No Sam, Matt, Duncan, Graham, Karolina, Simon, not even Maril or Donal?!! Maybe by the time you post this, there'll be posts. Btw, I don't think S was invited and Tony is def. team member & trusty plus 1.

still waiting for those posts

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(and yes I agree re Tony. still not sure what the fuck has happened to Sam)

more qrow branwen shit

Okay so I’ve been thinking about volume 4 a lot since it ended and I still have several questions about it, particularly these moments.

I watched these scenes over and over again in an attempt to figure it out. A thought finally hit me. The two recurring factors in these scenes are Qrow being poisoned by Tyrian, and Jaune and/or Ruby being there. So, I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research on the symptoms of scorpion stings.

It was made very clear to me that a scorpion’s venom is highly likely to cause hallucinations that can last until the wound is treated. I thought some more, and… something popped into my brain.

What if Tyrian’s poison caused Qrow to hallucinate, and he keeps seeing Jaune and Ruby as Tai and Summer? (bonus if he thinks Ren is Raven bc hair) It would make sense in the scene where he says “Tai she’s not coming” because he’s facing Jaune when he says it, so he could’ve stolen a glance at him and hallucinated. In the scene where he grabs Jaune’s hand, he may have been hallucinating about a past battle with team STRQ and urging “Tai” to be careful. And in the scene with Ruby, he may have been imagining a time when he was injured and “Summer” was there to comfort him. Just putting it out there…


// seokmin for dazed kr.

This love is unprecedented by our previous ones. We kiss with tenderness
and love with forgiveness, and even with some scabs we used to pick on
and the wounds purposely left opened, we embrace it with open arms. 

Our hands intertwine perfectly like puzzle pieces that are meant to fit together on the first try. Our lips touch, the softest and gentle graze between two lovers who make every time feel like the first time. Our legs tangle like vines around a tree, holding on tightly without suffocation.

It is in your arms I learned to not search for a home, but how to build one together.


I like to imagine Drew’s first impression on the YLW team went something like this… (based off of this)

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Halloween Special: Bucky Edition, “Fantasy fulfilled.”

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: October 31, 2016
Warnings: Smut and Swearing

Bucky was running late, but that was to be expected. He was never too fond of Tony’s parties. He was never fond of big social gathering, if the group consisted of anyone plus the team–Bucky wasn’t always comfortable; however, he knew you loved the social gatherings and socializing. So, he would find himself a corner and hide out there and play on his phone or watch you have fun. What you weren’t expecting was the fact he was dressing up for the party, nevertheless expecting to see what he was wearing.

You were sitting with Wanda at the bar talking with Natasha while she served the drinks. Natasha looked over your shoulder and gave a look to Wanda before she and Wanda excused theirselves a walked away. You smiled at Nat’s naughty lady bug costume that went along with Wanda’s sexy bumblebee costume and your sexy butterfly costume.

“Hey, it’s my social sexy butterfly.”

You smiled to yourself at the recognizable voice of your soldier as you turned around you responded, “Yes it–” You froze. Bucky was sporting his 1940’s uniform, his hair was cut short and his face as some scruff, “Like my costume? I am your heartthrob.” He smirked. You bit your lower lip, “You are my sexy heartthrob” You smiled rubbing your fingers over his uniform, making him shiver, “You cut your hair…” you half pouted as you ran your fingers through the soft freshly cut locks. He smiled adoringly at you, “Yeah, do—do you like it?” Bucky may have been sporting his 1940’s uniform, but he didn’t have his 1940’s confidence and charm.

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Bringing Back Sergeant (One-Shot)

Request: Bruce & Tony arguing over the fact Bucky will never cut his hair so they make a bet on it, but when they go to find Bucky they find him with reader (who is a new agent, been there less than a week) cutting his hair.

Warnings: fluff, minimum language ;)

Word count: 1267

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Yesterday I found myself wondering who I’d add to the MCU if I was to make and all-female Avengers team. Then the answer came naturally. No one. The MCU has all it need already.

Pepper Potts as the Superior Rescue
Betty Ross as the Sensational Red She-Hulk
Jane Foster as Thor, Godess of Thunder
Sharon Carter as Agent 13, the Most Wanted Spy in the World
Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, the Russian Avenger
Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch, Mistress of the Mystic Arts
Helen Cho as Mastermind Excello, Seventh Biggest Genius in the World
Hope Van Dyne as the Wondrous Wasp
Maria Hill as Director Hill, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The nameless Dora Milaje as Okoye