One of the best things when traveling is when theres an event in said country you go to. I’ve been and returned from Venice. Currently holding the Carnival. or how we say it Italian: Carnevale die Venezia

And let me tell you it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve witness. The costumes, all the handcrafting and time they’ve put on them is simply stunning. And I’m a such a big fan of those baroque like things. The vintage, the structures!

In celebration I’ve did this SFM 


I have here for you: A dropbox link with a Rar file containing over 144 pictures of different costumes I managed (with all the pushing and stomping) to take for you to look at, any maybe even get an inspiration :D

Heres the link with the download!

I can only reccomend to visit Venice once. Especially if you love costumes, antiques and carnivals. It’s the right place <3

i want a storyline where kev is just so desperate to have a title that he tries to negotiate with stephanie to have title matches that he’s not even eligible for like

‘‘kevin, i’m sorry but you need to have a tag team partner to compete for the tag team championships’‘

‘‘steph c’mon my fists are my partners’‘


‘‘what about char-’‘

‘‘you need to be a wwe diva to compete for the divas championship’‘