A new goal for Chad

Some context: Party is huge, but relevant characters are a half elf who goes by his human name Chad, a half orc named Shump and an NPC Nova. Shump is dating another NPC (whom Chad wants to kill for some reason) and Nova is Shump’s biggest fan/Ride or die friend. They are at a parade in a huge city.

DM (me): So Nova is going to latch onto Shump’s hand because she doesn’t like huge crowds and has never been in one this size.

Chad: I want to also hold Nova’s hand.

DM: Roll for it. (He rolls a 3) You grab her free hand but your palms are clammy and super sweaty. She pulls away in disgust.

Shump (OOC): Why do you keep trying to get with Nova?! Do you like her or something?

Chad (OOC): No, I’m just trying to ruin all the relationships in Shump’s life.

DM: What is your alignment again?

Chad: Chaotic neutral.

DM: Ah, ok.

Imagine Loki is an Avenger already. You just joined the team as a new assassin, as a cousin of Black Widow. You and Loki don’t talk often, but you walked in on him reading in the middle of the night once. Thor needs to take you, Loki, Tony, and himself to Asgard, and when you’re about to go up, you grab onto Loki as protection.

bubbled-dreams  asked:

I just thought you'd like to know that I was playing as an attack Torb on Hanamura and the defense had a torb so both our teams let us have honorable hammer duels by the cliffside and other players would leave the main fight to watch sometimes it was great

illegal dwarf hammering meanwhile every other hero is watching and making bets

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One day a couch magically appears in the bunker. After several tests tfw decides it is just a couch so they decide to keep it. They use it to all sit together and catch up on game of thrones. Sam now has a very comfortable spot to really spread out during research. The first time they all use it together they end up falling asleep. Dean drooling into Castiel's shoulder, Sam is leaning a little too far off the arm of the couch and Castiel is slipping into the crack between two cushions.

@elizabethrobertajones ;)