I thought you weren't going to be a bitch!?

Me: I’m going to do my best to not play a total bitch character this time.
DM: alright sounds good.

*in session, 4 PCs meet. Their parents have known each other for years. Many of them having sexual relations during their travels*

*my Tiefling gets into an argument with the half dragon, while 2 others watch*

Tiefling: Well I know that your mom was kinda crazy. So you looking as scary as you do makes a lot of sense.
Half Dragon: Who the hell do you think you are talking to me about my family like that? You don’t know my parents?
Tiefling: What are you talking about? My mom has fucked your parents!

Everyone (out of character, to me): WHAT THE FUCK!!
DM: You said you wouldn’t be a bitch!
Me: I’m sorry guys…..

The DM got up and walked away shortly after.

Mario Kart Deluxe is out today so we decided to publish this collab work @the-whipple-effect and I did. Whinter and Clementine enjoying the Go-Karting! Earlier full size and sketches were available, and still are till 30th (of April 2017), in his Ko-Fi . Get one if you want this as your wallpaper!

I did the composition, character lines and colors. Whip did background elements, kart lines, BG colors and explosions!

Can’t wait to play this game later tonight! Let’s get Mario Kart salty


Jamie invited the whole family to the beach on Leisure Day… it all got a bit weird when the girls all got their phones out to “capture the moment” of their male relatives clustered around the juice keg. Manbir finds it all a bit of a bore…

anonymous asked:

what is your proudest accomplishment? (look im using bad grammar u won't know its me)

Hmm, who could it be??? (Very sly, with the bad grammar and all.)

Proudest accomplishment is hard to say. If I had to pick, I’d say that it was that I went through cancer treatment while working almost full-time, and with a kid who was a toddler at the time, and still managed to maintain my sense of humor. (Some of you who were participating in Boob Talk last week might have caught that I shared that one of my boobs tried to kill me. Thus, the reason for some super-fun chemo and other drugs, and some really super-fun surgeries. Yes, that was plural. Oh, yeah, and I’m fine, as much as anybody who has ever had cancer is considered fine.)

It seems a little weird to list this as an accomplishment, because at the time it just felt like, Thursday. I hated it when people called me “brave” because I was like, “welp, don’t really have a lot of choice in the matter, I tried telling cancer it wasn’t a good time right now and cancer refused to listen.”

I will be happy to make some jokes if we need to lighten the mood. I can’t promise they’ll be *good* jokes, but y’know…

Thanks for the question (and sorry for the uh, rather heavy answer)!