tf2 things that will never cease being funny to me:

  • people using the kill/explode command the second the high five goes off
  • people using the kill/explode command the second they lose at rock paper scissors
  • snipers getting headshots on invisible spies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • heavies running about crouching and offering sandwiches to the enemy team
  • crit ubersaws
  • medic chains
  • rancho relaxo

feel free to add ur own


Mediplier - “American History”


Got to finish these, tight deadline. Thanks for your continued patience, commission guys.I wanted to have a really different lighting scheme, so I tried something a little different with my approach. Soldier from TF2. Hope it captures his essence okay.
Photoshop CS6 2hours

EDIT: fixed the missing plane on his right side, and softened up some shapes that weren’t characteristic of him. Now he looks like my dad, which is actually really awesome since he’ll be sharing a booth with my wife and I at the convention. I’ll have to give him a print!