Screencap Recap: Omloop Het Nieuwsblaad 2014

First things first. I’m NOT creating another category just voor GIFs. So, Screencap Recaps may or may not contain GIFs and/or still pictures. It’ll be just like unwrapping a lil’ digital present each time you click a post link. Although, adding to the confusion, this may be called Weekend Ras Ronde, because not designing nieuw fuggin’ logos FTMFW.

Also, there’s no friggin’ way I’m GIFing the entire race, it’s simply too long in comparison to a CX race. Plus, road racing’s mind-numbingly boring for long stretches of time. Go ahead, convince me it’s not.

[Ed Note: when pronouncing GIF, my G is always hard, never soft.]

Alright, LET’S GIF IT ON!!

Tonight's events in picture form

The houseguests blamed Zach for all of their stuff going missing

Looking at my otp caused me physical pain

Cody and Caleb confronted Zach and they yelled at each other for a while. 


They’re still yelling at each other. (Cody what the fuck are you wearing)

Zach stole the cue ball as a joke and everyone chased him

Victoria doesn’t give a shit she just wants her necklace back

Frankie won’t look zach in the eye and tell him he’s not going on the block

Zach seems to be VERY upset



look at the pain in his eyes 

Caleb telling Zach he could be going up. Zach knows he’s going home this week. 

Zach babe

I’m so sorry

I’d be pissed too

In conclusion… Fuck this. 

Fuck this game. 

Fuck this house.

Fuck Team America

And most of all, Vote Zach for fan favorite.