The Young Justice team as things my chemistry class has said:

M'gann: *teacher announces pop quiz* “Where are the aliens when you need them, and can they please abduct me and take me away from this awful place" 

Artemis: "I’ll have you know, there’s fifteen bags of pot in my locker and I swear to god I’ll break into your house, plant them all under your pillow, and have the police take you away unless you give back that strawberry smencil right now" 

Jaime: "I want to die” “Wow, same, let’s jump out that window while the teacher’s not looking”  

Wally: “What do you get when you mix beauty and a nice personality? A date with me, hello" 

Conner: *breaks hour long silence* "You know, I ate a shark once" 

Kaldur:*kid answers obvious question completely wrong* Teacher: "You know, I could have been a surgeon or a scientist, but nooo, I decided to come here and meet all of you people" 

Zatanna: "Wtf, I got a hundred on the quiz?!” *whispers* “Thank you, illuminati”

Bart: *lights Bunsen burner and holds finger near flame* “I’ll touch this for a dollar”

Raquel: *two students are talking three feet away from each other* “OH MAH GAWD, GET A ROOM" 

Roy: "Where do babies come from?” “Yo mamma" 

Dick: "How much of these chemicals do I have to drink to get superpowers" 

Tim: "My brother got arrested yesterday, so guess who’s the favorite child now”

Mal:*principal announces lockdown drill over loudspeaker* “Oh well, I guess we’re all dying today, it was fun while it lasted" 

Virgil: "Excuse me teacher? Yeah, um, my sleeve caught on fire what do I do now" 

Garfield: "I swear to god my dog actually ate my homework you have to believe me”   

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Somewhere in Dallas a tired media relations intern just had to update the list of things they'd prefer Tyler not say in interviews to include 'compare team chemistry with falling in love' and 'refer to the entire team roster as his girlfriend.' They're slotting in right above 'saying he prefers stallions' but below 'sitting naked on a Zamboni and suggestively fellating a rocket pop.' It's a long list. Good omen for the season though.

godspeed, dallas stars media intern. we’re all rooting against your work, of course, because who here doesn’t want to witness tyler digging himself into a homoerotic hole. but still. godspeed to you.

Humans are weird little aliens, Part 2

Oh wow, you guys really liked the first part, thanks a lot! Anyways:

“They’re starting to creep me out.” Said Captain Kii’o, hesitating to turn the page.

“Nonsense! Humans are harmless. Most of the time.”

“Precautions to take if a human ever tries to fight you and/or your crew:”, Kii’o kept reading the guide.

Do not try to kill them with Clear Poison. Humans need it to survive, and drink it daily.

Do not try to intoxicate them with Oxygen. They breathe it, and will ignore your attack.”

“They breathe the gas that fire needs to exist? Are we sure they don’t spit fire as well?” Maefaa questioned, his face turning a bright green hue.

“Well, I suppose, if they had some sort of spark mechanism… doesn’t matter right now. We’re still considering options.” Kii’o assured.

Maefaa briefly flashed yellow, which would be the human equivalent to ‘nodding’.

Do not try to attack them if no weapon rank 5 or higher is nearby. Even though human appendages were not evolved for hitting, they have made common knowledge of clenching their (usually five) mini-appendages together and swinging them with frighteningly high accuracy. I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE ON PHYSICAL COMBAT AGAINST A HUMAN.

That being said, here are some tips on what to do.

DO stay calm. Humans are known for using their enemies’ panic to their advantage.

DO try to calm THEM. Saying phrases like ‘no one is here to hurt you’ or ‘we just want to help’ usually bring their violence precipitation risk down to about 20%.

DO offer the human food. We haven’t figured out why just yet, but humans LOVE sustenance. ‘Pastries’ and ‘tea’ are extremely effective when it comes to relaxing humans. If you are unsure of what these are, please refer to attachment H-05.”

“Ooh! Kii’o, can I look at the attachment? I’m really curious, how do ‘pastries’ look like?” Said Maefaa, excited.

“Uhm, sure.” Kii’o turnet do the last few pages of the book. After flipping around for 3 semi-jo’us, Kii’o removed a piece of paper from a folder. “Here you go.”

“Wow, this one looks really cool. ‘Nana’s Strawberry Shortcake’, huh? Who is this legendary ‘Nana’??”

