*larry buying new stuff*
  • Louis:*sees a spiderman tiny frying pan*
  • Louis:Harreh
  • Harry:*continues walking*
  • Louis:Harreh!
  • Harry:*turns back to see Louis* what babeh?
  • Louis:can we please buy this? *shows the frying pan*
  • Harry:of course not, we have a lot of frying pans on our house
  • Louis:but Harreh! it's spiderman! i need it!
  • Harry:you don't even cook, Lou
  • Louis:but i will! i will cook perfectly shaped pancakes here
  • Harry:we already have a frying pan for pancakes
  • Louis:but-but i need it!
  • Harry:babe, no. we don't need it, it will end up like the ironman toaster we dont use
  • Louis:but Hazz! i will use this one! i swear!
  • Harry:i said no *says last word before turning back*
  • Louis:*louis pouts and thinks*
  • Louis:Harreh! i need this because- *sighs* because it's tiny like me
  • Harry:...
  • Harry:*buys the fucking frying pan*

Blank Space feat. Jaromir Jagr

So it’s gonna be forever

Or I’m gonna go to the Flames

Tell me when my contract’s over

If my goals were worth the pain

Got a long list of ex-teammates

They’ll tell you I’m insane

‘Cause I know you love the players

But I love the game

when i was

a new fan

my otp dragged me down to hell where

i linger to this day.

they said “child when

you grow up

read lots of fluff and stay away from angst

or you’ll cry everyday”.