I just want to preface this by saying I have a deep feeling of disgust in myself, and that I didn’t try very hard on the drawing. That is all.

We here at Pisstar want to share our love of shameless cash grabs on popular ips- I mean video games with you all. That is why we decided to team up with Mojang to make minecraft: the Movie!

Our story centers around mike, a miner who loves to build, and oink, his pig who loves to destroy. To bad he can’t impress Britney, the girl of his dreams, with his creations before oink destroys them.

Little do they know that soon, they will be thrust into the wild by count wither, looking for a way to save Britney from count wither in his nether fortress, and defeat him before he can gather his armies to infect the overworld with the nethers plague.

Can he and oink for once work together, in a harmony of creation and destruction?

(I’m taking a shit as I write this; the shit stain on the toilet paper looks better than my designs)