Jem & The Holograms: The Misfits Infinite #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing
(W) Kelly Thompson (A/CA) Jenn St-Onge (CA) Veronica Fish

The FIRST EVER Jem/Misfits Crossover Event concludes here in “INFINITE JEMS: PART SIX!” Teaming up with Jem and The Holograms has never had higher stakes. Can they set aside their differences long enough to make a difference in this world? And if they can succeed, then what’s next now that The Misfits know The Holograms greatest secret?

Bullet points:
*    Can the Holograms really trust The Misfits with their secret once everything is over?
*    After everything they’ve seen…what on earth could be next for these bands?!?
*    Interconnecting subscription covers on both Jem: Infinite and Jem: The Misfits: Infinite by Veronica Fish!

In Shops: Oct 18, 2017


Jem and the Holograms issue #13 Variant, available at your LCS in March 2016.

Loved working on this one—Kelly and Sophie took an already lovable “bad” character and gave her a ton of depth and an incredible new design (even though I am always behind on designs because Sophie is 100% more fashion advanced than I am) so she’s that much more relatable and amazing.  She’s losing her band and haunted by the Dark Jems, I just want to give her a hug. 😭💗

Thank you as always to John Barber and the entire IDW Jem team!

alinastarkkov  asked:

Jem Carstairs 😏😏

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: tessa!

friendship them with: mostly  will and then, emma ♥

general opinions: I have always been team Jem! ♥ ♥  i feared every page of the infernal devices because, jesus, he was about to death sooner or later and I was depressed everytime they talked about it :( about his character development… just-freaking-awesome?? I have to *eternally clap* Cassie because Jem becoming a Silent Brother was the best plot twist for me, and also he deserved a bit of happiness by marrying Tessa, also returning from life (?). What’s more… ah, Jem, you’re so romantic!!!! Blackfriars Bridge? I lived in London for 4 months (now it’s not much :()   and you couldn’t choose a better place to meet Tessa  snif

Who Should You Fight: Shadowhunter Edition

Clary Fray: Don’t fight Clary. She’s tiny as fuck, but she killed a demon with a cell phone-sized gadget. That was before she learned how to fight. Clary Fray will probably beat you up if you try to fight her, and she’ll be pretty unscratched afterwards, because Clary Fray is more powerful than you. Also, she’s a cute little biscuit, leave her alone.

Jace Herondale: You should totally fight this asshole. He can’t even pick a name half the time. But the thing is, you can’t fight Jace Herondale. The one good side of the source of all his daddy issues is badass fighting skills. So basically, you SHOULD, but the odds of you winning are nil.

Simon Lewis: Definitely fight Simon. Even as a vampire, you could totally shove him into a locker. Maybe take his bass off him, or a book or something. But basically, you have nothing to worry about. Unless Clary or Isabelle find out.

Alec Lightwood: NO. Absolutely not. You do not want to fight a six-foot something archery expert who will not hesitate to leap into fluid, graceful action the moment you start shit. Besides, what did Alec ever do to you? Look at his sweater paws and his parental instincts and his cute smile every time hot boys show up. Do not fight Alec Lightwood.

Isabelle Lightwood: Oh my god. Oh my god, no. Isabelle Lightwood will fuck you up and cut you apart with her whip. And you’ll deserve it. And she’ll still be hotter than you afterwards. Don’t fucking fight Isabelle.

Magnus Bane: You could totally fight Magnus Bane tbh. He’s a reluctant lazy loser who lives with his cat and does not like to fight. I wouldn’t, though. He’s dating Alec Lightwood, and that guy will fuck you up. Get him alone, and you’ll be fine.

Jem Carstairs: Dude, first of all, why? Jem Carstairs is the personification of love and loyalty, and has been through hell and back for the sake of love and life? Also, his cat will miss him. So even if you wanted to fight Jem, you can’t. He’s over 100 years old, survived being a silent brother, and is awesome at throwing knives. You have no chance against Jem.

Will Herondale: Totally fight Will Herondale. He’s pretty sad and a total nerd. Though he is always tag teaming with Jem, no fat chance of getting him alone.

