We’ve got the weirdest motherfucking (and awesome) people in Team Crafted

We’ve got a fluffy thing

We’ve got a fish

We’ve got a Canadian

We’ve got a derp

We’ve got a spaceman

We’ve got a leader of a fucking army

We’ve got a dead banana

And we shall never forget our new addition

We’ve got motherfucking Batman now

And people wonder why I love Team Crafted so much

Attention Team Crafted fans!

This little fucker in my school says that Team Crafted are just a bunch of low life losers with no fans. I want to prove his wrong. Like and reblog if you are a fan of Team Crafted or any other minecraft youtuber! I want to show this guy that they do have true fans and he should not mess with us!

Remember when Team Crafted was a thing?
Remember when everyone could just get along?
Remember when they were all friends?
Remember when Adam called Jerome Fluffy?
Remember when Quentin was a fish?
Remember when Mitch was really shy?
Remember “Jason I’m startled?”
Remember #TysLeftFoot?
Remember Seto?
Remember when everyone was happy?
Remember Klüb Ice?
Remember traditional cops and robbers?
Remember when subscribers didn’t matter, and they were all just a group of friends recording stupid videos together?
Remember ASF? Lol
Remember when it was all drama free?
Remember when they cared for each other?

I remember.