Thoughts on ShEther...

Wow, she really went all Left Eye explaining TLC’s bankruptcy on Behind the Music.

She lost the beat AT LEAST 7 times.

Better Title: “A Dissertation on Nicki Minaj’s Most Embarrassing Moments Plus Puns Over A Nas Beat.”

Y'all really like pointing out that line about Nicki’s brother and still can’t be arsed to spell “petafile” correctly.

Nicki’s first stab at receipts is to bring Beyonce into this? Does she not remember that Beyonce let her own husband get his ass beat right in front of her? Beyonce does not care about this. 

Too many white people tweeting about this took Remy 101 and jumped straight from “Lean Back” to Love & Hip Hop. Put your keyboards down, Susan.

I wish other genres had beefs in the booth. Can you imagine the track Janet would have whispered about Madonna?

Remy’s team is definitely smart because her album with Fat Joe has barely gone double paperclip and now everybody’s talking about her.

Not sure why fucking Drake or Trey Songz is an insult. They can both run train over here tbh.

That was fun. I hope the next installment has a hook though because 7 minutes of talking over a beat wears me out.

I’ve been waiting on Aretha to drop a diss track on Patti for most of my life. Remy & Nicki’s beef means literally nothing to me.

“Posing with The A -Team! The Winning Team! ⚽️♥️🇲🇼⚽️♥️🇲🇼⚽️♥️🇲🇼⚽️♥️🇲🇼⚽️” -Madonna


Yay first art post of the year! Mini twitter dump of genderbent ichi ni-nen manager trio doodles (+ two “future miyuki’s gf” fem!Eijuns 😏). Eijun ones were drawn a couple months ago, but Furuya & Haruichi are new! Each one has a small context/explanation, just give em a click. ;p

Aaand I’m gonna pimp out my twitter here too because I’ve been spending most of my time there (no thanks to a couple of bad influences). And casual doodles go up there first, so… come talk to me or lurk or whatever…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