“Pretty sure there’s credits at the end of each page.”, Kii’o replied.

Maefaa began to read the text out loud. “Research team 49 found this chemistry experiment quite amusing to taste, and brought a copy of the recreation instructions with them. When a young human was interrogated about the mythical ‘Nana’, the human simply said ‘The best at making food that ever was!’ Truly, the rest of the universe has been gifted with the legendary ‘Nana’’s abilities.”

“Sounds like a hero alright. I wonder if humans worship Nana as a higher being.” Kii’o said, while flipping back to the part they were reading before they got to know the legends of Nana’s pastries.

(I’ll post the next part tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!)

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Imagine: Dex, Nursey, Kegster. This dude is all over Dex (who desnt seem to mind), Nursry gets jealous and cuts in and things get kinda spicy. Its definatly not pg.

The thing that sucks the most about this is that Nursey’s had every opportunity to be in that guy’s position. There have been hundreds - fuck, maybe thousands - of chances that he could’ve taken. Quiet rides on the bus, everyone else asleep and their legs pressed together in the seat. Movie nights that Chowder couldn’t make so it was just the two of them on Nursey’s bed, Nursey’s fingers inches away from Dex. Soft nights in their room, the lights off and both of them in bed awake, listening to each other breathe. 

There’s always been excuses, too, though. I don’t want to fuck up the team chemistry for a crush. I don’t want to tell him during finals week, he’s already too stressed out. I can’t tell him before summer break when we won’t see each other for months. We live together now, it’ll be awkward if he doesn’t feel the same.

Chance after chance after chance met with excuse after excuse after pathetic, flimsy excuse.

This guy didn’t make an excuse. This guy saw a chance and took it. This guy is right where Nursey should be. Right where Nursey can’t be, because he’s too chicken shit.

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“Hunk, you dismantle the ion cannon while I take these jerks on a space ride.”

I think this is a really nice example of how well Hunk and Lance work together. Lance acknowledges Hunk’s capacity for mechanical engineering, and Hunk responds instantly! Also, the ease and relaxed manner (relatively) in which they speak makes me think that Hunk and Lance are used to working together in urgent situations. It’s only a small piece of dialogue from season one, but I like it a lot. Hunk and Lance really have a lot of chemistry as team mates.

Show Me The Money 6 Producers

Fanxy Child (Zico and Dean) Idol Rapper/producer Zico has returned for yet another season of producing on SMTM. This time alongside award-winning singer/songwriter/ producer Dean whose making his producing debut on SMTM after much anticipation. They’re both more than likely going to be on the younger end of the producers so I’m excited to see what’s to come from their team and how having a vocalist that specializes in R&B over hip-hop as a core producer will affect that

Feel Ghood Music (Tiger JK and Bizzy) Veteran rapper and producer Tiger JK has finally made it out onto SMTM as a producer after years of hounding from Mnet. He’s declined almost every year and had stated that he was adamantly against it. But after last season he discovered Junoflo and had opened up to the idea of hiphop survival shows. He’d even made a cameo on high school rapper as a producer. Tiger JK and Bizzy both have been rapping/producing and have been pioneers as well as a backbone in korean hiphop for well over 20 years. Their experience, as well as the combination of and new school, will be sure to change up the color of SMTM this season.

Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) With 18 years of experience together as a duo this team just might have the best team chemistry. They’ve gotten and ear and an eye for talent and have signed some of the most influential artist in khh. It’s a rarity to see this duo participating in an mnet series. 

Illionaire/AOMG (Dok2 and Jay Park) As two of the most prominent trendsetters of the korean hip hop and R&B scene Jay and Dok2 have made a huge splash internationally. Illionaire and AOMG both have garnered a win under their belt for SMTM in the past, and are setting out to grab another. With a combination of R&B vocals and both leading two of the most successful companies they’re about to make aa huge splash in SMTM6

If you look at this group of guys who are currently considered the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL club and think that them potentially not making the playoffs is due to a lack of heart, leave. 

I’m serious. I’m not a fan police-r, I actually hate fan policing, but this isn’t a policing matter. It’s something else entirely.

If you can look at this group of mostly kids - who have their team chemistry messed with almost every night due to whatever circumstances arise - who fight and fight and claw and push and are still somehow not eliminated from a chance at the playoffs with only three games left on the season, this group of kids that don’t even actually have any real business hanging with these other teams, much less still being in the race at this point, and you can actually, seriously think that they suffer from a lack of heart, then hockey is not the sport for you.


Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus & Cesaro - Summerslam 2017

4.75/5 (**** ¾) - It’s rare to find a tag match this excellent in WWE, but when you stick four of the best on the roster in the same match, and ensure both teams have good chemistry, and you’re gonna get magic. While Seth & Dean teamed up to take on Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel a few weeks ago on RAW, this is the first time since their time in The Shield they were on the same page. Ambrose works great in a tag setting, where he can absorb punishment to protect his tag partner, and add that in with the high flying style of Seth, and it works perfectly. Then you have the defending champions, Cesaro and Sheamus. I never would have guessed they’d become one of my favorite tag teams in WWE history but they’re amazing. Dean and Seth had some great tag moves, including dual Suicide Dives, a modified Hart Attack, and a Superplex followed by Frog Splash; all of which I see being great signature moves for them. I just loved this match, and it was an absolute treat as a big fan of tag team wrestling. By far the best main roster tag match in ages. With this match, and Usos vs. New Day earlier in the night, the main roster finally caught up to the quality of NXT Tag matches. In the end, Seth hit his ripcord knee strike which was followed by Dirty Deeds from Dean, winning the tag titles in the process. This win makes Dean the youngest Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, and also the first of The Shield to do so.


CS +  Operation Mongoose / Tallahassee (parallels edition)

Dedicated to “mi querida” devilishly-handsome-pirate

You know, we talked a lot about the fact that Emma and Hook had yet another “first meeting” in the season 4 finale, but I don’t think we’ve talked about them having another “first adventure” together.

All that was there in “Tallahassee”: the chemistry, the team work, the trust, the closeness, the attraction, all of it was present there once more in the most perfect harmony. It didn’t matter that this version of Hook was coward and clumsy, or that he didn’t remember who she was.

Back on the Jolly after they defeated Lily he asked her why she trusted him with her life, we know the answer to that one, he has proven himself to her endless of times. But think about the parallel from Tallahassee, back there Hook has trusted her with his own life and he only knew her for a day! I think this is highly significant. It is yet another proof that it took him a split of a second to know what she is about. It wasn’t only the look of an orphan that he spotted there, it was of the brave and loyal person that she is. He knew that in that moment he can trust her with his life. (it may also be the reason why he was so surprise and upset when she left him up there…).

So as I always say, it all goes back to “Tallahassee” and these parallels that we saw in this episode prove it once more.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS parallel gifset inspired by it.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Send me a quote and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it. 

Full “CS + word” list made so far

Power Rangers Movie was the most interesting movie adaptation of the 1993 television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I watched as a kid.

This movie includes accurate representation of autistic character Billy that’s not downplayed or treated differently from the other members. He’s actually the first person to morph and is the heart of the movie.

Also, the movie shows a queer women on color Trini whose not only capable of fighting, but has her emotional struggles she’s dealing with as well. It’s difficult for her to express her feelings, which causes her to go into self isolation from other people.

What’s really amazing is the racially diverse cast for 4/5 of the cast is person of color. I also enjoy how none of the characters are walking stereotypes based on their cultural background. They have their own personalities, traumas, and internal struggles they deal with throughout the movie in themselves and the team. Plus the amazing chemistry if the cast help make the relationship seem more believable both on and off screen.

The female characters are not inferior to the male characters and on equal grounds in comparison. It also has some feminist elements but is not afraid to show emotion at the right moment and how both females can rely on each other. Plus the romantic subplot isn’t central towards the movie and focuses on the budding relationship between the team.

The director has brought this old concept and changed it in order to appeal to young audiences while still pertaining to the old tv series.

With all these concepts. Audiences should be rushing to see this movie especially those complaining about diversity, POC repreentations, sexuality, and mental illness. I’m not persuading people to see the movie, but telling my experience and how it delivers what people have been demanding to see.

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Throwback to the years where people shipped Jana and Frank Sun (a guy who used to be camera man for TLC). I remember seeing a beautiful picture of her on his personal tumblr (which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. It was called "whenifeel") If I remember correctly, it was the only Duggar he had a picture of... Some rumors say that he left the team because of their chemistry.

