tf2 things that will never cease being funny to me:

  • people using the kill/explode command the second the high five goes off
  • people using the kill/explode command the second they lose at rock paper scissors
  • snipers getting headshots on invisible spies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • heavies running about crouching and offering sandwiches to the enemy team
  • crit ubersaws
  • medic chains
  • rancho relaxo

feel free to add ur own

Only after looking at it for a while did I realize the weight this scene had.

Looking back at Meet the Sniper you find this:

This was basically Sniper’s dad giving him his approval on his career choice for the first time. This is a big fucking deal. So yeah, just felt like I needed to point that out as I realized the full impact of this scene. I’m probably just saying what everyone knows but IDC!