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The Lethal Ladies of BLSYW take on Nationals 🔥

So you remember the Lethal Ladies of Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women? The seriously inspiring step team who performed at the 2018 MAKERS Conference?

Okay, so then you must remember when we surprised them by announcing that we would sponsor their trip to the 2018 National Stepping League Championships in Atlanta?

Well….. this week is the week! On Friday, the girls begin their two-day championship competition. This year marks the very first time that the Lethal Ladies have ever qualified for Nationals. 

Natalie Portman was almost as excited as the girls were!

Follow along on our Tumblr this week as we track the Lethal Ladies’ championships progress! 💪🏆🔥


in case you haven’t heard, lotor, they make a great team

also fuck his armor that is the toughest shit to deal with


useless lesbian baby ilia asking useless lesbian senpai weiss for advice on how to get the cute cat girl (to hold her hand)

Some of the Reasons I loved Black Panther:

  • Healthy family relationships
  • Complex female characters centre-stage, and not given forced/awkward dialogue to draw attention to their gender
  • Male characters expressing emotions, men crying on-screen, not shown as weakness
  • The costume design holy shit
  • Shuri
  • M’Baku
  • “When she wants to”

Pixar + inspiration from a flickering screen

“It probably stems from the fact that we all ended up at Pixar because of a moment where we looked up at a screen and saw something that moved us. It’s probably cliché to tell my story about loving animation and scouring old reruns of The Wonderful World of Disney because I wanted to know how it was done, but that memory is burned into my brain. It’s these moments where you look at a screen longing for a connection to something and then something fulfills that for you.”

- Adrian Molina, writer and co-director of Coco

October approaches! 

In celebration of our cozy online community, I present to you WHUMPTOBER - 31 Days of deliciously painful prompts for your creative pleasure. Visual art, writing, editing - post whatever inspires you!

Treat (or rather, torture) your whumpees to some tantalizing tropes and tag your work with “whumptober“ so others can enjoy your stuff!

(The challenge kicks off on October 1st, feel free to participate as much or as little as you like. DM me if you have Qs. This post will circulate my blog a few times as we near the end of September. Good Luck and Happy Whumping!)

[Edit] To answer some questions: -Moodboards, aesthetics, video/gif edits, etc are welcome! -Fanfiction is welcome! -Do NOT use the whumptober tag for NSFW (create what you like, but the tag itself needs to be sfw) -Interpretation of the tropes is up to you (free free to deviate if you get inspired) -Yes, collabs/exchanges are allowed! -Yes, you can repost your work to other sites (ao3, twitter, etc etc etc). It’s your work after all!


Remember Avengers 1 when Loki and Stark met in the Tower and Stark says:

“Your brother, the demigod, a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend. A man with breathtaking anger-management issues, a couple of master assassins and you, big fella,…

But Loki simply answers:


I’ve always wondered why it was his plan to piss them off, because it actually doesn’t make sense, but now, it does.

In Infinity War we see what Tony Stark does when he is fighting as hard as he can to kill/take someone down.
We saw it happen.
We saw him make that purple grape bleed.

So how can anybody genuinely believe he wasn’t pulling his punches when he was fighting Steve and Bucky in Siberia?


Garrison days
 12 | part 3 | 4

Standing behind your crush in class and being stuck in daydreaming mode all lecture (for those who were asking themselves, does shiro feels the same way about adam?)

…not that it matters when shiro are kind of the best pilot in class tho…(and his best friend is also his crush AND flying partner

allura on earth headcanons

- she likes the most overdone jokes earth has to offer. keith has lost the count of how many times she woke him up via phone call just to ask if his cooling machine is still running.

- lance’s mom: “how are you enjoying your stay darling?” allura: “it’s been wonderful so far!! i’m especially fond of your air spitters.” lance’s mom: “our what now.” allura, pointing at a hairdryer: “air spitters.”

- when they go grocery shopping she points at the man on a can of pringles with an immense amount of joy and asks hunk how humans had managed to find those pictures from coran’s old modeling gig.

- lance: “princess that’s not how a surfing board works. you can’t just ‘do a flip’ on your first try.” allura: “ok, but consider this: i’m gonna.”

- she most definitely owns multiple pairs of glittery light up skechers. when she got her first pair she stomped around the room the entire day until the battery drained out.

- shiro: “allura…please stop collecting random rats you see on the street.”  allura, while hiding five new rats under her coat: “i have no idea what you’re talking about.”

- two days after the team watches wonder woman during one of their movie nights hunk walks in on allura pretending her bayard is the lasso of truth and quoting lines from the movie.

- buying an ice popsicle, eating the entire thing in three bites and then watching everyone’s terrified reactions quickly becomes her favourite hobby

- lance helps her pick a sparkly lush shampoo and whenever she washes her hair she spins in circles until she’s dizzy, watching as it flies around her. (“why are you doing that?” “i believe lance calls it self care.”)

- she sends the paladins at least one student athlete meme a day. they’re not quite sure if she knows about the meme or if that’s just who she is as a person.

- pidge: “you are literally a magical alien princess who pilots a giant, sentient lion. why does this freak you out so much?” allura, flipping one of those baby bottle toys upside down for the twentieth time that morning: i don’t understand. where is the milk going? where is it coming from??“

- allura, wearing a pink party hat, children’s glasses and heelies while blowing bubbles in her strawberry juice with a straw: “i love earth culture.”