I have this headcanon that Kim and Marinette are sports bros like:

  • Kim surprised that Marinette is one of the few girls that actually likes soccer and it’s not ashamed to talk about it.
  • Kim discovers that Marinette like not only soccer but a lot of sports.
  • Marinette being glad that Kim doesnt laugh about her like on sports and having a good time talking about it.
  • Kim and Marinette discovering them both UTTERLY LOVE basketball.
  • And so the big-smol dynamic duo starts.
  • Because of their differents sizes they can cover what the other cant: Kim is tall and can do long shots while Marinette can run faster and can escape from their opponents.
  • Marinette is the one that plans the movements and Kim nods and follows her. He can opinion too and Marinette does listen to him.
  • Probably they give each other nicknames like “Little Bun” and “Big Dog” (Kim actually suggests them both and Marinette just giggles) (im sorry im bas at pun.names help me)
  • Kim just spills a tear because Marinette calls him “brother” and actually mean it.
  • Because he always wanted to be a big brother but maybe never got the chance. He always mean it when calls Marinette his “little sister”.
  • So he obviously tackles her and thank her for giving him the chance. 
  • Them both became an invincible team in double sports: basketball, tennis, ping pong, volleyball…
  • Also them both swear like sailors while playing, altho Marinette is worse than Kim. He is not exactly surprised about it, but about the amount of words he didnt knew and now knows, thanks Marinette
  • Just Marinette and Kim being like brother and sister that bond over sports and have fun.

au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

I know this is a bad comparison, but it works for me so hear me out.

Watching the election last night, I felt like I was watching Superbowl XLII again. For those of you who don’t watch football or are too young to remember, a quick recap:

In 2008, the New England Patriots ran a perfect season. Tom Brady was at the top of his game and the team had a chemistry that was undeniable. They were the first team to run a prefect season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins, and entered the game as a 12-point favourite to win. EVERYONE thought they were going all the way. SO MANY people believed that they were undefeatable, and there was no question of their victory. Anything other than a Patriots win would have been a joke…

Enter Eli Manning and the New York Giants. With a season record of 10 - 6, the Giants entered Superbowl XLII as a wild card, and were seeking to become the first NFC wildcard team to win a Superbowl. It also would have been only the franchise’s 3rd Superbowl win, and their first since Superbowl XXV seventeen years earlier.

The game was tight throughout, Giants pulling ahead in the 1st quarter 3-0, Patriots scoring a touchdown in the second to bring the score up to 7-3. But with a scoreless 3rd quarter, NE fans began to wonder if maybe it wasn’t going to be as easy of a sweep as anticipated. Entering the 4th quarter, fans of both sides were on the edge of their seats, until Manning finished a 7-play, 80-yard drive with a 5-yard touchdown pass to David Tyree, giving New York a 10–7 lead with 11:05 left in the game.

The Patriots then got the ball on their own 20 yard line and after a series of drives up the field, Brady was able to find Moss wide open in the end zone and complete a pass to him for a Patriots lead 14-10 with 2:42 left in the game.

The Giants final, game winning drive is now considered to be one of the greatest Superbowl plays of all time. Manning broke free from the grasp of Jarvis Green and Richard Seymour, righted himself, and threw the ball towards the middle where both David Tyree and Rodney Harrison went up for it. Tyree, under fierce coverage, made a leaping one handed catch, out jumping Harrison and maintaining possession by pinning the ball against the crown of his helmet. The play went for 32 yards and kept the drive alive. 4 plays later, NE cornerback Ellis Hobbs bit on a slant-and-go route and Manning lofted a pass into the end zone to wide receiver Plaxico Burress, making the score 17-14 for NY with 35 seconds remaining.

New England regained possession of the ball, but we’re unable to complete any further scoring plays in the time remaining, and only succeeded in allowing a 10 yard sack by rookie lineman Jay Alford and a smattering of incomplete passes down the field.

TL;DR The favourite to win almost does, but suffers a crushing defeat in the final moments, leaving everyone asking “how?”

This was one of the greatest upsets in sporting history, and I felt like I was reliving it all over again last night watching the election. A shoe-in, a sure thing, the undefeated competitor, was defeated by the opposition who, by all rights never should have gotten that far, never should have been there. As a New England Patriots fan, February 3rd, 2008 is a date I’ll never forget out of sheer disappointment. As a human being, November 9th, 2016 is a date I’ll never forget either, because that’s the day I lost my faith in humanity.

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Why do you even love Johnny Gargano so much?

