The Blue Flower

Summary - What I want is not a friend. It’s not a lover either. I want a soulmate and I see one in you. The question is: Do you see one in me?“ Written for GrayLu week. Two-shot.

Genre - Romance, Light Humor, Mystery, Supernatural, Drama

Prompts - Myth, Team Up


The Blue Flower


The stellar mage whispered irritatingly as she dropped her head low on the table. It couldn’t be helped. After-all, this marked the fifth day of her being the only “jobless” member from her team– Team Natsu. It didn’t help that the guild itself was nearly empty, now that most were busy with their respective missons. A few of them had gone to visit their family. This left the blonde in a company crisis.

How did things even lead up to this…

It just seemed like yesterday. Natsu was kidnapped by a certain reequip mage, who had coaxed him into joining her, promising she would fight him if he did well on their mission. The simple-minded pinkette agreed without thinking twice. And thus, the two set on their mission to find the “best cake to ever exist in the history of humanity.”

Truly, a holy expedition.

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chaol appreciation month ✿ team silent assassins
week one: favorite moment

He would see that world reborn even if it took his last breath. Even if he had no name now, no position or title save oath-Breaker, Traitor, Liar.

No one noticed when the sword was jettisoned over the river, its pommel catching the sun and burning like golden fire, a flash of light before it was swallowed by the dark water, never to be seen again.

Samples and Stargazing: Ch. 1

Read here on AO3.

The case was at a standstill. The sample hit his best-by date nearly a week ago and the team had no new information.

“Clearly the field teams suck,” Kirsten said in a snarky tone. She leaned back in the chair that was in Maggie’s office with her arms crossed. “You haven’t let me go out at all. Why?”

“You’re dealing with a serial rapist and serial murderer. You fit the description of his victims perfectly,” said Maggie. Cameron was the one, however, to convince her to make sure Kirsten stayed busy in the lab so she wouldn’t go out.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll take Cameron out with me. I’m the only one who knows what he looks like for sure.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I never agreed to that,” Cameron stammered.

“Yeah, but I know you won’t let me go out on my own because you’re a Nervous Nelly,” she said matter-of-factly.

“We’ve been over this. I am Cautious Cameron. Y-you can’t go out. And I don’t want to get killed.”

“Fine. I’ll take Linus.”

“No!” Linus said, fear in his eyes. “I-I-I’ve never been on a field mission. No way am I going.”

“Camille, you up?”

Noooo, no way. I am not dealing with a rapist, no thank you.” She shook her head. “I only spy and report back. And I have a physics exam tomorrow. Gotta go study. See ya.” Camille got up and left the room.

“I-I’m communications. Never been on a field mission. I’m out,” said Linus, following in Camille’s footsteps out the door.

Maggie took a deep breath. “Cameron, I want you to do everything you can to protect Kirsten. Kirsten, I want you to protect Cameron just as much. Stay side by side. Don’t wander off alone.”

“Roger that,” said Kirsten. She stood up and waited for Cameron.

“Um, Maggie? C-can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked.

Maggie nodded and Kirsten rolled her eyes. She walked out of the conference room, closing the door behind her.

Cameron leaned forward and rested his arms on the table. “This is a horrible idea.”

“Cameron, I know you’ll protect her. You’ll keep her safe. It’s you job,” Maggie said as she took a seat.

“Yeah, but…I-I can’t risk her. We lost Marta; I can’t lose Kirsten, too, on my watch.”

Maggie placed her hand on Cameron’s arm. “It’s not your fault that Marta went into a coma. And Kirsten is different, you know that. I just need you with her because this guy isn’t going to take on the both of you.”

“And what if he does? Then what? What if I can’t protect Kirsten? What if I can’t keep her safe? What if she gets raped and killed because I couldn’t protect her?”

“Cameron, that’s not going to happen. I’m going to send out field workers that will be surrounding you at all times. Fisher will be on call in case anything happens. I’m only doing this to satisfy Kirsten’s need to get out and do something. I need you to trust me. Can you do that?”

Cameron took a deep breath and looked down. “If something happens to her, I’m done with this program. I will never trust you again and will never come back here.”

“That’s understandable,” Maggie said simply.

