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Files are on mediafire in .cbr format and shamelessly stolen from a piratebay torrent I lost the link to. I’ll try and update it regularly and stuff…

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Okay so do you remember the time that Matt Fraction described Clint and Kate’s relationship as ‘The Avengers (UK) of The Avengers (US)’?

Obviously I thought that was pretty badass, and had a jolly time drawing dapper-as-fuck!Hawkeyes.. it just took me awhile to figure out how to get Clint and Kate rocking a believable Steed and Mrs. Peel vibe. (If Clint’s suit looks familiar, congratulations, you get the other half of the joke.)

Starry-eyed gratitude to an archer (yes, that one specifically :D ) who very graciously provided reference images and general archery consultation. Seriously, this was way less cool before I begged him for input.  Thank you, Archer!

Musical inspiration: Tank!  (yeah, no, I couldn’t resist)  And if you’ve read all the way to the bottom and are still confused, Hawkeye.  Matt Fraction.  David Aja.  It’s a thing.  Read the thing.  Thank me later.

“Do you think I could sit on your shoulders?”

“Do you think you’ll manage not to fall down?”

I think it’s time to show you my favourite shot of the photoshoot we did. Inspired by @jovaline‘s amazing Hawkeye Squared Fanart, we tried to give our best and reenact it (with a bit more safety precautions also known as, making sure Kate does not break Clint’s bow or any of her bones. But mostly Clint’s bow)

@so-damn-mishalicious as the one true Clint, myself as the ‘I have never held a bow before but let’s pretend I did’ Kate :)


So I was driving home and something occurred to me that I want to write about real fast, because i am apparently incapable of experiencing moments of learning and NOT sharing it here. 

I have been, over time, fond of making jokes about Kieron Gillen killing off Kate Bishop. To me, it’s a joke about cavalierly spoiling another writer’s work and filling that writer’s inbox up with concerned emails and asks. I do this because I love Kieron. He’s one of my dearest friends in comics and out and I am on any given day at any given time in awe of something he’s said or written somewhere. And because Actually Feeling Stuff is hard this is how I show affection. Or at least it was.  For whatever reason I was chewing it over in my head and I started to feel like Lucy with the football. I dunno about you or who you are or what you like but I don’t like feeling like Lucy with the football.  It doesn’t matter what I thought the joke was, it occurs to me that because Kate is Kate and not, say, Karl, it occurs to me that there’s another angle from which to view that joke from that makes it seem… well, mean-spirited.  Because this is a thing that comics does to Kates.  Frequently.   Which, uh, which is bullshit.  And I’m sorry for not sensing that sooner.  So I’m not going to make that joke any more.  And I promise nobody’s gonna off Kate so Clint can feel bad about it and do what needs to be done.  Not right now, I mean.  Not while she’s carrying that baby. KIDDING! KIDDING! Okay, that was the last joke like that. I promise.  


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