Scientists Who Suddenly, Strangely Became Theists

This topic has always unsettled my stomach.

I listened to a Christian podcast that in the past brought on different types of scientists and let them speak about why they became convinced that intelligent design exists.

I won’t mention the name here, but a biochemist spoke on the podcast about how studying biochemistry convinces one that the complexity and beauty of life must be explained by some code written in our biological makeup.

This argument is similar to the micro-evolution Christian movement that proposes evolution can only be explained at the DNA level and that macro-evolution is false.

While I do see some truth to the criticism of macro-evolution, the fact is that nobody has yet to explain why macro-evolution and micro-evolution contradict so strongly at times.

But it must be remembered that evolution serves no purpose, and the way in which organisms are classified is according to humans who may be confused in their own studies.

I was more unsettled by the biochemist’s explanation for being drawn to intelligent design.

Just because something is complex and beautiful doesn’t mean there must be some sort of authority behind it.

I personally am a biochemistry major, and while I still have much studying to do, even I have thought about this to a great extent and have concluded that beauty does not mean there is a reason for complexity.

But this seems to be a pattern among former atheists who have undergone scientific study and came out as theists. I wonder if it has anything to do with previous exposure to religion and if those atheists had any conviction in what they had preposed when they assumed themselves to be atheist.

Perhaps not.

Being a scientist does not automatically equal atheist, just as being an atheist certainly does not equal scientist, but I find it odd that even though yes, science is not a belief system but merely a tool, these new theists have not used a similar tool (philosophy) to investigate their hypothesis that a God exists.

Why have these atheists suddenly converted?

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Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell may be my favorite silent era romantic screen team. The chemistry between them is a blend of sweet fluffiness and simmering, understated eroticism. They always seem like old souls, destined to meet again and again through countless lifetimes.

Both actors are incredibly expressive. Gaynor is the definition of soulful. Farrell has an almost primal power about him. They even complement one another physically, with the tiny Gaynor and the tall, lanky Farrell, giving their chemistry even more of an almost fairy tale quality.


From the moment they made their debut as a team, the chemistry between Macnee and Rigg has been the topic of endless did-they-or-didn’t-they? speculation.

(Even the stars themselves are divided: In recent separate interviews in TV Guide, he says of course; she says no.)

Although a few quicksilver hints dropped in various episodes make it hard to think Steed and Emma didn’t, their relationship seems best summed up by a character in Brian Morton’s novel:

“Starting Out in the Evening”: “She loved the way Mr. Steed would look at Mrs. Peel: a gaze that was appreciative but not acquisitive, a gaze filled with desire but without vulgarity … though they were mad about each other they never touched; they made love only with their eyes.”

And, Morton might have added, with their banter, the interplay of their minds. We never proceeded past Steed and Emma’s bedroom doors, but we got to see them make love every week.


An article on by Charles Taylor.

“‘The Avengers’ is about a man in a bowler hat
and a woman who flings men over her shoulder.”
– Patrick Macnee

Just my own personal opinion on what I’ve noticed throughout the years..

Honestly, the best thing for the USWNT at this point would be to hire a coach that doesn’t care about the names on the back of the jerseys. Because right now management seems to care more about individual players and their successes over the team.

And it shouldn’t be like that at all. I’m not saying they shouldn’t celebrate the individual successes but they definitely shouldn’t be celebrated over the team successes or become the major focus of the team or the sole purpose behind certain game day tactics.

Until the US gets a coach that isn’t afraid to sit those big names if they aren’t performing well and who cares more about the team and their chemistry, the US will continue to struggle against teams they should easily put away. They can’t win every tournament on sheer talent alone. This is a team sport not an individual one.

Oh and they also need to work on developing players in their correct positions rather than taking a great player and putting them in a position they don’t normally play??? That isn’t helping anything either.

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Boy if we thought team chemistry, faith in our coach and federation were fucked before, then shit I'm scared what it's about to be. On all fronts Jesus need to fix this bs. And to that canwnt anon, dude fuck off and enjoy being repeat bronze medalists, consistency looks good on you for a change.

Yeah this whole thing is a mess. Jillian was probably also visiting Pinoe lets be real

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