“Carol is in full on badass mode.’’

“Did I mention Carol’s dressed in armor like the rest of the soldiers and she looks hot as hell? Well, now I did and she does.’’ 

“suddenly, the Kingdom folks ride in (some literally) with Carol in the lead! ‘’

“Carol and the Kingdom save the day.  The Kingdom and badass Carol are here! ‘’ 

“Carol, Jerry, and the rest are kicking ass and taking names.’’

“There’s a beautiful shot of Carol up close as she fires her machine gun’’

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Some dude: Carol almost died.

Daryl: (doesn’t even have Richard to beat the shit out of anymore, thinking of Carol getting ambushed, even though she’s capable, it’s impossible not to feel afraid in a moment like that no matter how great a soldier you are) LIGHT THOSE FVCKERS UUUUUUP 😭😱😤🤬🤯

Only Carol

Daryl Dixon was rude to a lot of people in Season 2 BUT the only one he apologized to was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon saw other people in the group losing hope and struggling to find their place BUT the only person he reached out to and tried to comfort was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon watched the others experience loss and grief BUT the only person he specifically chose to watch and help was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon lost other ‘family members’ at the prison BUT the only one he poignantly grieved for was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon came back to the prison with Merle, angry, defensive and distant with everyone BUT not CAROL.

Daryl Dixon put down Merle and came back to the prison overwhelmed with silent grief BUT not with CAROL.

Daryl Dixon flourished into the ‘rock-star’ of the prison community, with a tough but aloof image to sustain BUT yet CAROL allowed to call him Pookie.

Daryl Dixon went on a medicine run and left the whole prison behind BUT when he came back the only one he asked about was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t always agree with Rick’s decisions BUT the only one he vocally and strongly disagreed with was the one that took CAROL away from him.

Daryl Dixon has cried tears of pain, loss, hurt and anger on several occasions BUT the only time he cried tears of JOY was when CAROL came back.

Daryl Dixon can destroy a tank, kill walkers with a chain and be 'cool’ doing anything BUT whenever he’s around CAROL he often seems to be off his game.

Daryl Dixon has spent a life time trying to get self-worth validation from other people BUT the only person he has ever openly asked about what they think of him was CAROL

Daryl Dixon knows how to be light and funny BUT the only person he’s openly tried to make laugh is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon isn’t very 'touchy-feely’ and it seems like his hair is a big deal to him BUT the only person he’s allowed to brush his hair and kiss his forehead is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon has spent his whole life covered with dirt and wearing whatever BUT the moment CAROL changed her clothes he not only noticed but also suddenly cared about what she wore.

Daryl Dixon has 'started over’ a lot throughout his life BUT the only person he ever talked about it was CAROL.

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Few hours before the episode 10!!! 
I’m so excited!!!! This is for you all the CaRyL fans out there!!! Hope you like it!!!!!

A letter from Phyllis Nagy

Yesterday I got a letter from Phyllis Nagy.

All of you who love CAROL must know how I felt opening the envelope with my shaking hands and wildly beating heart. I hadn’t forgotten about the letters I had written to her, Cate, Rooney, Sarah and Todd in late February but to be honest, I hadn’t expected to receive replies of any kind. I had googled their agency addresses and sent them along knowing fully well they’d end up in the bottom of some pile of fan mail and not be taken seriously in any way. The process of expressing my deep gratitude and putting on paper the thoughts and feelings CAROL had set in motion in me had been its own reward.

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