The Young Justice team as things my chemistry class has said:

M'gann: *teacher announces pop quiz* “Where are the aliens when you need them, and can they please abduct me and take me away from this awful place" 

Artemis: "I’ll have you know, there’s fifteen bags of pot in my locker and I swear to god I’ll break into your house, plant them all under your pillow, and have the police take you away unless you give back that strawberry smencil right now" 

Jaime: "I want to die” “Wow, same, let’s jump out that window while the teacher’s not looking”  

Wally: “What do you get when you mix beauty and a nice personality? A date with me, hello" 

Conner: *breaks hour long silence* "You know, I ate a shark once" 

Kaldur:*kid answers obvious question completely wrong* Teacher: "You know, I could have been a surgeon or a scientist, but nooo, I decided to come here and meet all of you people" 

Zatanna: "Wtf, I got a hundred on the quiz?!” *whispers* “Thank you, illuminati”

Bart: *lights Bunsen burner and holds finger near flame* “I’ll touch this for a dollar”

Raquel: *two students are talking three feet away from each other* “OH MAH GAWD, GET A ROOM" 

Roy: "Where do babies come from?” “Yo mamma" 

Dick: "How much of these chemicals do I have to drink to get superpowers" 

Tim: "My brother got arrested yesterday, so guess who’s the favorite child now”

Mal:*principal announces lockdown drill over loudspeaker* “Oh well, I guess we’re all dying today, it was fun while it lasted" 

Virgil: "Excuse me teacher? Yeah, um, my sleeve caught on fire what do I do now" 

Garfield: "I swear to god my dog actually ate my homework you have to believe me”   

“Hunk, you dismantle the ion cannon while I take these jerks on a space ride.”

I think this is a really nice example of how well Hunk and Lance work together. Lance acknowledges Hunk’s capacity for mechanical engineering, and Hunk responds instantly! Also, the ease and relaxed manner (relatively) in which they speak makes me think that Hunk and Lance are used to working together in urgent situations. It’s only a small piece of dialogue from season one, but I like it a lot. Hunk and Lance really have a lot of chemistry as team mates.

Show Me The Money 6 Producers

Fanxy Child (Zico and Dean) Idol Rapper/producer Zico has returned for yet another season of producing on SMTM. This time alongside award-winning singer/songwriter/ producer Dean whose making his producing debut on SMTM after much anticipation. They’re both more than likely going to be on the younger end of the producers so I’m excited to see what’s to come from their team and how having a vocalist that specializes in R&B over hip-hop as a core producer will affect that

Feel Ghood Music (Tiger JK and Bizzy) Veteran rapper and producer Tiger JK has finally made it out onto SMTM as a producer after years of hounding from Mnet. He’s declined almost every year and had stated that he was adamantly against it. But after last season he discovered Junoflo and had opened up to the idea of hiphop survival shows. He’d even made a cameo on high school rapper as a producer. Tiger JK and Bizzy both have been rapping/producing and have been pioneers as well as a backbone in korean hiphop for well over 20 years. Their experience, as well as the combination of and new school, will be sure to change up the color of SMTM this season.

Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) With 18 years of experience together as a duo this team just might have the best team chemistry. They’ve gotten and ear and an eye for talent and have signed some of the most influential artist in khh. It’s a rarity to see this duo participating in an mnet series. 

Illionaire/AOMG (Dok2 and Jay Park) As two of the most prominent trendsetters of the korean hip hop and R&B scene Jay and Dok2 have made a huge splash internationally. Illionaire and AOMG both have garnered a win under their belt for SMTM in the past, and are setting out to grab another. With a combination of R&B vocals and both leading two of the most successful companies they’re about to make aa huge splash in SMTM6

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Hey Marc, I hope you're having a good weekend. 😊 Phil Klemmer has said new team members will be added next season on LoT. Does that mean we will lose team members in return (them leaving or otherwise)? I hope not because I really liked the team dynamic and the chemistry they had this season.

Well we lost (spoiler alert) Rip in 217…

No words needed. But when they do speak it only reinforces how well they know each other and how deep their love is for each other. They are a team within a team even when they are not “together-together”.  It is just a natural thing for them. <3 them. 

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ask;fjas;kdfj ok and geno is just dumbfounded because??? why are there so many baby pens glaring at him? and sid never makes eyecontact with him anymore and their secret handshake is rushed. and geno goes to complain to gonch because gonch has always been wise and all-knowing. and gonch just fucking sighs because he's been watching these two losers pine after each other since geno arrived at marios house, and even sully notices because he's sully and takes geno aside and tells him to fix (1/2)

(2/2) whatever he did because the team chemistry is already weird and passes just aren’t connecting. and then geno finally catches on and they live happily ever after (can you tell i’m invested in this unwritten fic or)


i too am also invested in this unwritten fic omg

It’s about time NXT bookers realized that they ought to be giving DIY the Takeover main event spot instead of Roode.

DIY did it AGAIN. Their team chemistry and their ability to have an epic match with literally anyone is unparalleled by any team except maybe the Revival. This match was so good. Excellent tag team work, some truly disgusting ladder spots, believable drama/DIY hope spots, fantastic storytelling. AOP were clunky and awkward in places, but what can you do?

Gargano about killed himself on the huge ladder cross body spot. Scared me for a sec. DIY hit their stereo knee strike/superkick finisher on one AOP with a ladder surrounding his head GOOD GRIEF. CIAMPA GERMAN SUPLEXED ONE AOP OFF A LADDER THROUGH ANOTHER LADDER. And Gargano pushing Ciampa out of the way and taking that brutal ladder shot under the chin for him???? Holy HECK. Gargano taking that bullet makes Ciampa look like an even bigger asshole for turning on Gargano post-match. Excellent attention to detail.

