Team Chaos!

So team Chaos is officially a thing. Pretty much it’s just Rick Roll the Barbarian and Jim the Sociopathic Sorcerer doing stuff that is insane and destructive, like this…

During the labyrinth crawl, we made it to a puzzle door, and while everyone else was trying to figure out how to solve it. Jim and Rick stand near the door and the lever that’s supposed to open it when the puzzle is solved.

Me (OOC): “So, you wanna pull the lever?”

Jim (OOC): “Heck yeah I wanna pull the lever!”

DM (OOC): “Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Group: “We’re gonna back up.”

Jim and Me: *dual high five* “WE PULL THE LEVER”

An surely enough, the door does not open and we go toe to toe with another Minotaur.

it’s 2am and I’m crying because I suck at art but hey no one else is gonna draw my ship

( /)n(\ )

Loki/Deadpool because reasons

Project Runway - Team Chaos

These were the looks created from Project Runway Season 9 Episode 8.  This episode featured a group challenge involving prints.  I love all the looks from this challenge, and I feel that they created a chaotically cohesive line that really featured the bold prints, but flowed as a unit.  


Anthony Ryan

Anya Ayoung




so sbarg is officially over everyone! hot damn that was hella fun wasn’t it? I can’t believe one of my friends was a puppetmaster omg i should have known XD damn you alex you sneak :P

I hope for there to be another arg, until then i’m going to keep this and my team chaos blog open for funsies. Maybe post and submit your adventures in sbarg here? It was fun being the truth seeker, I’ll have to do it more often ;P

it’s been a blast!

~Hugo, Heir of Rage
Dissidia cast ponyfied

Been putting off adding this on account of tagging… Still, artist helpfully lists them. I take it this is Dissidia ponies all covered then… Yay!

Draft Lottery Fun!

The NBA Draft Lottery to decide the draft order is tomorrow night. Since I am in full support of total chaos afflicting the NBA whenever possible, I’ve been trying to determine what lottery results would produce the most hilarious results. After much deliberation, here is the most chaotic draft order possible.

1. Dallas Mavericks

2. Toronto Raptors

3. Utah Jazz

4. Orlando Magic

5. Charlotte Bobcats

6. Cleveland Cavaliers

7. Phoenix Suns

8. New Orleans Pelicans

9. Sacramento Kings

10. Detroit Pistons

11. Washington Wizards

12. Minnesota Timberwolves

13. Charlotte Bobcats

14. Philadelphia 76ers

Confused? Let’s look at the repercussions of this order:

-The biggest note here is that Toronto, who’s pick belongs to Oklahoma City unless they are top 3, keeps their pick. For a team with no real direction that didn’t even have a draft pick, this would be huge for them to land a shot at the top prospects in this draft.

-MARK CUBAN HAS BEEN GIVEN THE KEYS TO THE NUMBER ONE PICK. I don’t know what he would do here. It certainly forces his hand a tad; does he draft Trey Burke, eliminating his chances at Chris Paul but luring Dwight with a young point guard? Or does he team Dirk with Nerlens Noel, building around Noel as his primary defensive big and eliminating himself from getting Dwight? Or does he go for Ben McLemore assuming O.J. Mayo walks? Or does he trade the pick for assets, even? A lot going on here.

-Portland, who gave up a first-rounder in the Gerald Wallace trade a couple years back, keeps its pick if they’re in the top 12. That trifecta up top pushes Portland to 13th, which means Charlotte gets the 5th and 13th picks in the draft. I find this hilarious, because in order to secure two picks, Charlotte needs to get knocked out of the top 3.

-The Cavs are suddenly staring down the sixth pick in the draft, at which point all the top prospects they could use (Noel, Porter, Len, Anthony Bennett) might be gone. That would be, um…..unfortunate.

-Orlando probably goes from exactly what it wants with a Noel/Burke decision to a likely choice between Alex Len and a bunch of wings and power forwards. Injury risk or another player that fits the description of ¾ of your current roster?

-Detroit has been so depressingly bad the last four years, but their draft positions, if this happens? 7th, 8th, 9th, and now 10th. Poor Detroit.

-Sacramento is in position to be able to justify taking Shabazz Muhammad, the most Sacramento Kings player ever.

This will of course never happen. However, I’m confident that this is the draft order that would cause the most front offices to crap their pants when it was unveiled. It’s your final lottery, David Stern. Make it rain chaos.