Cameron took another deep breath and nodded. He looked back up at Maggie. “Okay. I’ll do it.”


The duo walked in the sketchy alley where the crime was committed. Based on what family and friends said where the other victims were at the time they died, it seemed to be the same neighborhood or close to it. There was a park close by, empty and deserted.

As the two walked passed every small alleyway, Cameron got nervous. He constantly looked over to see if anybody was there. Eventually, he grabbed Kirsten’s hand.

“What are you doing?” she snapped, glaring at him and stopping.

“Look, if this guy is out here, he’s probably less likely to attack a couple versus two friends,” he explained in a soft voice.

Kirsten took a deep breath. She shrugged and rolled her eyes. “Whatever,” she said, intertwining their fingers again. She leaned into Cameron slightly, trying to make it more believable. Not only that, it comforted her in a strange way that she never would’ve expected. She liked Cameron’s hand in her own. She liked how perfectly they fit together.

She looked over at the park. “The girl was over there, looking at the stars,” she said firmly, recalling the memory of the victim.

Cameron looked over. “Wanna go watch the stars? Take a break for a little while?” He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about walking around in the dark of night in search of a serial killer. At least the park was lit up.

Kirsten smiled slightly at him, nodding and guiding them to a grassy spot. She sat down then laid back, her hair flowing up and away from her head. She had her knees bent up and arms to the side.

Cameron followed in suit. He put his hands behind his head for support but also kept his knees bent. “I’m surprised you can even see stars,” he said. “I mean, LA is constantly lit up.”

Kirsten nodded, admiring the few stars that were in the sky. “I know. Sometimes I wish I lived in a rural area just so I could see the stars better.”

“Maybe one day I’ll take you out into the forest and we can look at them together,” he suggested with a smile.

She smiled back, turning her head to look at his face. “Yeah. Maybe…” She watched him for a moment, studying his face. She looked at every winkle, every hair, all of his eyelashes, everything. She kept a small grin on her face until she thought back on his death. Her breathing became quicker and she turned her head away.

“You okay there, Stretch?” Cameron asked, taking notice to her heavy breathing. Kirsten nodded simply. “You sure?” he asked again. “You look like you’re about to cry…” Wrong thing to say.

“I’m not crying over you again. I won’t let myself.” She swallowed thickly and tried to calm down.

Cameron propped himself on his elbow. “Why are you crying over me? When was the first time?”

Kirsten closed her eyes. All she could hear was the flat line. That was the other time she studied his face. That time it was lifeless, pale, and motionless. She couldn’t get the ringing out of her head. She figured she had to talk.

“You killed yourself, Cameron.”

“What…?” he asked, knowing what she was referring to but not understanding why she was bringing it up.

“You killed yourself. You killed yourself to protect me. I thought you would never come back to me…” Her eyes were shut tightly. She tried to concentrate on the fact that Cameron was alive and lying next to her. “Your face…your body…everything. You were dead. You weren’t Cameron.”

He took a deep breath. “I’m alive now. Is that worth something?”

“It’s worth everything…” she whispered, eyes still squeezed shut. She felt a drip fall down the side of her cheek. Damn it. The second time he made her cry. “But…y-you can’t pull shit like that, Cameron. You can’t just die and expect me to be okay. You can hide all your feelings for me and then die. I know your intentions were good, but in that moment…” She took a deep breath, feeling more tears fall. “That moment…I felt time. I didn’t feel like you had always been dead. I felt like you just left and were never coming back. It wasn’t in the past; it was in the present. I felt every second that you were dead, every God damn second.” She covered her face with her hands, embarrassed that she was crying like she was in front of him.

Cameron reached over and pulled her into a hug, wiping the tears off her cheeks. “I know, Kirsten. I know it was stupid. I-I didn’t know this is what it would do to you…” He buried his face in her hair. “I just want to protect you. It is my job to keep you safe. A-and I can’t risk you.” He closed his eyes and fingered gently through Kirsten’s hair. “I didn’t want you coming out here at all because of the chance of you getting hurt. I have to keep you safe, Kirsten. I can’t lose you.”

“I can’t lose you either,” she murmured with a sniffle. “I already lost you once, Cameron. I do not want to go through that again, okay? Please, don’t ever make me go through that again. I-I don’t know what I’d do.”

