Some lil’ things I love about FFxiv

The sound outside caves/buildings during stormy rain
All three original city-state leaders are women
Skimpy armour on female characters is just as skimpy on males
How fun, charming, and silly the dev team is
Natural-looking dark skin tone variety for all the playable races
The things Scion NPCs say when you interact between MSQ stages
The whole world is active, rather than specific zones for specific levels
The chat-bubble dialogue from background NPCs
Fairly good community, especially within Balmung’s Tumblr RP circle
All the neat fan-art and screenshot edits, and amazing artists

#teamlightskin vs. #teamdarkskin vs. #commonsense


[sighs] Can we talk about team light skin and team dark skin for a minute? There’s something that always disturbed me about this trend of seeing “team light skin” and “team dark skin”. It’s a whole new spin on this whole old issue called colorism. And someone annoyed me by saying their “team light skin” and I’m like “would you cut that racist bull-ish out”? 

That’s like saying “team house nigger”. DO you see how old this game is? Except what’s new about it is that we’re doing it to ourselves! (do you) know how many questions I have going into #blackout is basically a question that goes something like this “can I participate in #blackout because I’m a little too white-passing” or “am I not light enough” or “I’m bi-racial, you know having black and white sides”… [fast] and I always wonder why do people say bi-racial when it comes to Black and White but when its - its Black and any other thing, they say mixed? 

(But) that’s a question for another day, but can we please stop doing this, it’s ridiculous and - it’s not to say that I don’t like light skin people. I like (black) people of all skin tones from the White-passing to the onyx. (But) seriously, we need to stop playing this stupid team game cause honestly… (pauses) we’re doing the job of the oppressors for them. (no audio when lips moved)



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