Comic by HANA✿, translated by me with permission.

This reincarnation AU, the idea is that Madara already recovered his memories of the previous life a long time ago, so when he came across orphan Obito, he adopted him. But Obito just remembered the previous life now after this traumatic incident where he saved his friends Rin and Kakashi from an accident.

“The good werewolf’s friends became obsessed with the idea of becoming Animagi, because an Animagus in animal form can accompany a werewolf in wolf form without triggering the werewolf’s killing instinct.

And so in year six, on Christmas, the day before the full moon, Hatake Kakashi received the most marvellous present he had been given since he was seven years old.”

Art and text by 201508lm, translated by me and reposted under the terms of Creative Commons BY-2.5


It’s happy alternative reality that we deserved, guys :’’’3

There is also a bonus of how lil naruto sees all of his nee-chans and nii-chans ahaha

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