My headcanon is that Australium is a rare isotope of gold because it has the same electron configuration as gold.



Gold is Au because of the word ‘Aurum’. Australium could very well be the same element as gold except a difference in neutrons, hence it may be an isotope.

Which leads to the question.. is it a stable isotope? Or is it radioactive?

The harmful effects of radioactivity were not discovered until the late 40′s. So the Administration might possibly know whether or not Australium is actually harmful.

There wasn’t a lot of Olicity goodness in this week’s episode but I still enjoyed the heck out of what we got. There were enough subtle moments between them to assure me that these two are still very much a couple and the focus on the relationship between John and Oliver was needed and appreciated. I really loved all the references to Original Team Arrow! Next to Olicity, that is my favorite relationship on this show and so it’s nice to see them all getting back to that.

Arrow 4x03 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Back on Track with OTA [x]

No words needed. But when they do speak it only reinforces how well they know each other and how deep their love is for each other. They are a team within a team even when they are not “together-together”.  It is just a natural thing for them. <3 them. 

Scientists Who Suddenly, Strangely Became Theists

This topic has always unsettled my stomach.

I listened to a Christian podcast that in the past brought on different types of scientists and let them speak about why they became convinced that intelligent design exists.

I won’t mention the name here, but a biochemist spoke on the podcast about how studying biochemistry convinces one that the complexity and beauty of life must be explained by some code written in our biological makeup.

This argument is similar to the micro-evolution Christian movement that proposes evolution can only be explained at the DNA level and that macro-evolution is false.

While I do see some truth to the criticism of macro-evolution, the fact is that nobody has yet to explain why macro-evolution and micro-evolution contradict so strongly at times.

But it must be remembered that evolution serves no purpose, and the way in which organisms are classified is according to humans who may be confused in their own studies.

I was more unsettled by the biochemist’s explanation for being drawn to intelligent design.

Just because something is complex and beautiful doesn’t mean there must be some sort of authority behind it.

I personally am a biochemistry major, and while I still have much studying to do, even I have thought about this to a great extent and have concluded that beauty does not mean there is a reason for complexity.

But this seems to be a pattern among former atheists who have undergone scientific study and came out as theists. I wonder if it has anything to do with previous exposure to religion and if those atheists had any conviction in what they had preposed when they assumed themselves to be atheist.

Perhaps not.

Being a scientist does not automatically equal atheist, just as being an atheist certainly does not equal scientist, but I find it odd that even though yes, science is not a belief system but merely a tool, these new theists have not used a similar tool (philosophy) to investigate their hypothesis that a God exists.

Why have these atheists suddenly converted?

So, I’ve been watching Agent Carter, and enjoying it.  Maybe not writing-essays-about-ridiculous-meta-and-academic-topics-about-it enjoying it, but seriously having a fun, rompy time watching it.  And in my over-analytical way, I was trying to pinpoint why.  Specifically, I was trying to figure out why, of all things, it was the Peggy/Jarvis team-up that really hooked me and kept me watching.

Then I realized that these assholes:

are the reincarnations (silliness and giddy-inducing banter 100% intact) of these assholes:

Damn you, ‘Avengers’ feels.  I knew you’d catch up with me again someday.


CS +  Operation Mongoose / Tallahassee (parallels edition)

Dedicated to “mi querida” devilishly-handsome-pirate

You know, we talked a lot about the fact that Emma and Hook had yet another “first meeting” in the season 4 finale, but I don’t think we’ve talked about them having another “first adventure” together.

All that was there in “Tallahassee”: the chemistry, the team work, the trust, the closeness, the attraction, all of it was present there once more in the most perfect harmony. It didn’t matter that this version of Hook was coward and clumsy, or that he didn’t remember who she was.

Back on the Jolly after they defeated Lily he asked her why she trusted him with her life, we know the answer to that one, he has proven himself to her endless of times. But think about the parallel from Tallahassee, back there Hook has trusted her with his own life and he only knew her for a day! I think this is highly significant. It is yet another proof that it took him a split of a second to know what she is about. It wasn’t only the look of an orphan that he spotted there, it was of the brave and loyal person that she is. He knew that in that moment he can trust her with his life. (it may also be the reason why he was so surprise and upset when she left him up there…).

So as I always say, it all goes back to “Tallahassee” and these parallels that we saw in this episode prove it once more.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS parallel gifset inspired by it.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Send me a quote and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it. 

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