Tessa Gray: What’s wrong with you? Tessa is perfect, don’t you dare.

Chairman Meow: wtf the fuck, he’s a cat you sick fuck. Don’t fight cats.

Follow Friday - Jem Carstairs style

I admit. I’m going to be kind of lazy here. <3 No graphic, because this is more about the followers. The following are people I’m super active with in the Jem Carstairs leg of the Infernal Device fandom. I AM SURE THERE ARE MORE OF YOU. I WANT TO KNOW MORE OF YOU!

Jemaholics Anonymous a Jem appreciation fanblog I help run!

ashagreyjoys Before Tumblr, there was only Angie. She was my Jem island in a sea of fangirls and I refer to her all the time with my fangirling and theories. She has put up with my silly spazzing for a long time now. <3

fyeahjemcarstairs My parabatai! <3 The first Tumblr Jemfangirl I met who shared EVERY SINGLE VIEW as me with the ID fandom!


emcarstairs <3 She helps run the Jemaholics Anonymous and is GREAT to discuss with!



jemtakesliberties (I LOVE this name!)

oculate (and not JUST because she reblogs me a lot and discusses with me a lot! But it helps ;])


little-dhampirr Okay, so she maaay possibly ship Will/Tessa - BUT that doesn’t mean she hates our Jem, either. <3




angel-gidget If you follow her for only ONE reason? LET IT BE HER FANFICTION. She has three (so far, if I’m correct) one shots from ID and LORD the writing is beautiful. It’s just… flawless, honestly!

theparallelpersona She is so interactive with me (and the fandom in general!) and is working on some fanart! GUYS. JEM. FANART! I love peoples’ contributions to this fandom!




silent-order Another who interacts actively with me. <3 I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!

rooonnie Okay, so maybe she IS Team Will. BUT she respects Jem and Jem/Will bromance. And that is beyond cool in my book.

love-isburningbright (omg I LOVE this name too!!!)




None of this is in any particular order! <3 Just the order in which you guys began to follow me. (And I totally apologize if I’ve missed any!)

SO. IF YOU’RE TEAM JEM, feel free to respond or reblog because I DO want to be involved with you all! Even if you’re Team Will, I want to know you, if you don’t bash Jem! :D <333

(whew this took a while)

Time for a rant.

You’ll get a rant out of me every time you ask me whether I’m “Team Jem” or “Team Will." 


Just NO.

Stop this right here. Do not go any further.

Now, I’m not even going to take the route most people do and say that people are bringing Twilight into this. I get that Twilight didn’t start the concept of teams, but that concept absolutely destroyed that fandom. If you’re a fan, do not be the one to ruin this fandom, too. 

I will say this, though: Jem and Will are parabatai. They love each other more than we could ever love either of them. Asking fans to pick a side is going to do nothing but divide the entire fandom into two sides. It’s going to pit Jem and Will against either, and if you are the one to pit the two parabatai against each other - two Shadowhunters closer than brothers - then you’re simply a horrible person, and this fandom doesn’t need you.

Yes, I get that you may like Will better or that you may like Jem better, but picking a team and choosing between the two is like saying that you love one and hate the other.

I also get that you may like Will or Jem better for Tessa. Seems understandable, but when you say that you’re in one team, you’re saying that the other doesn’t deserve to be with her - doesn’t deserve happiness or love. If you do think like that, just say it in the simplest of terms.

Keep Teams out of this fandom. When you ask someone on Facebook of Tumblr which team they’re on, you’re only enforcing the idea of only liking one character and having to choose, and it’s not like that. You can love both characters. Pick Team Shadowhunters, why don’t you?

You can also think of it like this: If you pick Team Will, Will himself would hate you for implying that you hate Jem. If you pick Jem, he wouldn’t like you for implying that you don’t give a damn about Will. The characters you love will absolutely despise you. Because they love each other, dammit! Can’t we just leave it at that?

If you’re on Team Jem or Team Will, then you’re not on Team Shadowhunters as a whole. It means that you’re not part of the TMI or TID fandom; you’re just a part of a fandom based on one character alone.

Now, do you really want to be that one asshole?