“So. Keep shooting, Hawkeye. Keep shooting no matter what.”

This time our inspiration was this art by pure angel of hawkguy’s arts @when-it-rains-it-snows
Thank you. Thank you so much.

I guess you already know the Hawkguy - it’s @ohtematema
And our fantastic photographer - @dasha-ocean

“Do you think I could sit on your shoulders?”

“Do you think you’ll manage not to fall down?”

I think it’s time to show you my favourite shot of the photoshoot we did. Inspired by @jovaline‘s amazing Hawkeye Squared Fanart, we tried to give our best and reenact it (with a bit more safety precautions also known as, making sure Kate does not break Clint’s bow or any of her bones. But mostly Clint’s bow)

@so-damn-mishalicious as the one true Clint, myself as the ‘I have never held a bow before but let’s pretend I did’ Kate :)

imagine clint and kate having a tally on the wall of clint’s apartment labeled “number of days since we’ve been asked if we’re doing the do” and the tally has never gone past four. imagine the two of them comparing people who’ve asked like “I got asked by your ex-wife today clint” “oh yeah? well captain america personally stopped by to ask me so in your face katie-kate.”