douxstudy’s intoduction post

➤about me


-14 years old (feb. 25)

-high school freshman

-infj / pisces

-slytherin primary / ravenclaw secondary

-lives in usa


-plays clarinet

-loves musicals (heathers, bmc, etc.)

-loves old(?) movies (heathers, hocus pocus, lost boys, etc.)

-has two cats (carly & stella) and one dog (apollo)

-in my local ffa chapter (human resources commitee)

-on the archery team

-loves books! (bmc, tog, acotar, pjo, hoo, hp, thickety, etc.)

-likes to draw (not very good ;-;)


((in order))

-archery (0 hour)

-spanish II

-symphonic band

-advanced biology


-principles of agriculture

-advanced english I


-advanced geometry


-ffa meetings


-clarinet lessons

➤why start a studyblr?

-i’ve noticed that even though i try just as hard as i did in middle school, my marks haven’t been as good.

-i’m not good at studying and i procrastinate a lot and i can’t survive like that.

-i like to be organized.



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anonymous asked:

ok, new bmc au, when percussion boys dies down, if it ever does, swim team bmc au, michael unironically wears the fast girls suits that go down to the knees.

how bout a uhhhhhh u make this au….on ur own…..while we enjoy our percussion boys


Here’s a story about how people from a small discord server decided to make a meme blog..


Mod Rich - She/her - The Killer Krab

Mod Christine - She/her, they/them - The Kool Krab

Mod Squip -  She/her - The King Krab

Mod Michael - She/her, they/them - The Kowboy Krab

Mod Jake - Any - The Kurly Krab

Mod Jenna - She/her - The Kreepy Krab

Mod Brooke - She/her - The Kandy Krab

We basically make memes for BMC and we are pretty excited to see what happens. This is also us saying to please help us, we are already close to death. (yes, our background is the bmc cast as team 10)