team mom


following this piece 

A cleric who is the Team Mom and only heals by kissing you on the forehead and buffs you by licking her thumb and rubbing away some schmutz on your face

someone’s like “you know that’s not actually required for your job” and she’s like “shhhhh my beautiful child, my healing my rules, I made you a potion, it’s chicken noodle mana” 


RWBY Art Challenge Day 7: A Parent.

This is an AU where nobody dies, but bad role models still exist. 

This is very late, but I started it before I had some stuff come up and just wanted to finish it! I may have missed the last 7 or so days, but I guess my guilt resulted in 4 parents for the price of 1, so that’s something at least!

I actually started coming up with so many ideas for comics I can do featuring the RWBY moms, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more comics with them soon!

Till next time! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ☆*:・゚

“I just pay for everything, design everything and make everyone look cooler”

The second Tony is gone Steve’s answer to his clothes dilemma is literally to just fucking spray paint it black

men are useless without their wives


Has this been done before?