I’ve been keeping this pretty close to my chest, as I didn’t want to jinx it and I’m not actually one for blowing my own trumpet… But I went out to the World Archery 3D team GB selection shoot this weekend. As well as winning the Instinctive Archery category, I also qualified to represent Great Britain, as part of team GB 🇬🇧 at the world 3D’s later on this year in France!

Whether or not they even decide to take me, or if I can even afford to go, I’ve got some pretty big and exciting decisions to make! But I’m hoping to use it as a platform to not only promote 3D Archery in the UK but also Instinctive Archery, fingers crossed.


I’m watching this video by Supergymmie and I absolutely love how, alongside the amazing gymnastics, she’s (and I’m assuming Supergymmie is a girl because I don’t actually know for sure who’s behind the channel) captured such sweet moments from the Rio Games. I’m going to go ahead and list them all (in case you can’t/don’t have time to watch the video), because it’s just so beautiful. Truly the spirit of the Olympic Games.

- Sophie Scheder crying when she won bronze on bars (the music here really hammers it home and made me tear up)

- Simone waving to the crowd after her final routine of her Olympic Games

- Sophie smiling when Aliya kissed her gold medal

- Amy grinning at Simone showing the camera that she’s won four gold medals

- Simone beaming as Sanne kisses her gold medal

- Tears from Sophie on the podium and Amy after the floor scores were finalised; really shows how much these unexpected medals meant to these girls.

- Catalina giving Sanne a long hug after the beam final

- Marine Boyer being a cutie and waving either at a camera or someone in the audience

- Aly and Simone hugging/waving to the crowd after the AA

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the beam

- Aly in tears after her AA floor exercise (still crying over this)

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the bars

- Simone and Aimee crying when Simone won the AA

On another note; for some reason, this video really shows how incredible Simone was over everyone else BUT, also lets me marvel at the freaking HEIGHT Aly gets on her double pike Arabian!!