Cameron nodded. He held Kirsten tightly and tried to imagine the pain he caused her. He inhaled deeply. “I never want you to lose me either…” he whispered.

Kirsten nodded. She was quiet. They lied there together silently for a quarter of an hour. Kirsten finally got the courage to ask what was on her mind.

“Do you love me?”

anonymous asked:

what's ur opinion on each of the exo members

sehun: my baby I love ur weird ass unproportional anatomy of dorito head followed by another much larger dorito body
jingdong: super weenie hut jr
baek:hell yea bitch dis go hard as hell baek i will suck big dick team slut all day and week month year and century i love big nuts D I C K S Q U A D
pak chinchilla: shut the fuck up
suho: why the fuck u lying… why u always lying mmmMhhhhmm ooOO my god… stop FUUKKIN LYNNNN
Kris: I feel embarrassment I don’t want to talk bout him
tao: he could be wearing a leopard print diaper n everyone would be YYYAAAASAS TAO bye
yixing: his emotion consists of confusion n bubbles that’s it o wait he’s a fucking furry too
jongdae: literally his eyebrows r always tryna crawl off his face hes so rugged but nobody sees nobody notices he got the body of Dwayne the rock under his clothes but ain’t nobody care
minseok: u kno that pic of the really really buff kangaroo ready to knock a bitch out that’s him muscle man minseok
kyungsoo: lmao he’s so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laugh every day becos of him!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a joker!!! a clown!!!


Watch Meryl and Charlie take their team skills to the kitchen to prepare delicious buffalo stir fry in this week’s episode of Cooking with Team USA.

The first HC1′s hit the road

Hello folks! The first production HC1’s have hit the road this week, and they couldn’t be “happier”

The team here have all been working around the clock the past few weeks to get out first units ready for there adventures. 3 units went up to Black Rock city Nevada for a pretty harsh trial run. The other three have been traveling across the county to Colorado, Arizona and northern California, two more are scheduled next week for the east coast.

Customer #1 Kristin

“Picked up our HC1 in Los Angeles last week and couldn’t be ‘happier!’   It is ever bit as spacious inside as the photos show and all of the well-thought-out features (solar panel, max air fan cools this thing down quick!, cup holder) have added up to one fantastic camper.  Here’s a photo of our first night camping in Zion (the Bishop Red color is gorgeous!)  Thanks again, Derek and team! Your biggest problem will be that you can’t build these fast enough!”

Customer #2 Don

“I drove from Los Angeles to Sacramento (385 mi.) yesterday with the new Happier Camper HC1. The Subaru towed it great. (2011 Outback with 4 cyl and CVT) I had a whole variety of conditions to try out.”

“As you see we got the blue color of the prototype trailer. We loved the way the prototype was set up and saw no reason to change to something else. Some of the details of the trailer have changed as it moved from the prototype to the first production run. It is really coming together as a nice package. I am going to love this trailer. Now off to DMV to register and then on to ultra light accessorizing. “

Customer #3 Karen

“we took Sweet Pea to our RV guy and said it was one of the best crafted, most attractive and innovative trailers he has ever seen! He loved it. :)”

We love the feedback and cant wait to build some more awesome ultra light modular travel and utility trailers. We’re going to keep at it!

Thanks for the great photos and comments guys!


Hey guys!! I think it is about time for a Team Natsu week, don’t you!? Okay, this shin-dig is gonna go down from the dates above: October 11th-18th. Here are the prompts for you guys!!:

1 - formation
2 - magic
3 - trust
4 - games/jokes
5 - past
6- family
7- bonus!!

This week is about fun and to celebrate Team Natsu. With that said, the following is prohibited:

- ship bashing (you are welcome to draw/write ships, but I will tag it and if you don’t like it, just block it)

- bashing others art/writing for the event (you will be blocked)!!!!!!

- Bashing other characters of the team in your work(s) (a.k.a: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla). It will NOT be tolerated.

That’s all!:) Have fun and I hope to have you guys participate!!

If you have any questions just ask me (natsu-dorkneel )or Milla!:)( ka-ryuu )

p.s. You guys can submit artwork/stories as well if you don’t feel comfortable.