You Can (Not) Receive

Im so sorry, I need to make some space in my brain, so Im putting this AU idea here. Dont mind me… (/o\)

Kawoshin volleyball AU where Gendo is the chairman of a school with a successful volleyball team and he forces Shinji to play for them. He is

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Kathleen Krüger  (Bayern team manager):

“ I prefer to do my work in the background. I don’t want to be noticed .

I’m proud to be the only female team manager in the Bundesliga and very happy to work in top-level football .

They are all nice guys. No one at the club has ever treated me with anything but respect ”

/I’m late, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t draw SOMETHING for Halloween! So, have some OTP’s being overgrown children.

Tavros is Peter Pan(No hat. I’m lazy)

Aradia is a pirate(IDK, it should’ve been Vriska, but OTP!!)

Karkat is Dave(He didn’t want to dress up, and decided to do it in spite of him).

Dave is a firefighter(as per request for homestuckinator413<3)

Just a quick reminder that this process isn’t for us.

It’s not supposed to be interesting to us or fun for us. This process isn’t for the fans - this process is for the public, and also through that, for Louis as well.

Everything is a blip in the public. People who read tabloids know not everything is accurate. But what won’t be a blip is that the name Louis Tomlinson is actually a name they can associate with a face.

I know this is boring and sometimes yucky, but no matter how the rest of the break goes, we will have Louis and the other boys back in June, and Louis will have his name known likely in both the U.S. and UK, and perhaps throughout most parts of the world.

I’ve been recruited for a special task! Even though it looks easy, in fact, easier than the task I was doing before, I’m told that it’s very important and that I’m the only one who can do it.

The boss came in one day and announced that he needed a special helper for something really important! Then he held his hand up to his brow as if he were a pioneer gazing out into the distance of some foreign land. He turned left and then right and then stopped on me.

Then he frowned.

“I don’t know…” he said, doubtfully.

And that made me so nervous!

“No!” I shouted. “Please! Please trust me! I can do it!”

“Well…Hmm….Okay, what the hell! Let’s try it out!”

Again, the only thing I can definitively say about the task is that it’s really, really easy and I’d probably feel insulted if I didn’t know how incredibly important it is. Also, I would probably doubt that it’s incredibly important if I wasn’t constantly told that despite what I might suspect, it’s incredibly important.

In this new role, I am isolated from others and even our lunch shifts are staggered, but if the main boss, my dad, ever calls the office, the supervisor is able to confirm that indeed I do still work there.

It’s a special task and only I can do it. But I guess if I didn’t do it for say…a week or so, nobody would probably even notice. In fact, I know that’s true. I haven’t done anything for a full month now and sure enough, nobody has noticed.

Through the grate I can see their feet. When a shoelace dangles through, I am quick to chew it off and swallow it. It is merely a nuisance at this point, but in time, they will notice and the occurrences will be elevated to the status of a mystery worth solving.

And by god, I hope they solve it!


arakita doodles for manager au, a thing me and si-siw have been cooking up over twitter for the past week or so?? YEHA

manager au is basically our foray into a universe where arakita’s baseball injury fucks up his arm enough for him to be unable to become a cyclist, but as fate would have it he ends up becoming the manager for hakone gakuen’s cycling club instead (and becomes the Biggest Team Mom Ever in the process)

it’s also very very kinara which is why DUMB COMIC OF A THING THAT HAPPENS AT SOME POINT IN THE PLOT,,,,, [sweats] (there’s fic incoming at some point so ya ha ha ha ha)

The dominoes begin to fall

I mean today has been overwhelming and so telling. What is fascinating to me is that we have so many convergences and active stories…Anne and her hack leading to her abandoning social media (but gave press both privacy and Hendall fuel, though they are going with Hendall now); Louis in a hotel, with Danielle but not looking sad; Jay active in the stunt and on social media, and this tax evasion story which has been in the works for a while but has exploded today.

So the business unravelling from Modest Management (and hopefully Syco) happening now would be another great excuse for 1d to split with them. Poor handling of social media for 1d and their families would mean it would be timely to announce a new PR team. All the business dominoes are starting to fall. This feels very very planned to me.

We continue to get Hendall and Douis aplenty even though Hendall has a rep confirmation that it’s over. But media is focussed on Harry and Louis as a result….with a definite heterosexual push though.

And babygate has gone super quiet…apart from the TMZ questions at the airport and the Tags on those Louis pap shots….but that feels very much like the calm before the storm to me.

I really thought we would get babygate denial first then a few weeks after all the team change announcements (and also all the confirmations of Harry’s movie and what the others are doing).

But now I am wondering if it really is going to all come down at once like a huge set of dominos

And Harry and Louis and the other boys have already pushed the first ones.

And here all the facades begin to fall away.

We’re the Quinx!
Ghoul powers gonna save the day!!!!
Risin’ up from the Earth to the sky
That’s the way we roll
(That’s the way we roll)
Kagune are glowin’ as we’re killin’ guys
Super sparklin’ everywhere we go
(‘Cause you)
'Cause you believe in magical tragical worlds
We came together
Friends forever
We’re the Quinx
Ghoul powers gonna save the day!!!
Were strong
Bring it on
'Cause we came to play
We’re invincible
We’re the Quinx!

You’re welcome.

(the song lyrics were an afterthought but holy shit that was so easy to edit srsly it was perfect)

just look at the photo of all the perfumes I just reblogged! the difference is SO OBVIOUS. the way the whole thing is/was handled is different. I was around in the fandom for the last launch (y&i) and the twitter pumped it before it happened like it was no tomorrow. we all knew a new perfume was coming. literally when they did the interviews for the y&i perfume, it was the only promo they’d done in MONTHS. this was unexpected. I saw a little complaining that why are they pushing perfumes when they’re not pushing music but that is literally NOT TRUE. we will have this one day of (unexpected) perfume promo, and we’ve had months of them talking about their new music and the new album. I don’t see how the two are comparable at all.

also look at the event! it’s like an adult tea party. nice flowers and adult conversations. no interviews with lame questions. just a nice mingle event. so much more mature than what we got before. I’m more convinced than ever. if (and that’s a seriously big if to me) Modest is still around, they are literally not making ANY decisions.

and I have also heard the rumors of a five perfume deal. just because you change management doesn’t mean you can just ditch the deal. the difference becomes in how it’s executed. like…any of the other launches/promo efforts vs. this one.

also I just have to rant a bit more on packaging. like the shape of the bottle. adult. the colors on the packaging. they’ve finally ditched the pink/purple. even the title is less cheesy than the others. this is a whole different ballgame.

—  bethaboolou -Girlfriend is ON POINT with all of this.

People who insist One Direction don’t need a new management until they come back because “what use would they make of it while in the break, ah!” should just stick to fields probably more suitable to their competence or maybe, I don’t know, learn the basic rule that when you completely ignore the specifics of a technical something you better shut up?