SPEAKING OF WHICH… In the long run, a DIY split is a terrible idea. Tag team chemistry like those two have is SO rare. Throwing it away for a three or four month feud is short sighted. In the short run, it’s a fairly good idea. That heel turn couldn’t have been booked, executed, or sold any better. Both guys were phenomenal in their roles. And obviously, with such a well-executed turn and two guys who are that good at telling a story, they’ll have a tremendous grudge match. Or better yet, a three-match series, culminating in the next Takeover’s main event. If they’re gonna do this, they have to do it right.

Still gonna hold onto hope that this isn’t permanent though. The main roster tag division needs DIY, and DIY need the tag division to keep from getting lost in the shuffle as singles.

So to summarize my feelings: This was a great match and a great heel turn, and I’m really interested to see where it goes. I just hope it doesn’t keep Gargano and Ciampa apart for good or negatively affect their WWE careers in the long term.


CS +  Operation Mongoose / Tallahassee (parallels edition)

Dedicated to “mi querida” devilishly-handsome-pirate

You know, we talked a lot about the fact that Emma and Hook had yet another “first meeting” in the season 4 finale, but I don’t think we’ve talked about them having another “first adventure” together.

All that was there in “Tallahassee”: the chemistry, the team work, the trust, the closeness, the attraction, all of it was present there once more in the most perfect harmony. It didn’t matter that this version of Hook was coward and clumsy, or that he didn’t remember who she was.

Back on the Jolly after they defeated Lily he asked her why she trusted him with her life, we know the answer to that one, he has proven himself to her endless of times. But think about the parallel from Tallahassee, back there Hook has trusted her with his own life and he only knew her for a day! I think this is highly significant. It is yet another proof that it took him a split of a second to know what she is about. It wasn’t only the look of an orphan that he spotted there, it was of the brave and loyal person that she is. He knew that in that moment he can trust her with his life. (it may also be the reason why he was so surprise and upset when she left him up there…).

So as I always say, it all goes back to “Tallahassee” and these parallels that we saw in this episode prove it once more.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS parallel gifset inspired by it.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Send me a quote and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it. 

Full “CS + word” list made so far

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How much does Portland want Mal at this point? Like yes obviously since she's stated a preference for them, they should at least put a deal out there. But they've got the lineup set and they had a year to build team chemistry. Portland is also a team that doesn't need new star power to draw fans. So unless they're trading Jordan/Lussi/Sykes it seems like a bit of a miss. (#Mal to FCKC. Alternately wait a year and let her help headline LA)

I wouldn’t mind Mal to FCKC. Also, the thorns never signed Lussi. They signed Cox though.

Lapis Lazuli Wasn’t Alone Before the War

Alright, so remember in Hit the Diamond, where the Crystal Gems were coming to the conclusion that Ruby and Sapphire did not have it together for the baseball game? The gems didn’t seem to know what was going on until Lapis clarified

“What are they doing?”


Then later, while Ruby and Sapphire continue to be unbearably adorable (but VERY UNHELPFUL) we get another shot of the Crystal Gems (and Lapis) reacting to their antics

Lapis gives them a thumbs up. Nobody else is half as amused.

Why am I making a point about this?

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Your post about TT rebirth was A+ ,I'm always there for when Damian acts like a jerk but this a bit over the top with him bossing around 17- 20 something year olds with no push back from them, super sons is different since Jon doesn't take his shit half of the time ,you can say the same thing with Maya ducard in those Superman issues, it feels really odd that there trying to push this team with no chemistry onto me yet all I'm thinking is "why am I reading this?" "What's the point of this team?"

Originally posted by nakamorijuan

I’m so glad you agree, anon. I was talking to the folk at the comic shop I frequent and inquired about the sales for TT, to which I was told it’s one of the better selling Rebirth comics. 

I was kind of floored. Like, I can’t be the only one who sees how awkward and forced this entire run has been, can I? So this message (and the reblogs/comments) makes me feel a little less crazy.

Total agreement on his relationship with Jon. Like yes, he’s still a brat but Jon doesn’t take his bullshit and he’s ten

It’s really uncomfortable seeing Dami have that same sort of attitude around people older than him who still clearly don’t know what they’re even doing there. The first few issues where Jonboy was still drawing, there was a bit of push, especially from Starfire and Beast Boy. Now she’s been wittled into a background character who really does nothing, and gets ‘put in her place’ by a 13 year old. This woman is capable of leading this team; she deserves more than being the fucking mascot. BB is comic relief guy #1.

I genuinely want to think this is just Percy writing for something he really doesn’t care about. Like, DC forced it on him. I mean, you go to his twitter and you could probably count the amount of times he’s mentioned TT on your hands. Usually, and ironically, when an issue is released/being released. Everything else is GA, and that series is doing superb. 

Or, maybe he’s just not good at writing team focused books. Both theories are plausible. I just want him and Pham gone; there’s nothing remotely interesting about this TT run, and I feel like I’m only following it out of morbid curiosity and a sickening bit of hope that somehow, this will turn around. I’d say stop buying the comic as supporting it will only encourage Percy to put out more trash (HAH, N52 was met with criticism though, and look how long that lasted). There’s websites online that’ll let you read it for free. Do that until things start getting better, if they do at all.

N52 was atrocious; I just really, really wanted Rebirth to be good, but. 

Here we are, anon.

Here we are.