zayn is the very definition of damned if you do, damned if you don’t

he writes at length about women in his book, intentionally hires diverse women for his entire management team, as well as his band, his grooming team, his PR, video projects, supports women-focused charities that donate primarily to women of colour, etc etc

like…i’d rather him do practical work within his realm than tweet 140 characters, the perfect slacktivism tool for doing the bare minimum. stop making celebrities your be all and end all of social justice and community work, especially dudes at that.

i understand the argument of using a large platform for awareness– which he already *does* while still somehow getting calling a misogynist. i’d rather see the intentional work he does than have him tweet something vapid (like your certain white faves who don’t do SHIT but can tweet real nice at opportune moments).

like i’m unclear as to why this conversation about zayn is even happening. like other people have said, stop focusing on goddamn celebrities, this march was literally not even about them– i’d rather focus on the twitter feeds of tamika mallory, linda sarsour, carmen perez and bob bland.

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What is phangate? 😖

it’s deadass someone claiming to be from their management team saying shit like phil’s married and doesn’t even live in their flat and he’s got a kid on the way and literally none of it makes any sense so don’t worry

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Have you seen the new tumblr called "phangate"? apparently they used to be part of phan's management team and they've said they haven't lived together for 4 years and Phil is soon to be a dad?!?! i'm gagging at how fake it all sounds

omg yeah i heard. i’m 100% sure that it’s bullshit lmao

- alyssa

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the phangate thing freaked me out for a minute but like u know for sure whoever the frick was on their team had to sign confidentiality agreements and shit like if this were someone on the team it would be illegal also wtf like it makes, no sense??? at all???, I hate it they're using phan conspiracies like may and whatever to """"expose"""" dnp why would someone on the management team use well known fandom conspiracies to state their claims who even

lmao honestly. the name of the blog is the funniest part tho like PHANGATE ARE U KIDDING ME. ngl as a joke it’s lowkey funny though

so it turns out the tower is not actually haunted, it was just clint sleeptalking from inside the vents
No wonder Lainey is mad lately

Here she is joining Gerg and Sarah for a game. She doesn’t look/sound happy. She leaves less than half way through this video and Billie joins them, too.

Take note how their legs are touching.

The screenshots above are from the most recent video on his uhohbro channel.

These pictures below are from this previous three or four videos from early Nov to now:

Look how closes these two are sitting versus how close he and his WIFE were.

Okay, so he’s grabbing her knee.

IT GETS BETTER!!! The girl using the VR is not Lainey, she’s another moderately attractive blue haired girl. So there’s three pretty girls in his house at this time and Lainey has fucked off in the back room I guess?

Look at that, folks. When is the last time he sat like this with Lainey? It gets better! 

Are- Are those Billie’s little fingers dangerously close to his teeny peeny? 


Now they are hiding more under the cover. Verrry interesting. 

Wonder what’s going on under there?

So yeah, seeing this explains why Lainey is so unhappy. He lights up with Billie. They are always physically touching. He insults Lainey by calling her a “fucking moron” but he teases Billie and the other girls. Personally if I were Lainey I would’ve punched someone in the mouth by now. I would lose my mind over this. I’m sure she is losing her mind over this. 

So Lainey, or Elaine, or Laine, whatever you go by now, if you’re seeing this I hope you know that this is what’s happening while you’re off doing god knows what. I’m willing to bet that you pout in the room while he’s out here making videos with other girls, and I bet you don’t watch his gaming videos. So here we go! Pictures of this slimy fuck getting very, very cozy with the girl that he WANTS to be with. 


Kathleen Krüger  (Bayern team manager):

“ I prefer to do my work in the background. I don’t want to be noticed .

I’m proud to be the only female team manager in the Bundesliga and very happy to work in top-level football .

They are all nice guys. No one at the club has ever treated me with anything but respect ”
Life Goes On - ThatgirlnamedEleanor - Firebringer - Team StarKid [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Jemilla, Zazzalil, Chorn, Smelly Balls, the rest of the tribe
Additional Tags: Marriage, tiny bit of bed sharing (sort of), working together, Fluff, peacebringer is so important to me guys, I can only hope I’ve done them justice
Series: Part 1 of Equipoise
Summary: For a marriage that began as a bribe, she thinks, they’re doing remarkably well.

So I wrote some Peacebringer fanfic! I hope some of you will read it, and like it, and potentially leave comments! I’m also definitely writing more Peacebringer stuff to go in this series, this was so fun!

I really want a former LAX bro to be the next SMH manager.

He can’t play anymore - major knee surgery at 19 will do that for you - and it hurts a little too much to be around the other LAX bros, winning and playing and everything he can’t do anymore.

(Plus, he learns that he doesn’t actually have much in common with them except lacrosse - it’s amazing how much you realize you don’t like some people when you don’t have to work with them for three to four hours)

So he sees an ad about the hockey team needing a new manager, and, well, he’s got time on his hands and it’s still sports, and far enough away from lacrosse that it doesn’t quite sting the same way.

A former LAX bro learning about fines.

A former LAX bro getting told the bylaws.

A former LAX bro in the Haus.

A former LAX bro getting told about Jack and Bitty.

It takes an uncomfortable month of Jack and Bitty back in the closet before they tell him. It opens his eyes a little when they explain why it’s a secret.

Homophobia in professional sports isn’t something he’s thought about a lot, but he looks at Jack and Bitty and the fact that their hands are shaking -

And opens an ear for the things that could go wrong -

And realizes that this is - it’s big. This is something - it’s a big deal.

And he realizes - he wants to help. Maybe not Jack and Bitty specifically, but Jack having a boyfriend isn’t going to fix the homophobia. It’s a big deal and a big step, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So he goes down to advising and tosses in a political science major on top of his journalism major.

A former LAX bro moving away from a toxic culture into a better one, learns some things, becomes an ally and changes his career plan.

Jack and Bitty are out of the closet by the time Bitty graduates, and the new manager is two years behind Bitty. But he keeps in touch, and is generally considered one of the “good” sports writers amongst LGBT athletes.

And that’s how several professional athletes have their coming out story written by a dude named Chad.


when you have to stop a wedding, you wait for the right moment, right?

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Is there one coworker you just don't get along with?

Squall:  You’ve already hit one teacher with a ball today, Sora.  

Sora: But-

Squall: Almasy forgot I’m writing the football team’s training regime for next week. 

(Squall: It’s not exactly we don’t get along since we sort of have to since we’re the only guy’s coaches in the school.  I’ve also gotten used to ignoring his taunts from years of practice. Plus, he’s not even trying right now.)

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