“Hard day at work, Mr. Ishida?”

“Heh! You have no idea, Wizardmon!”

im afraid with this one ive indulged a little into one of my own stories about Matt and TKs dad knowing about wizardmon haunting the TV station and sort of…making friends i guess? like, whenever theres a bit of technical trouble , he asks wizardmon (knowing he was once made completely of digital matter) if he can help him sort it out. i guess it sort of plays on the theories that ghosts apparently having an affinity with electrics as well. In a way, he kind of becomes his partner digimon, albeit a dead one!:(

im sure they would make a pretty badass team!:)

(story concept panel)
Did Furuta call Matsuri a“Homo” like a fifth-grader throwing a tantrum

because Matsuri had hit him while he was making an escape?

Omg seriously fruit-chan? 😂 😂

Matsuri’s reaction: 

His face reads “That asshole”. Lmao I just can’t. 😂😂

2) Meanwhile. Ishida is a next-tier genius.
Hide’s “xロ” aka ‘No mouth’ speech bubble in his infamous comeback scene:

fuses in so well with Ishi’s knack of pooping foreshadowing hints everywhere. Because Hide is speaking to Urie here… And who do we know of that is associated with having “No mouth/xロ ”? 

Yeap. Kuki sexy hunklord Urie. 

Like Urie literally encapsulates “xロ” with tape crossed over his lips on the Cover of Vol 10. 

3) Another fluid transition by the God himself Ishida-san is when Marude called Hide ‘Mr Terrorist’… 

It corresponds with the other famous terrorist scene by the um, none other than Urie again lol. 

We also have the other little terrorist in the making. AKA Saiko Yonebayashi my queen wife daughter bestfriend all-round precious potato. 

(I’m hoping this terrorist casual name-dropping doesn’t put me on the FBI watchlist OMG if u’re spying on this I’m talking about a fictional manga just a heads up, nothing for u to investigate here) 

Uh yea, where was I? Oh right. The tiny cutie who instigated & gave Urie the little push (Saiko kinda had to pull some karate body-flip moves on him) to encourage Urie to take the course of action he had covertly wanted all along :) This is where he begins to slowly shed his ‘no-mouth’ syndrome. And where ‘no-mouth’ kinda intersects with terrorism here. 

Likewise, Saiko my glorious little potato has always been thought of to be associated with Scarecrow by loads of people. Ya know, with the gaming symbols & all. Many great Scarecrow/Saiko metas & theories out there. Like IShida has planned everything and converged these different elements beautifully. 

I’m so excited by the potential badass team if* & when Urie & Saiko team up with Hide. I can’t contain my excitement!!

P.S. So Hide has literally been hide-ing all this time. (lol ok not original but come on XD) 

I want to see a sci-fi movie...

Where Rinko Kikuchi

is the adopted daughter of the Galactic Space General Sigourney Weaver,

who leads humanity against an endless horde of giant aliens designed by Guillermo del Toro and the Pan’s Labyrinth crew

who are all motion-captured and voiced by Andy Serkis

and take orders from the cosmic space conqueror Tim Curry.

After a terrible battle, Kikuchi gets taken in two wise old mentors played by Terry Crews

and Isaiah Mustafa

going full Old Spice

with the intention of teaching her how to pull off all that crazy shit they do in those adverts.

and eventually finds a rival in the evil space empire’s greatest warrior Gwendoline Christie

but manages to defeat her and Curry’s superweapon with the help of a giant super robot

with an AI voiced by Aisha Tyler.

The third act twist is that Curry was just the henchman of the *true* dark lord of the universe: Ken Watanabe

who is also Rinko’s father

and pilots a giant samurai mech

and is basically the Anti-Spiral but for Old Spice

and Rinko and her robot must defeat him by using bunch of crazy Old Spice-inspired madness

and also the Aisha robot gets a horse because of course she does

and she finishes the fight by punching the baddie into the sun

before going on to be crowned Galactic Space Empress and building up a super team of badass Old Spice Power-users to defend the universe, kinda like the Justice League but with giant robots and physics-defying madness.

If anyone wants to buy this pitch, you know how to reach me.

Okay but like Sukka is just such a good and pure and beautiful ship…

Can we just take a moment, a mere moment to appreciate these two.

The fact that they changed each other’s whole view of the world upon first meeting: Sokka’s chauvinism getting thrown out the window and Suki being inspired to look beyond her island home and make a difference in the war, in the world.

The fact that Suki makes Sokka feel so good about himself, as a character whose struggled with insecurities throughout the series (about being a non bender, about being a leader about what it means to be a man) to see him be with someone who talks about him so affectionately and with such admiration, that he didn’t even recognise she was talking about him! That just warms my heart.

And I just love how Suki has so much fun with him. She’s obviously spent, presumably, her whole life, being raised and trained as a fierce warrior, willing to throw island trespassers to a giant sea snake without batting an eyelash, yet with him she laughs, giggles even, she has fun, she sneaks backstage to meet the actors in a play, and he makes sand sculptures of her, which she (to everyone’s surprise) really likes, and it’s all so sweet.

She believes in him and trusted him to come for her when she was imprisoned. To Suki, Sokka isn’t just the ‘funny guy’ or the ‘meat and sarcasm guy’, he’s someone worth believing in, someone worth waiting for.

They are also just such a badass team! (fan and sword anybody??) And their mutual affinity for war paint and sharp weapons? Beautiful.

And another thing with Sukka that I just adore is that, unlike my other atla ships (with their political intrigue and reincarnated star crossed lovers, which I love very much don’t get me wrong lol.) there’s this uncomplicated beauty about Sukka. Just these two people who fell in love in a war torn world and found comfort, relatabilty and happiness in each other.



*happy sigh*


Season 3 Premier Mortys!

Here’s a look at all the different types of Mortys that showed up in “The Rickshank Rickdemption”.

Our Morty. A good boy. In cute pajamas and white slippers. We do not deserve his cuteness any more than Rick deserves his company.

Our Morty, now in handcuffs. Don’t be fooled, he is still very much a good boy.

Big-headed Morty!

This is Rorty, back together.

Mabel-Morticia and Dipper-Morty! They appear to be twins with the same Rick. Let’s hear it for our first in-show Morticia!

Aqua Morty walking by with his Aqua Rick. A majestic boy. He’s been in the show before, and it’s nice to see him again.

Some sort of Cyber Rick and Cyber Morty. I bet they go on all sorts of great adventures. I hope Cyber Morty can hover.

A precious boy! A happy boy! It’s Lawyer Morty! He’s not really a lawyer, they just keep him around cuz he’s fun. Look at him go! Disheveled clothes, a fun personality, and a passion for pogs I wish we could see.

And at last we have Hammer Morty. He’s resilient! He’s powerful! And if he died, it wasn’t shown on screen! I don’t know if this Guard Rick was his Rick, but they made a pretty badass team! While it lasted.

Interestingly enough, the episode featured no Guard Mortys. I hope some of them were safe away from the Citadel. And I hope to see more great Mortys and Morty outfits in summer, when season 3 continues! See you then. And remember to hug your Mortys.