Fight Song Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

Part 1 

‘You’re not on our list, you shouldn’t be here’ Justin one of the management team tell you sternly while glaring at you as though dirty upon his shoe. ‘You didn’t even check your list’ you tell him as calmly as possible. ‘I don’t need to check, I wrote the list, I have already seen every person on this list’ he tells you, his tone holding an air of warning. ‘Do I need to call security?’ he asks, his hand dangerously hovering over his phone.

‘No need for that Justin, Ashton asked me to give (Y/N) a ten-minute spot, she has something for us’ Max the assistant head of tour tells Justin, sending you a warming smile, you smile back greatful for the backup. Justin shakes his head about to disagree, but you don’t give him time.

‘Okay…erm, I guess I planned what I had to say but now it’s all kinda gone’ you laugh nervously, not looking away from Ashton who you have been in contact with for the last three months. ‘I’m so sorry’ you tell them, now looking to the other five people at the table, ‘I can’t imagine how much I put you all though, I know I was a nightmare to manage, terrible to rely on for shows’ you look to Justin and then Max. ‘But I also know I was a tiring friend, not…not even a friend at that point. But you guys were, you were there even after months of me treating you like shit and I’m so sorry for that’ you tell them.

‘I guess…erm’ you rub the back of your neck nervously, ‘I spent a few weeks carrying on, you know drinking and…well yeah, then I realised that I had known one left, I couldn’t go home because I didn’t want to see the disappointment on my family’s face, I couldn’t come back here, I lost Luke….’ You drop your head at this point feeling a ball in your throat, you clear it and look back up to see Luke looking teary eyed. ‘I got sorted, I stopped drinking and got a job in a café, I stayed in a house share with nine other people because I couldn’t afford anything else and one night, last month, I knew, some of the people I live with had a party, I usually made myself vanish for a while but I walked in and….’you shake your head remembering the immense pride you felt that day. ‘And I didn’t touch a drop, not a single thing and I went to my room and picked up my guitar’ you tell them.

‘So I have a song…if you guys are willing to listen, just…please judge this on the person standing here right now, not the one you remember from months ago’ you ask them, before pulling your guitar from the case and throwing the strap over your head.

‘Like a small boat on the ocean, sending big waves into motion’ you start of softly, strumming your guitar lightly, eyes closed so not to be distracted by the blue eyes that have been fixed on you from the moment you entered, the ones you had to this point managed to avoid.

‘And all those things I didn’t say wrecking balls inside my brain, I will scream them loud tonight, can you hear my voice this time?’ the let your eyes open, as you build and as the words weave from your lips your eyes finally meet Luke’s ‘This is my fight song’. You breathe a huge sigh of relief the moment your fished but there is nothing from the table. You look over them, Ashton first, needing the friendly face you see a huge proud smile over his lips, his eyes shining as brightly as they did before. Max looking the same, Calum and Michael eyes huge, as they nod, the grin on their faces warming your heart. Luke licks his lips before pulling his tongue back into his mouth, a small smirk tugging and you smile, another breathe of relief leaving you.

Ashton stands from his seat and rushes over to you, you take a few steps for him before his arms wrap tightly around your waist, ‘I’m so proud of you’ he whispers, you hear the others chatting but in the moment your heart is aching from the love your receiving, love you haven’t felt in a while. ‘I’m so fucking proud of you’ he repeats, pressing his lips into your temple as he pulls away, he looks down at you but before you have chance to thank him your knocked back by the force of Michael and Calum hitting you.

‘It’s so good to see you’ Michael tells you in the jumble, ‘You were amazing’ Calum adds, ‘Fuck we have missed you so much’ he tells you, you feel lips on your cheek and assume it is Michael as he is on your left. ‘You look amazing, I’m so sorry we left you’ Calum tells you, you shake your head, pulling away from them, ‘You have nothing to apologise for, and please’ you tell them smirking slightly, ‘Don’t list what I have to apologise for’ you tease nudging Calum’s arm as Michael laughs, ‘Fuck, seriously, seriously missed you’ he tells you.

