Laure Lance: and cant just act like everything is okay again when oliver comes back because she moved on since its been 5 years and has tommy now and oliver …. who cheated on her with her younger sister
Fandom: oh my  god doh go d she’s such a bitch for sleeping with the best friend of ur ex bf. shes so awful for pushing oliver away
Laurel Lance: starts bonding with oliver again and sleeping with him
Fandom: WHY woAH what a SLUT
Laurel Lance: realizes it was a mistake and that she loves tommy
Fandom: WOAH caNT she deCIDE?
Laure Lance: just lost her boyfriend who died and thinks its the arrows fault 
Fandom: fuck you u should APPRECIATE HIM dont be such an ungrateful shit
Laurel Lance: struggles with her life, has real life problems which dont revolve around oliver, has a drinking problem and her relationship with her father is slowly breaking
Fandom: i mean i get that someone you loved DIED AGAIn but HEY STOP beING SO WHINY MAYBE? god youre so annoying??!??!
Laurel Lance: gets over it and bonds with sara after everything again and finds about oliver being green arrow and they get along again
Fandom: WOAH how about NO? get aw ay fr om teAM ARROW!!1
Laurel Lance: her sister dies again and she witnessed it and she’s unstable and wants revenge and the killer of her sister to be dead which is … understandable because well oliver killed 123434 people before he started with the “no killing” thing
Fandom: WOW BITCH NO can we talk about how awful she is for telling oliver to kill him??!??! he wont do it for you fuck you he has his own problems
Laurel Lance: takes everything in her own hands, starts to train 
Fandom: woW SO USELESS what is she even doing on the show
Laurel Lance: becomes black canary
Fandom: i mean whoa we all knew this was coming since season 1 but STOP ??!? because how abotu NOOOOOO