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Guzma's Abuse (Discussion/Theory/Headcanon)

So, everyone that I know is all about the fact that Guzma was abused by his father when he was younger. And I know that people support the theory greatly. And yes, I am one of those people. Remember, I’m not forcing this on anyone, these are just my own thoughts and ideas that have that contributes to this. If you do not support this well, more power to you.

1. Guzma was beaten by his father, due to the fact that his father was a golfer.
-Now I know this sounds dumb but hear me out. What if Guzma’s father was a Pro Golfer and wanted Guzma to live up to his expectations and wanted Guzma to be a Pro Golfer like him.
-This explains how you find broken and bent golf clubs in the game. Maybe Guzma was absolute trash at golfing and his father always got angry at him.
-Kahili, part of the Elite Four, is a golfer. I headcanon her as Guzma’s sister. After Guzma ran away from home, Kahili wanted to please her father to live up his expectations and then became a pro golfer.

2. Guzma’s relationship with Kahili.
-Kahili is Guzma’s older sister. (This is a headcanon)
-This explains the fact that Kahili is a flying type user and has an advantage over Guzma, who uses bug types.
-They have similar hair color. (Just thought this was useful.)

3. Guzma’s relationship with Golisopod.
-Guzma was really into bug catching when he was younger.
-His first Pokémon was a Wimpod, which eventually evolved into a Golisopod.
-Pay attention to Wimpod’s and Golisopod’s ability. Wimp out, and emergency exit. Wimp out can be a metaphor for Guzma’s being a real wimp and is always running from his problems with his father. Emergency Exit for when he ran away from his abusive household.

4. Guzma’s relationship with his parents.
-Guzma always wanted to be the best for his parents. His father never recognize him trying his best.
-When Guzma’s father got angry with him, he would always pull his hair and yell, “GUZMA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” also involving hitting him at the back of his head. The most sensitive part of the skull.
-His mother and sister couldn’t do anything about it since they didn’t want to face his father’s wrath.

5. Guzma in general.
-Whenever he loses, he always pull his hair and yell the phrase: “GUZMA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”. Mimicking his father since some abuse victims uses the abuser feels like it’s right. (I know I do this a lot.)
-He’s always slouching since he always looks down on himself and hangs his head in shame.
-Guzma gets panic attacks and flashbacks whenever someone touches him, he spazzes because he thinks someone’s going to hurt him somehow.
-He named the gang, “Team Skull” because his father would always hit him at the back of his head.
-Over the years of abuse, the abuse victim becomes the abuser. This contributes to the fact that he’s such a big bully towards everyone else and he doesn’t like you, the player.
-The player acts like a friend they you vent to, or that pillow you beat up whenever you’re angry so you can let it all out. Guzma is so full of anger and hate that he can only let it out on you since you let him do so.

Well, that’s all I have to say really. I just really love it how Pokémon puts these kinds of things in the game so everyone can relate to. Including myself. Also, if Guzma ever becomes a dad. He swears that he will never become the abusive monster his father was. He’s also afraid to be like his dad amongst his children or to anyone he loves in general.

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