‘Guys’ Ashton voice breaks over the chatter from behind us and our own voices, both the lads turn to look at Ashton to see Luke walking over, the boys move, Calum leaving Luke with what you can only call an encouraging smack on the shoulder, Luke’s arms wrap tightly around your waist, lifting you a little so you have to reach up on your toes, neither of you say a thing, your head buried in his chest while his rests in your neck, his parted lips leaving warm air to tickle your sensitive skin. ‘I love you’ you whisper into him, you feel his chest raise significantly, ‘I love you too, I’ve missed you so much, so so fucking much’ he tells you, a slightly choke in his words.


‘So you have been talking to Ashton this whole time?’ Luke asks from across the table but you shake your head, ‘No, he had been texting me every day from the day you guys threw me out’ Luke’s eyes drop at the mention of this but soon picks himself back up. ‘I’d been ignoring him, then one day I called him, told him I needed to get better and he helped, I mean, he wasn’t there, holding my hand but he was there you know, when I felt like I couldn’t resist I called him, he would text me every morning reminding me what I was fighting for…he kept me up to date on you’ you add softly slightly embarrassed.

‘At first I didn’t want to know, I couldn’t bear to hear you had someone else, or were moving one but..but ………………Ashton told me you were, well’ you look down a little. ‘I couldn’t have moved on from you’ he tells you, his voice slightly deeper as he drops to a whisper, ‘(Y/N) I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about you, the last night of tour was the worst, fuck everyone was celebrating, the boys faked the happiness so much better than I could, I left, cried for hours in my room.’ He scoffs, smirking slightly, ‘I sound pathetic’ he tells you but you shake your head. ‘It’s good, I mean…not good but it’s nice to know you weren’t out with every woman you could get’ you correct yourself with a teasing smile and Luke smiles back, the pair of you seeming to lose yourselves in a moment, your heart pounding.

‘I really have missed you’ he tells you and you nod, ‘I know, I felt it too’ you assure him and he sighs, ‘Funny’ he speaks, coursing you to frown slightly, ‘We always used to be the none dramatic relationship’ he smiles more, as a laugh fight its way out and you can’t help the giggle that splutters form your lips.

‘I’m hoping I’m gonna be drama free for at least ten years now’ you tell him with a smile, but he shake his head, ‘That’s not happening when you get back on tour’ he warns you, but you laugh ‘If I get back on tour’ you remind him but he also shakes his head, reaching over the table for your hand, ‘If you think anyone is getting on tour other than you after that performance your mad’ he tells you, blue eyes locked deeply on yours, ‘Baby you will be coming back on tour and your gonna rock it like you used to do, and….and if you will have me, I want to be by your side every step of the way like I used to’ his eyes hold an air of hope which you can’t help but feel is missed placed.

‘Luke, seriously, after all the shit I put you though,’s me that should be begging you, I mean begging you to take me back’ you tell him making him chuckles lightly, ‘I’d never even need you to beg me, Jesus you don’t even have to ask me, I’ve been waiting, fucking praying you would be okay and come back, want me back after giving up on you’ you tighten your hold on his hand.

‘Don’t ever say you gave up on me Luke, I gave up on myself and Ashton was right that day you guys made me leave, you were right, I needed to be on my own to realise what I needed to do, as long as I knew I had everyone picking up my pieces, tidying up my mess I was never gonna stop’ you tell him, nodding softly.

‘So’ he smiles a little, rubbing his thumb over your skin on your hand, ‘Is that a yes?’ he asks and you nod, ‘No shit it is’ you tell him making him smile, ‘Come here then’ he moves over of his side of the booth to make room for you, so you do, sliding out of your side to slide into your rightful place, right under Luke’s arms, ear pressed against his heart beat, this is what you have been fighting for.

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What do People think publicity agencies are for ? My sister is an executive manager at a publicity agency.Her client is this big department store and her job is to direct the team of people that manage all the social media of that brand. There's one person that only manages Facebook, then there's other person that only manages Instagram and there's other person that is in charge of Google ads . She meets with the executives of the store that tell her what kind of things they want published.

I know.

People who refuse to accept it are being willfully dense. But I have an inbox full of people stressed about it and then this happened today and the timing seemed appropriate to share.

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Angela, what do "OT" and "NT" mean?

Old Team=Modest (the management company) and Syco (the label)

New Team=the Azoffs (new management) and whoever the new label is.

