tf2 things that will never cease being funny to me:

  • people using the kill/explode command the second the high five goes off
  • people using the kill/explode command the second they lose at rock paper scissors
  • snipers getting headshots on invisible spies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • heavies running about crouching and offering sandwiches to the enemy team
  • crit ubersaws
  • medic chains
  • rancho relaxo

feel free to add ur own


Dear people of Tumblr,
After over six months of silence, me and some new faces have accomplished to give you this. Many people have sent me fanmail, asking about its release date, but it has been hidden for long, so here you go..


It comes with some major fixes, new characters, awesome facelift by uberchain and Scout & Sniper’s storyline has been expanded by Fluffygreensheep! Also, it is still fully functional with Macintosh and Linux-operated platforms along with the good ol’ Windows, obviously!

Note that this game is still not fully tested and it might contain major bugs, but every complain that was sent to me has been fixed. And also, remember that it’s not fully operational; it is still just a demo.

Before I forget to mention: I’m looking for enthusiastic people who want to write scripts for certain characters! If you are interested to take part in making the game and expanding its world, please send me email at or just message me here.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (added 2 because it might get jammed once again… Just in case.)



Only after looking at it for a while did I realize the weight this scene had.

Looking back at Meet the Sniper you find this:

This was basically Sniper’s dad giving him his approval on his career choice for the first time. This is a big fucking deal. So yeah, just felt like I needed to point that out as I realized the full impact of this scene. I’m probably just saying what everyone knows but IDC!


Request From @bearibee to make a serious tf2 video out of ONLY the meet the team clips. Challenge accepted. 2 hours of nonstop work, and this is the crappy result.