Oh, yeah that is a rumour that definitely stuck around for ages!! I actually still remember! There was speculation on whether Jana had a crush on one of the TLC camera guys a few years back when Josh was courting Anna. His name is Frank Sun and he was shown in one of the episode, where the Duggars had chicken pox and the crew members had to ask their parents if they had gotten it as a child. I understand that he is not part of the crew anymore as he was not fundie (enough).

JB, JD and Joseph Duggar with Frank Sun

Frank Sun with Soundguy Jim

And again I am slightly impressed with my stalking game, here is Frank Sun´s tumblr with the pic he took of Jana when they went on their Asia Trip. The Internet Wayback machine is my best friend!!

This is him today (on the left). Check out his instagram frankholliday, he is doing incredible work nowadays! (Annie)

Studyblr Introduction!

Hey everyone!  I’m Eva, and I recently restarted my blog and my study schedule, so now I’m ready to fully introduce myself to the community!

About me: 

  • I’m a rising freshman in high school (I’m officially starting on the 5th!)
  • I’m fully bilingual in English and Spanish (but I’d love to learn a lot more languages!)
  • I’m a member of the Scholastic Art and Writing Award family
  • I was team captain on my school’s state chemistry bowl team last year 
  • I teach young children how to read and write, as well as tutor math to high school students
  • I studied automotive/transportation design and anatomical structure this past summer at one of America’s best universities for design (gotta love those summer internships haha)


  • I love the STEM field!  I plan on going into the medicine field for neurological studies or cardiovascular surgery (in short I just want to be either a neurosurgeon/cardiovascular surgeon hahaha)
  • BOOKS BURY ME WITH MY BOOKS haha some of my favorite books are The Kite Runner, When Breath Becomes Air, The Gene, and The Girls!
  • Art is one of my passions that I’ve held with me throughout my entire childhood!  I actually wanted to be a cartoonist for a living from age 7 to at least 11 haha
  • Alternative/indie music is my lifeblood but I honestly really like 80s bands like Tears for Fears and Van Halen
  • I’m pretty tiny but I enjoy lifting weights and exercising (mainly in the summer though, I can’t do pushups during deadline weeks haha)
  • Speaking of deadlines, I’m a staff writer on my school’s newspaper!  We’re the only weekly student-run newspaper in our state, so it’s safe to say that I spend at least 90% of my time in the staff room finishing up stories (help us we’re so busy)

Current Classes:

I’m actually skipping a lot of grades so I’m taking the average sophomore/junior curriculum for my school;

  • Honors Drawing and Painting 1
  • Honors Biology
  • Honors Spanish 3
  • Advanced Journalism 1
  • Honors Freshman English (required for all incoming freshman)
  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors World History and Geography


  • I plan on using this blog as a source of motivation!
  • I’d really like to land on the 4.00+ Honor Roll at my school
  • I’d also like to be a National AP Scholar maybe?? At the very least I’d like to know that I did my best!
  • It’d be really fun to do the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge!
  • More original posts!! Maybe a desk/backpack tour (despite both being really tiny in comparison to everyone else’s haha) or a study-with-me video?

Favorite Studyblrs (Not Limited To!):

@studyquill @studyign @legallychic @focusign @eruditekid @studypool

That’s all I’ve got to say honestly!  My inbox is always open if anyone has any questions/is interested in talking, don’t hesitate to reach out!  Be sure to like/reblog so that I can check out your blog (I need to follow more people lol). Thanks everyone!

The USWNT really needs to do some team bonding activities. Your relationship and connection off the field translates to the relationship and connection on the field. Do yourselves a favor and go do team bonding activities, not only to improve team chemistry but also to give the fans some more fun videos. I’m not sure what’s going on at training but how is it that every different combination Jill has made involving different players playing together thus far has been so bad? All of these players play so well for club and they played so well in 2016 but as soon as 2017 started and Jill started making changes, everything went down. It just doesn’t make sense.

I love seeing the former shield members back on the same show. They have this amazing bond and chemistry whether teaming together or wrestling against each other. I love how they all have different wrestling styles and made it work. They are the future and I’m excited to see what accomplishments they can do in the future. I’ll forever support all three.

Teenage striker Jordyn Huitema makes mark as Canada overwhelms Costa Rica

TORONTO — Some 40 minutes after Canada’s 6-0 demolition of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon, young fans lined the west side of BMO Field for a chance to get close to their soccer idols.