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I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS SHOW BEFORE these gifs are tempting me tho is this an accurate summation of the show or...

Yes!! The gifs I reblogged are a pretty accurate summation of the show when it comes to Jude and Zero. The show itself is about a professional basketball team (the Devils), its dance team, and the team’s management.

Zero is a player on the team, sometimes evil because he tries to manipulate his way to become the Devils #1 player, and Jude was his lonely and constantly disappointed agent, but this season he works for management. It’s currently on its third season on VH1. 

To be honest, the show is pretty low brow (some bad/awkward acting), I usually skip around to just watch the Zude parts because everyone else is whatever (except Derek, he is fiiiiiine). If you want to catch up without watching the entire show, this blog captures just the Zude storyline and it’s pretty up to date. 

Everyone should give it a chance, they are so hot and adorable!

“I woke up today and heard a 5 yr old call 911 and tell someone his parents were just murdered. I got to work and heard a kid say he put a dog collar on his moms arm while she did heroin and sold her body for drug money. I heard a young girl cry because the person she trusted did the most horrible things u could imagine someone you trust could do. 

And now I’m supposed to sell myself on some website trying to convince you im worthy of your time just so we can enjoy some laughs and a meal. 

Where’s the world gone. I work in mental health. I manage a team that hears some of the most fucked up shit u can imagine. 

And all I wanna do is go out. Have a good time. And get off. I’ve been back in Chicago a year and have worked my ass off to save this city. You may not know me but I am a somebody. I’m in the shadows doing the things that no one wants to know. 

Does this make me damaged goods or a fuckin hero ?”

does this guy want a medal or a date idgi? 

  • came from a very normal-ish family in kansas #murica
  • mama lawton took off when avery was 10, leaving drunkard papa lawton to raise avery and his [ younger brother ]
  • siKe the lawton children were dumped at an aunts house and she semi raised them
  • having saved up his hard earned gambling money, at 18 avery was able to afford a one bedroom apartment for himself and blaize
  • spoiler: avery will pick his brother over everyone and everything always
  • random part time jobs + excessive gambling until blaize was also old enough to work
  • over the years gambling turned into counting cards in vegas, and suddenly the lawton brothers were staging their first bank robbery
  • then came their big break: working a job for [ the devil ] herself
  • working with a small team, the lawton brothers managed to rob a very angry mafia boss in new york
  • the job went wrong off the bat, resulting in the death of an [ important team member ]
  • but in the end the lawton bros got the job done and hauled ass to canada to escape the american government which was after them
  • now living lavish in montreal, the brothers are “retired”
  • aka laying low until they get bored again
  • avery is already bored and is spending all his hard earned cash on drugs and booze because he can’t cope with the loss of his (and his brothers) lady love
  • monogomy is over rated ~ avery always
  • + protective, intelligent, charming, easy on the eyes???
  • - honesty to god piece of shiT - manipulative, stubborn, constantly pushing his limits, hates all supernaturals, especially sera <3

People who insist One Direction don’t need a new management until they come back because “what use would they make of it while in the break, ah!” should just stick to fields probably more suitable to their competence or maybe, I don’t know, learn the basic rule that when you completely ignore the specifics of a technical something you better shut up?

I’ve been recruited for a special task! Even though it looks easy, in fact, easier than the task I was doing before, I’m told that it’s very important and that I’m the only one who can do it.

The boss came in one day and announced that he needed a special helper for something really important! Then he held his hand up to his brow as if he were a pioneer gazing out into the distance of some foreign land. He turned left and then right and then stopped on me.

Then he frowned.

“I don’t know…” he said, doubtfully.

And that made me so nervous!

“No!” I shouted. “Please! Please trust me! I can do it!”

“Well…Hmm….Okay, what the hell! Let’s try it out!”

Again, the only thing I can definitively say about the task is that it’s really, really easy and I’d probably feel insulted if I didn’t know how incredibly important it is. Also, I would probably doubt that it’s incredibly important if I wasn’t constantly told that despite what I might suspect, it’s incredibly important.

In this new role, I am isolated from others and even our lunch shifts are staggered, but if the main boss, my dad, ever calls the office, the supervisor is able to confirm that indeed I do still work there.

