Friday 5

-Today was the only day of the week I had to work.

-We started with one of those awful team building exercises where we were given 20 pieces of spaghetti, a piece of string, a marshmallow and a long piece of tape. We had to build the tallest freestanding tower. The marshmallow had to be on top. The principal must have known we wouldn’t have really cared who won the contest, so the prize was jeans for TWO weeks. Damn math teachers and their fancy geometry. That’s what I was doing at 730 this am.

- I may have had something yummy and alcoholic to drink tonight. I needed it after today.

- 13 yo has a friend over, 10yo is sleeping at a friends, and the husband is out in his man room with some friends. I am happily snuggled in my bed.

- I need a #5 so ask something, tell me something, suggest something else I can make with rum, just something y'all.

angrybrownwomxxn asked:

::looks at Gigawhores' recent artwork:: Joe swears to Furiosa he read all about this in "The Vagina Monologues" and he wants to "empower her vagina" with some new-age management and team-building trust exercises.

Furiosa nods, keeping the capering, cackling glee off her face until the last moment before her booted foot, swung with all her might, connects with the old man’s sagging balls.

Her lioness-laughter roars through the Citadel and drowns Joe’s sick, agonized groans.

Organic finds Joe slumped against his chains an hour later, kneeling in a puddle of blood and vomit and come and piss. A craggy, lopsided grin splits his face as he wiggles the key Joe had given him himself in the lock. Ace owes him ten dried lizards. Twenty, if the old man’s bollocks are permanently damaged. If the thunderously purple look of them is any indication, he is about to be very rich indeed. Whistling a merry tune, he hoists Joe on one shoulder, loops the old man’s doughy arm around him, and turns toward his chamber.

Sorry about the delay on this, things just kept happening and I never got around to taking photos. I just have to finish off the Xbox skins for the Gents, and then I’m ready to send everything out.

And for anyone wondering where Ray’s prints are… well, after he quit achievement hunter, I decided to get rid of them as soon as possible. I hear some bum who plays video games for a living found them.


Just landed. Thanks to @calebdenecour for the pickup

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the people on youtube who are disliking videos straight away without even watching it because they have members of Team Building Exercise in them?

They are the 1%. Extremely vocal, but also an extreme minority.

When Michael and Ryan were added people said the same stuff about them too.

Now Michael is in a movie and Ryan is everyone’s favorite homicidal maniac.