I'm so tired - A Black Girls Ode

I’m tired of the stereotypes
Black girls are
“Too dark”
“Not desirable”

I’m tired of the hair hate
“Wannabe white”

I’m tired of the skin hate
Like we’re on opposing teams…

I’m tired of the hate for liking out of race
“Black guys”(Who sometimes don’t even want us)
“White guys”
“Asian guys”
“Hispanic guys”
And forever wondering if said guy will even like us back

I’m tired of being told I can’t be
“ A geek”
“A nerdy”
“A gamer”
“Good at school”
“A princess”
“Or a Queen”

Or can’t have
“A stable family”
“Good grades”
“Drama free love life”
“Normalcy of any sort”

Or I can’t like
“Comic books”
“Video games”
“Indie music”
“Pop music”
“Rock music”
Anything other than Rap/R&B

I’m tired of the names and things said
“White girl in a black girls body”
“I don’t date black girls”
“You’re pretty for a black girl”
“You talk/act white”
“You’re not like the rest”
“I like chocolate”
“You’re my Nubian princess” (Like we are food or a prize to be won)

I’m so tired
…. Of constantly trying to prove myself
….. Always explaining myself
….. Trying to keep my voice down
….. Being too dark
…… Or too light
…… Steering away from stereotypes
….. Being treated like less than
….. “No I don’t have kids” “Nit currently or planning to be pregnant”
….. “No you cannot touch my hair”
….. Yes I live with both my mom and dad
…… “Nubian princess”
….. Keeping my hands to myself in a store so I don’t get accused of stealing
…… Social media and News representation
…… Being a fetish
…… Being wary of cops when I’ve done nothing wrong
…… Knuckling under
…… Black on black hate

I’m so tired of fighting

My skin color and hair does not, has not, and will not ever represent me.
I am in touch with my black and Haitian roots but none of it defines me unless I say it does.
No matter I do or say people will still see me that way. I’m so tired of people not even seeing who I am but what they perceive me to be solely based on my skin.

I’m so very tired, BUT, too many people (men, women, and people of every race) have fought too long, prayed too hard, and died too often for us to GIVE UP because we’re TIRED! No, this is when we push even harder, because if we’re tired so are they, but now we have one foot in the door ^3^

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the whole team light skin vs team dark skin thing in the black community? I see it a lot on Twitter

its just colorism

though i rly dont have an issue for black folks who proudly rep #teamdarkskin because loving your dark skin in such a colorist world is empowering & revolutionary !!!

but black folks who proudly rep #teamlightskin just needa fuckin stop cause their skintone is already put on a pedestal as the standard of beauty so what the hell is they bragging for


On Repeat…

When I was younger - think first job out university - I had this weird obsession of never being seen in the same thing twice. I could not understand people who would wear the same thing over and over again.

Now that I am older and look back, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Firstly, how did I manage that? At the time my budget really didn’t allow for that kind of attitude.

The truth is with my then limited clothing budget I was one of those girls that would rather eat sardines on toast for lunch or dinner knowing that I have purchased or wearing my dream dress, bag, shoes etc.

Its sad, but true.

Now a days you could say I am older perhaps even wiser or just plain stingy with my money because dammit I work hard for it. 

You might remember this dress from this post. For this post I wanted to switch up how the dress was styled  - worn for a more wintery look.

As you can see I have now opted to buy key seasonal pieces that can be worn in many different ways.

That alone shows some marked personal growth.

Leather Jacket - Topman, Print Dress - Temt, Stockings - Sportsgirl, Black Pumps - Wittner


hello everyone. My name is Jamie. I am Filipino, and i am damn proud of that.

For those who don’t know, I like in California where there is like more asians than white people, so I didn’t really know what it feels like to have friends other than my heritage.

This invASIAN thing is honestly so cool, and it made me come out of my little ball and say hi to tumblr. So hi tumblr.

My only response is to be proud of your skin, be proud of your nationality. Because this will be your only one until I die. Since I am part of #team dark skin, i always easily get jealous of my light skinned filipino friends, but now I have come to a conclusion that you cannot do anything to change it. Be proud, and wear it proudly.