It’s a special task and only I can do it. But I guess if I didn’t do it for say…a week or so, nobody would probably even notice. In fact, I know that’s true. I haven’t done anything for a full month now and sure enough, nobody has noticed.

Through the grate I can see their feet. When a shoelace dangles through, I am quick to chew it off and swallow it. It is merely a nuisance at this point, but in time, they will notice and the occurrences will be elevated to the status of a mystery worth solving.

And by god, I hope they solve it!


This is a complete mess, someone please save these boys

How many different musicians need to state implicitly that they are well aware of the common practice of closeting imposed upon some of their colleagues by their label/management teams before it finally sinks in that this DOES happen and isn’t just a wild conspiracy dreamt up by crazy fans? How many?

This is what shipping a femslash pairing feels like:

It’s a game of football, and it’s your team against the het team. And the het team’s fans sometimes like to talk about playing nice and not being sore losers, but you can’t help noticing that their team get to compete like normal and your team have to play barefoot, blindfolded and with one arm tied behind their backs.

Yet sometimes, amazingly, your team manages to get the ball, and they start running and running and it really seems that, despite all the odds, they might score a goal. (Or a touchdown. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what kind of football we’re playing here.)

But then someone notices what’s going on, someone higher up - a team owner or league boss, and they can’t let your team win. That just doesn’t happen. So they press the special button they save for emergencies that tilts the field at a 45 degree angle and suddenly your players are struggling to run uphill and the other team snatches the ball and *they* score the goal (or touchdown).

And the other team’s fans all cheer, and tell you it was obvious that was going to happen from the start and not to be so bitter just because the better team won. And you *did* know, in your heart of hearts, that things would turn out this way - because they almost always do. But just this once you let yourself hope, and you don’t see why you should be made to feel bad about that. 

[T]he tool needs to support superficially silly things like sharing animated gifs and emoji. Lest you think I’m kidding about that, let me be very clear: I am serious. The variety of expression available to team members across a medium like chat is considerably smaller than that achievable by people in a room together; images (even and especially frivolous ones) serve to fill in that gap and ensure productive and fun conversation. When your team can discuss a complicated topic and arrive upon a decision together using only animated gifs, you will know you have succeeded.

Mandy Brown on Making remote teams work

I know people use Campfire and IRC a lot but are there teams using daily google hangouts? Would that meet these standards?

I had to Save You [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : You’re a Avenger with powerful magic powers and you don’t fully understand your abilities and you’re dating Bucky after a bad mission where you lost control and almost hurt someone both Tony and Steve yell at you Bucky gets angry and defends you but the next morning you’re gone you go to fully master your powers months later the team finally manages to find you to ask you to come back and you say no until you find out that Bucky is missing

Characters : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Romance  |   Warning : Violence

Author’s Note : I hope you like it! Tell me what you think :)

Request here

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“[Y/N]! STOP!” Steve shouted when he saw her panicked and lost control of her power.

[Y/N] quickly snapped her head towards him and she took a step back, her eyes widening in fear as Natasha crumpled to the ground. She could see Bucky trying to approach her but stopped by Steve and Tony.

“I’m sorry.” [Y/N] mumbled. “I’m so sorry.” She tried to say between her tears as Clint and Thor carried Natasha back to the quinjet. Bucky pushed Tony away from him.

“Hey, it’s okay. She’s going to be fine, [Y/N]. Look at me.” He said when he came to her. He put his hands on her arms and gave her a comforting smile. [Y/N] let out a string of incoherent sentences before she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest.

“Let’s go back to the jet, okay? Natasha will be fine.” He gently led her inside, ignoring Steve’s and Tony’s glare.

* * *

“That was very reckless, [Y/N].” Steve said after they had settled down.

“You shouldn’t have come with us if you can’t even control your damn power.” Tony snapped.

“I didn’t mean to.” She quietly mumbled. “I thought—“

“You thought? You almost killed your own friend, [Y/N]!” Tony continued.

“You really shouldn’t have come if you couldn’t control your power, [Y/N].” Steve said with a calmer tone, but hurtful nonetheless.

