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Madonna and Lady Gaga.

I’m getting really sick of people saying “Lady Gaga or Madonna?”

Why the hell can’t I like both of them? It’s not a dichotomy. You’re not required to love one and hate the other. You shouldn’t hate one of them just because you like the other.

And I’m sick of people hating on Gaga because “OMG MADONNA WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER, SHE’S THE QUEEN OF POP FOREVAH!!!111”. Just because Madonna has made awesome pop music, why does everything else have to be considered shitty by comparison? What, just because one artist has been/is popular, nobody else will ever be able to make music that people are allowed to like?

You’re not automatically a Madonna-hater if you like Lady Gaga’s music.

You can be a Little Monster and get along with Madonna fans, and vice versa.

They are not the same person.

They’re both powerful pop icons and massively talented, and you are allowed to like both of them.

So fuck it, I’m Team Gagadonna.

Madonna dons designer gear for tour

Madonna has teamed up with Gucci for her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour costumes.

The 56-year-old star is set to embark on a world tour next month and has teamed up with the brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele to create designer items to wear on stage, including a pair of black shoes with laces up to her knees.

Posting a snap of the shoes on Instagram, she wrote: “Nothing Glamorous about this bathroom but these Gucci Boots are Eeeeevrythang! #rebelhearttour (sic).”

In other images, the 'Living For Love’ hitmaker has shown off a jewelled bodice, numerous glitzy rings and a heavily embroidered, eye-catching dress featuring the 'Rebel Heart’ logo, from her 13th studio album released in March.

Elsewhere, the singer posted another snap online of a bespoke leather biker jacket, featuring studs and rivets along with 'Rebel Heart’ scrawled across the back and images of wasps and a heart.

Alongside an image of the item, she wrote on Instagram: “Thank You Gucci for this Gorgeous Gift!@lallo25 #rebelheart (sic).”

The mother-of-four is also expected to wear items designed by Miu Miu, Prada and Moschino when the tour kicks off in Montreal, Canada on September 9.