“Faith got me through the death of my daughter”.

Okay, this one’s gonna be emotional, guys.

I don’t usually cry while watching shows, but this scene, this phrase from Carol, and the amount of bitterness and pain that she showed while saying these words, got me seriously sobbing. You can see just how desperate she is at this point, how the words she says are exactly the opposite of her true feelings, yet the tears are as real as they can be. She has lost all faith long ago, lost all hope the moment her little girl walked out of that barn, but she had to keep it in herself in order to protect her new family.

But now, the years-long walls begin to crumble, and the way Carol has shown it to us in this episode, the raw emotion in those blood-shot eyes, it just broke my heart to the point where I needed to draw it:((( ♥

So here it is, my tribute to Melissa McBride and her unearthly acting skills:)♥♥

hope she sees this one day, hahah))

Please don’t repost, crop, edit, claim as your own, or use in your art) Thanks♥


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