“She didn’t mean it, dammit!” Bucky exploded. “Who would’ve known those damn creatures would trigger her panic attack?! Jesus Christ. Did you forget you have panic attacks as well?” Bucky stood in front of her in a protective stance, his eyes filled with anger.

“Nat’s fine, guys.” Bruce tiredly smiled. “She’ll be fine. It’s okay, [Y/N].” he turned to her. [Y/N]’s grip on Bucky’s hand loosened a bit and she gave him a shaky smile in return.

* * *

Wanda woke up to a loud commotion and to FRIDAY’s voice, telling her to hurry down to the avengers floor. She slipped into her sweater and quickly made her way upstairs. Something was wrong, she thought. She could feel a prickle of energy at the back of her neck and it wasn’t until she arrived in the Avengers Floor did she finally realized what was bugging her.

Thor was trying to stop Bucky from attacking Tony and he was having a hard time by the looks of it. Steve stood between them while he tried to calm Bucky down.

“What happened?” She turned around to find Natasha and Clint coming out of the elevator.

“[Y/N]’s gone.” Wanda frowned.

“This is all your fault, Stark.” Bucky growled.

“She was the one who left!” Wanda noticed a huge bruise on his jaw and his lips were split.


“Bucky, calm down.” Steve exasperatedly said.

“Fuck you, punk.” Bucky hissed.

“You need to calm down, Barnes.” Thor finally said. The latter slowly stopped struggling against his grip.

“I swear to God, Tony and you, Steve. If anything happened to her.” He took a deep breath. His eyes were glassy when he turned to them. “I will never forgive you.”

* * *

They couldn’t find her. Not until three months later when Bucky was taken by HYDRA. Bruce tried to ask for help from Xavier and they finally found out [Y/N] has been staying with him the past couple of months.

“She’s doing very well.” Xavier told Bruce. “Maybe it’s time for her to go home and help out.”

“Yeah.” Bruce managed a smile.

They flew to the Xavier’s school a few hours later. Wanda and Natasha gave Steve and Tony a stern warning to not say anything that may be hurtful.

“Especially you, Tony.” Wanda said in a clipped voice. “We don’t need you to hurt her feelings again.”

“I know.” Tony grumbled as he guiltily looked away.

“Avengers, welcome.” Xavier gave them a warm smile when he finally reached them. He told the Avengers about [Y/N]’s effort to control her power the past months as he led them to [Y/N]’s temporary room.


The door was opened a minute later. She stared at the guests in shock.

“What are you doing in here?” She hesitantly asked.

“We need you to come back, [Y/N].” Wanda quickly closed the distance.

“I can’t.” She shook her head. “I still—I’m still not ready.”

“Bucky is missing.” Natasha blurted out after a long moment of silence.

“What?” [Y/N] turned to her. Natasha gave her a brief explanation and smiled when her best friend quickly turned around to gather some of her stuff.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” [Y/N] asked again before they boarded the jet. Xavier gave her a pat on her back.

“You’ll do great, [Y/N].”

* * *

Bucky didn’t know how long they have kept him there. He pried his eyes open and scanned the room he was in. He was strapped to a chair, his hands and ankle chained. They were going to wipe it, he thought. He could see familiar faces scattered around the lab, trying to get the machine to work. His lips curved into a sad smile. They were going to wipe him and he didn’t even get to say goodbye to [Y/N].

“It’s ready.” One of the scientist said and Bucky took a sharp intake of breath. The machine came to live and he gritted his teeth, trying to stop himself from screaming when he finally felt the pain.

He woke up when he felt something soft and warm against his skin. Who? He forced his eyes to open and found a woman crouching next to him. He was no longer sitting on the chair, he realized. Bucky’s frown deepened when she scooted closer to him.

“Bucky?” She softly called out, her hands slowly clasped around his. This feels familiar. She feels familiar, he thought.

“I know you.” He rasped out. It was her smile that brought his memory back. He quickly pulled her into his embrace.

“You’re back.” He spoke out. She gave him another smile as she wiped the tears away from his cheeks.

“I had to save you.” She replied with a playful smile. “The rest of the team is outside. They’ve been trying to find you. We need to let them know you’re okay. Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” He mustered a crooked grin as she helped him up. “Come on, let’s shoot some HYDRA goons.”