Some pics from yesterday.  Finished all the closet and laundry shelves/rods/etc.  The laundry shelf needs supports added, but we haven’t figured out what we’ll do for that, since they didn’t send any hardware for it.  I also installed all the doorknobs, which are levers (not my favorite).  We’ll probably switch them to knobs later, after move in.  And the countertop guy came in the afternoon, but as you can see, he didn’t get them done yet.  For some reason, my camera would not focus well on these.  I think possibly because there was so much sawdust in the air.  My lungs and sinuses were on fire after I got home yesterday.

Also, bonus selfie.  ;)  I cut the length to about 2″ on top, but left it longer in the front.  I also went down to 3/8″ on the sides and back, and I love it.  I’m not sure why I debated on that for so long.  I was doing 1/2″ for quite a while, but it felt too long.


So i made a shit typo and wrote rivier instead of river and i wanted to make an oc with that name so i just sorta fucking inspired myself of a dream i had and bingo these two were born:

- Rivier, a wingless riding dragon with the ability to camouflage and spit liquid nitrogen (this makes her an ice dragon lmao). Her fins are also fully mobile and they can be used as an expressive/threat display or to soak up sunlight.

- Jem, her rider, who is actually part of a group of feared raiders. They usually attack nomads and rob them of supplies, information, and more often than not they take their lives as well. Jem is also very mean. (her real name is actually Jeanne Marie but if you say it out loud she will wreck you)


Jem and the Holograms issue #13 Variant, available at your LCS in March 2016.

Loved working on this one—Kelly and Sophie took an already lovable “bad” character and gave her a ton of depth and an incredible new design (even though I am always behind on designs because Sophie is 100% more fashion advanced than I am) so she’s that much more relatable and amazing.  She’s losing her band and haunted by the Dark Jems, I just want to give her a hug. 😭💗

Thank you as always to John Barber and the entire IDW Jem team!

Ohmigod! The team behind IDW’s Jem and the Holograms taking over A-Force is literaly the best news I have ever heard!!

Kelly Thompson and Ben Caldwell can do no wrong, and I just can’t wait for them to get their hands on A-Force!

On that note, is anyone else noticing how the more indie low key comics like how Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel are, have been becoming the most popular comic form? I really like that, all the big splashy action is really going down hill.

So I was looking at The Unofficial Story trailer again when I noticed

That boulder that fell on John was so heavy that Linda, a Spartan II, had to activate her jet pack just to lift it

If John had gone in there by himself he would have died.

Follow Friday - Jem Carstairs style

I admit. I’m going to be kind of lazy here. <3 No graphic, because this is more about the followers. The following are people I’m super active with in the Jem Carstairs leg of the Infernal Device fandom. I AM SURE THERE ARE MORE OF YOU. I WANT TO KNOW MORE OF YOU!

Jemaholics Anonymous a Jem appreciation fanblog I help run!

ashagreyjoys Before Tumblr, there was only Angie. She was my Jem island in a sea of fangirls and I refer to her all the time with my fangirling and theories. She has put up with my silly spazzing for a long time now. <3

fyeahjemcarstairs My parabatai! <3 The first Tumblr Jemfangirl I met who shared EVERY SINGLE VIEW as me with the ID fandom!


emcarstairs <3 She helps run the Jemaholics Anonymous and is GREAT to discuss with!



jemtakesliberties (I LOVE this name!)

oculate (and not JUST because she reblogs me a lot and discusses with me a lot! But it helps ;])


little-dhampirr Okay, so she maaay possibly ship Will/Tessa - BUT that doesn’t mean she hates our Jem, either. <3




angel-gidget If you follow her for only ONE reason? LET IT BE HER FANFICTION. She has three (so far, if I’m correct) one shots from ID and LORD the writing is beautiful. It’s just… flawless, honestly!

theparallelpersona She is so interactive with me (and the fandom in general!) and is working on some fanart! GUYS. JEM. FANART! I love peoples’ contributions to this fandom!




silent-order Another who interacts actively with me. <3 I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!

rooonnie Okay, so maybe she IS Team Will. BUT she respects Jem and Jem/Will bromance. And that is beyond cool in my book.

love-isburningbright (omg I LOVE this name too!!!)




None of this is in any particular order! <3 Just the order in which you guys began to follow me. (And I totally apologize if I’ve missed any!)

SO. IF YOU’RE TEAM JEM, feel free to respond or reblog because I DO want to be involved with you all! Even if you’re Team Will, I want to know you, if you don’t bash Jem! :D <333

(whew this took a while)