22. IMAGE: Alicia Graham. Model this summer’s hottest fashion trend. Let’s see a swimsuit made entirely from tea bags.

it’s sort of a big deal that the lack of tea bags in our house forced me to make this a two-piece swimsuit with an exposed midriff. (which i do not wear. ever.)

yay for gishwhes, making me step out of my usual comfort zone! and yay for pools that will soon be large pots of cold, chlorinated tea, i guess!

Make a “DIY” (do it yourself) instructional video on how you can repair a damaged marriage using only bubble gum, a stapler, canned peas, dental floss and a hair dryer. Your video must include demonstrations and caution statements.

thanks to Dani and hubby Chris for being the married couple in this weirdness


and thanks to myself for successfully making the worst face to ever be a face

Design the graphic cover of a romance novel: Misha and the Queen of England in a torrid embrace or otherwise adventurous situation. Give it a creative title.

As I told Claire, this is my magnum opus

Team Deathfrisbee GISHWHES 2013 Item# 50 Little Jack Horner, Little Bo Peep, Peter Pumpkin, Little Boy Blue and the Queen of Hearts at a late-night vice-ridden poker game.

Frek - P. Pumpkin
Copaceticcackleberry - Little Boy Blue
Jamesrkirk - Little Bo Peep
Captain-Willum - Little Jack Horner
Mooingboog - The Queen of Hearts

I had such a blast making this one, I wanted to use all the pictures. We had Kool-Aid bursts (aka alcohol), M&Ms, Smarties (aka pills), Fun Dip (aka coke), spread out all over the table with the money and chips and cards. Also I had a deed specially made for my pumpkin shell house, which Bo Peep won.

Roost on a busy sidewalk until your egg hatches. Announce the birth with a squawk (no more than a 15 second video).

Fun fact: I walked by a group of police officers and one of them almost reached for their little shoulder-walkie and I was like “SEE LOOK I’M FLAILING AND FRIENDLY AND TALKING TO MY FRIENDS EVERYTHING IS COOL BRO”


or I was just being paranoid


(again, special thanks to Becki for being my wee penguin baby)