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[ NEWS ] Ancient Chinese sword unearthed after 2,300 years by archaeologists is still shiny

A Chinese sword removed from its scabbard for the first time in more than 2,000 years was so well-preserved it was still shiny.

Archaeologists discovered the ancient weapon, believed to be around 2,300 years old, in a tomb among the ruins of Chengyang City in central China.

When they unsheathed the large blade from its muddied cover, they found it had not oxidised but was still sharp, shiny and in near-perfect condition.

The team from Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology posted pictures and a video of the sword on Chinese social network Weibo.

The artefact is believed to be from China’s Warring States period, from around 475 to 221 BC, when the Zhou Dynasty region was divided between eight states which often saw fierce fighting.

The sword, which had been buried inside a wooden coffin next to its owner, had been preserved because ancient tombs in the area are usually humid and sealed off from the outside, team leader Wu Zhijiang told the Daily Mail.

The video clip, taken last week after the sword was discovered on 30 December, has been widely shared online and broadcast by Chinese media.

In a Weibo post, the archaeologists said they hoped those reading would find 2017 as “radiant” and “invincible” as the glittering sword.

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So Felix is dead, Locus has partaken n genocide… With Wash having joined Blue Team, how aboouut… Red Team Siris?

No, I like to think Wu went on to settle with his family. But it’s a nice thought.

•Siris gently guiding Sarge towards plans that don’t maximize casualites.
•Siris impressing everyone by being purple and also really good at fighting.
•Siris comforting Lopez whenever Donut mistranslates him, having had picked up some Spanish from Locus and his kids’ high school homework.
•Siris watching the goofy, self-invested one and the more serious, duty-bound one bicker and love each other, remembering his last duo morosely.
•Siris having to be told by Wash and Carolina that what happened on Chorus was out of his control and that he doesn’t need to atone for the bounty hunters and life he abandoned.
But he does anyway.

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Rhyme Recka | Blowin Up Spots | 1996

Hailing from Staten Island, Rhyme Recka is a Wu-Tang Killah Bee affiliate rapper, producer, actor, digital filmmaker and graphic designer. He’s also member of Raekwon’s crew ‘American Cream Team’ (also known as The Harlem Hoodz) alongside B-Twizzy, Chip Banks, Polite, Superb, and Triflyn. He first started in Nexx Level Recordings along with Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga Tha Gambler, featuring on their underground classics “Huster’s Theme Remix” and “Hitman For Hire pt.2″. However, he achieved most fame with his guest star appearance on the song “Everything is Everything” from Cappadonna’s debut album “The Pillage”. He has also designed images for clothing companies and advertising projects and is a freelance writer.

The new most embarrassing thing I’ve ever written.  I saw this post  and then this stupid plot bunny happened and I had to write it down.  I apologize for my wuko.

It still bewilders Mako that in the three short years he’s known him, Prince Wu has gone from spoiled bratty future king, to actually oddly responsible foreign dignitary/ pop sensation.  

He’s not sure if it’s the responsible or pop sensation part he finds more surprising.  

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Former EXO member Kris a.k.a Wu Yifan teams up with Brandon Armstrong in NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2017

Young Chinese heartthrob and former EXO member Kris a.k.a Wu Yifan has been selected for the 15th annual NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. He will be showcasing his basketball skills during the exhibition game. 

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The star-studded event, organised by National Basketball Association in association with popular sports channel ESPN, will kick-off with a live broadcast from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, US, on Friday, February 17, at 7pm EST.

This year, the two teams are being divided into East and West, respectively. While SportsCenter host Michael Smith will be the guest coach for West Team, East Team will be trained by the popular sports journalist Jemele Hill.

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Wu Yifan will be part of Jemele Hill’s East Team and his teammates are former NBA D-League player and social media star Brandon Armstrong, actor cum recording artist Nick Cannon, musician Win Butler, Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, NBA2K TV personality Rachel DeMita, actor cum recording artist Ansel Elgort, media personality Peter Rosenberg, Basketball legend Oscar Schmidt, actor Caleb McLaughlin, WNBA player Lindsay Whalen and NBA legend Jason Williams.

The players for Michael Smith’s West Team are NBA legend Baron Davis, actor cum model Jiang Jinfu, recording artist Andy Grammer, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, actor cum recording artist Romeo Miller, Los Angeles Sparks Candace Parker, actor cum comedian Hasan Minhaj, celebrity chef Aarón Sánchez, actor cum recording artist Master P as well as actors Miles Brown, Tom Cavanagh and Anthony Mackie.

The official coaches for Jemele Hill’s East Team are Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry and recording artist Fat Joe. Michael Smith’s West Team will be trained by Golden State Warriors member Draymond Green and television personality Rocsi Diaz.

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Mako can’t shut up about Korra

When I first watched “The Voice in the Night” (1x04), I thought that Asami was just being polite speaking to Korra here. It just seemed a little weird to me that Mako would say much about Korra to Asami.

Then we get to “The Ultimatum” (3x11) and Grandma Yin mistakes Asami for Korra.

Apparently, Mako told his grandma “so much” about Korra. We didn’t really see much of it though. And where did Grandma Yin get the idea that the Avatar is beautiful? She’s just being really nice here, right?

But then…

…we get to “Remembrances” (4x08). All Wu has to do is ask and Mako starts talking about Korra.

Mako even gets frustrated when Wu interrupts his story about Korra because he wants to keep talking about Korra so badly.

If Mako didn’t feel like telling Wu that much about his relationship with Korra, he easily could’ve changed the subject here and talked about his pro-bending career. But nah, he keeps talking about Korra.

And he’s interrupted more than once.

And just as annoyed by being interrupted.

Really all you have to do is ask Mako about Korra and he’ll go on…and on…and on.