Oh honey… Do not even get me started. For one, how can people not love this man? He’s an extremely talented athlete, absolutely astounding in the ring as both a singles and tag team wrestler. The chemistry between him and Tommaso is off the charts, their friendship is my friendship goals, and I never use that phrase. He puts on amazing matches, just look at the ones between #DIY and The Revival to start with, not to mention any others. He’s a complete and utter dork, I absolutely love his twitter, him, Candice and Tommaso on there is brilliant, they seriously make my day sometimes. He’s just a total sweetheart, he has so much passion for what he does and the fans supporting him, you can see that a mile off, he’s so in love with what he does and it warms my heart. I love Johnny Gargano, he’s an incredible wrestler and no one will ever change that.

So, I’ve been watching Agent Carter, and enjoying it.  Maybe not writing-essays-about-ridiculous-meta-and-academic-topics-about-it enjoying it, but seriously having a fun, rompy time watching it.  And in my over-analytical way, I was trying to pinpoint why.  Specifically, I was trying to figure out why, of all things, it was the Peggy/Jarvis team-up that really hooked me and kept me watching.

Then I realized that these assholes:

are the reincarnations (silliness and giddy-inducing banter 100% intact) of these assholes:

Damn you, ‘Avengers’ feels.  I knew you’d catch up with me again someday.

Lapis Lazuli Wasn’t Alone Before the War

Alright, so remember in Hit the Diamond, where the Crystal Gems were coming to the conclusion that Ruby and Sapphire did not have it together for the baseball game? The gems didn’t seem to know what was going on until Lapis clarified

“What are they doing?”


Then later, while Ruby and Sapphire continue to be unbearably adorable (but VERY UNHELPFUL) we get another shot of the Crystal Gems (and Lapis) reacting to their antics

Lapis gives them a thumbs up. Nobody else is half as amused.

Why am I making a point about this?

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No words needed. But when they do speak it only reinforces how well they know each other and how deep their love is for each other. They are a team within a team even when they are not “together-together”.  It is just a natural thing for them. <3 them. 


CS +  Operation Mongoose / Tallahassee (parallels edition)

Dedicated to “mi querida” devilishly-handsome-pirate

You know, we talked a lot about the fact that Emma and Hook had yet another “first meeting” in the season 4 finale, but I don’t think we’ve talked about them having another “first adventure” together.

All that was there in “Tallahassee”: the chemistry, the team work, the trust, the closeness, the attraction, all of it was present there once more in the most perfect harmony. It didn’t matter that this version of Hook was coward and clumsy, or that he didn’t remember who she was.

Back on the Jolly after they defeated Lily he asked her why she trusted him with her life, we know the answer to that one, he has proven himself to her endless of times. But think about the parallel from Tallahassee, back there Hook has trusted her with his own life and he only knew her for a day! I think this is highly significant. It is yet another proof that it took him a split of a second to know what she is about. It wasn’t only the look of an orphan that he spotted there, it was of the brave and loyal person that she is. He knew that in that moment he can trust her with his life. (it may also be the reason why he was so surprise and upset when she left him up there…).

So as I always say, it all goes back to “Tallahassee” and these parallels that we saw in this episode prove it once more.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS parallel gifset inspired by it.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Send me a quote and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it. 

Full “CS + word” list made so far

can you imagine how much james would have loved ginny?? like when harry first tells them that he’s dating her james is like “are you for real she plays quidditch?! she’s going to play quidditch professionally?!?! bring her over right now immediately” and okay harry is a quidditch nerd but he’s more subtle about it. ginny is not. james is most definitely not. they sit and talk for hours about different strategies and stats and who they think is gonna win the championship this year (holyhead harpies, of course) and who they think might win the quidditch world cup (china’s team has gotten really good but italy has the most amazing team chemistry). they’re both chasers so they make jokes about how much better chasers are than all the other positions for like 45 minutes and harry’s just in the corner like “okay guys but the seeker pretty much wins the game……. so…..” and then ginny tells james all about growing up with fred and george and she explains her and harry’s first kiss and james is just like “damn, that’s my boy” and lily’s just sitting there with a knowing smile because she knows harry and ginny are definitely going to last

Criminal Minds rant

Without spoiling for those who haven’t watched last nights episode, I will say…I’m starting to hate the damn writers! 12 freaking years and they still don’t want Reid to be happy. Arghhhhh!
This season sucks. Not just b/c of the Reid story line, either. The episodes have been a joke. No real suspense like years past. The unsubs seem to be easier to catch except for Mr. Scratch, to which I’m tired of that story line. I hope they catch the idiot and fry his arse. And I must agree with most fans, the team is missing the chemistry that it used to have with Hotch and Morgan. I know. We just need to get used to the new team but still.
Alright, rant over.