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i keep thinking of a world where minato and kushina survived, and team minato regularly babysits. at some point when naruto's older, he tells kakashi that he thinks obito is cooler than him, and kakashi's like "i have never been so offended before in my entire life." or naruto likes kakashi best and follows him around like a little duckling. no one ever lets him live it down.


Tbh I have a fic kind of like that - one of the chapters of Down the rivers of the windfall light, where Kakashi gets told he’s second best and bitty!Naruto is totally marrying Obito. 

Here’s a mildly mind-bending Naruto Easter egg that I never realized:

Kannabi Bridge? Where everything fell apart for Team Minato? Yeah, that would be 神無毘橋, Kannabi-kyō, literally meaning ‘Bridge where the gods do not help’.

Team Minato? Under the command of a man who uses the Flying Thunder God jutsu

Obito’s Mangekyo? ‘Kamui’ comes from the word for a divine being in Ainu mythology, or more generally refers to the might and majesty of the gods. 

As many problems as I have with Kishimoto’s writing, he does irony really fucking well