Squeals of joy escalated as the Canadian women neared, a reminder of just how high John Herdman’s team is regarded by the next generation of would-be internationals.

Those fans can now say they were there for perhaps a moment to remember in Canadian soccer as 16-year-old Jordyn Huitema, in just her fourth senior appearance, opened her national team account with two goals — in the 73rd and 74th minutes — off the bench.

Canada was coming off a 3-1 win over Costa Rica on Thursday in Winnipeg.

Sunday was a good day for Canada’s youth brigade as 22-year-old Janine Beckie scored three goals and 18-year-old Deanne Rose added a single before a crowd of 20,628 on a hot summer day.

Jessie Fleming, 19, helped perennial talisman Christine Sinclair, who turns 34 Monday, pull the strings, playing provider as the fifth-ranked Canadian women repeatedly ripped open the 30th-ranked Costa Ricans’ defence.

Huitema, a five-foot-nine striker who has played all of 76 minutes with the senior side, was rewarded with a Gatorade shower by her teammates.

Her first goal came in a goalmouth scramble but the second was a confident strike from a player seen as a star in the making.

Huitema (pronounced HIGH’-tah-mah) thought teammate Nichelle Prince has scored the first goal. “I got up to celebrate with her and then everybody was kind of running towards me. I didn’t really know what was going on.”

“I’ll take anything I can get,” she added in true forward fashion.

There was no confusion about the second as she buried a Prince pass in the back of the net. 

“I guess I was trying to make up for the first one,” she said with a laugh.

Huitema showed her class off the field as well as on it, sharing the glory.

“It’s just an hour to be able to share with such an amazing group of women,” said the Grade 10 student. “I couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to surround myself with.”

While Costa Rica did not provide the stiffest opposition, the two-game series with the Central Americans bodes well for the future. The Canadian roster had an average age of 23.6 years.

“This is an exciting group … When I look at the future now it’s crazy to think these girls can continue to play capable of multiple World Cups, multiple Olympic Games,” said Herdman.

All the more exciting is the talent developing in the pipeline.

“There’s a 13-year-old somewhere that’s going to be 16 in 2020 (the next Olympics) and pushing these girls for their spot because our system’s producing that … Jordyn was 14 when she first came into our national squad. And now she’ll be pushing Sinc, I’m sure, in 2019, 2020, for that starting spot." 

That could be the sweet spot for a team that has already won back-to-back Olympic bronze. Herdman believes his team needs two more years to percolate, saying he knows the talent at his disposal.

Now he wants them to have more time, more games together to work on their chemistry.

"This team will have to play faster, for sure, when we get up against the Germans, the U.S., in a World Cup semifinal, final, whenever we get there.”

It’s clear Canada has Costa Rica’s number.

In Thursday’s win, Herdman’s team left a lot of goals on the table. Canada racked up 41 shots and crosses in Winnipeg.

Herdman wanted more ruthlessness in front of goal and the Canadians did not disappoint Sunday.

Canada went ahead in the second minute, led 2-0 after six minutes, 3-0 after 13 and 4-0 after 21. It marked the fastest ever 3-0 start to a game by the Canadian women. The previous record was 17 minutes in an 8-0 romp over Singapore in 2008.

It was 4-0 at the half and could have been at least 7-0.

The Canadians were helped early by a leaky Costa Rican defence that left acres of space for the Canadian front five of Sinclair, Beckie, Fleming, Rose and Sophie Schmidt to exploit. The five were constantly on the move, shifting the point of attack and befuddling the Costa Ricans.

With the outcome decided so early, there was less of an impetus to press in the second half and Canada seemed to take its foot off the accelerator until Huitema took the field as Herdman emptied his bench.

Sinclair, whose international tally numbers 168, could have had scored several times on the afternoon with some special moments of skill. Instead, she shared the wealth — particularly on Beckie’s third goal.

Taking a pass from Rose, fullback Lindsay Agnew lofted a cross to Sinclair in the penalty box. Sinclair could have turned and shot herself but instead chested the ball down and flicked it to Beckie who volleyed it high into the net in the 21st minute for a highlight-reel goal.

“That’s Sinc,” Herdman said of his skipper’s unselfishness.

Beckie, who had a frustrating night in front of goal Thursday, now has 18 goals in 34 appearances for Canada.

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Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press