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Was watching the camp camp finale on YouTube when I came across this comment and now I’m 1000% even more sad


Phoenix: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you’ve lost in your life.
Apollo: It WOULD be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
Trucy: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! I knew I lost that somewhere.
Athena: Mental stability! My old friend!
Phoenix: Kids, could you lighten it up a little?

The Complete Ace Attorney Discourse

I haven’t seen something like this floating around yet, so I might as well make a compilation.

Reblog and tag yourselves:

  • Ladder vs Stepladder
  • Fireplace vs Hearth
  • Cabbage vs Lettuce (which one’s leafier)
  • Shovel vs Spade (which one’s bigger)
  • Bird vs Plane

These are the ones I came up with from the top of my head, but I’ll give it a check to see if there are any others from the games. 

Edit: Thanks to @sunflowersforphoenix for reminding me.

And I’ll throw in some bonus ones:

  • Phoenix vs Apollo trilogies vs AAI vs DGS duologies (if applicable)
  • Takumi vs Yamazaki-directed games *
  • Science & Psychology vs Spirits & Magic
  • Localization vs Translation

* GS1-4, DGS1-2 for Takumi; GS5-6, GK1-2 for Yamazaki
(Endo directed GS4, but it’s also partially Takumi’s handiwork, so it goes to his side.)

Please reblog even if you don’t want to answer. I want this survey to circulate the entire AA tumblr community and I will be collecting results. It’s for science.


some post finale stuff i’m just gonna shove together into one post

Reasons why Lady Layton might be delayed

-Hershel is MISSING

-Seriously, Level 5 can’t remember where they left him 

-Layton’s voice actor has gone AWOL

-”Mr Miller, we really need you to record some lines of the professor in peril -” “IT’S BAD ENOUGH I HAD TO SHRIEK IN PAIN FOR THE LIGHT BEAM SCENE IN AZRAN LEGACY. SERIOUSLY, LEAVE LAYTON ALONE.”

-Alfendi is threatening to destroy Level 5 unless they include him 

-Every PL character wants a cameo and it’s taking forever to add them all in

-The developers are dying to give Clive Dove a cameo, but this makes no sense he’s evil and meant to be in prison??? Who cares - everyone has or has had a crush on Clive Dove. The fanboys will love it. Do it. 

- Too many plot twists convoluting the narrative

- The character designs lack diversity, so they’re adding a greater variety. 

- They want to put Lady Layton on the Switch too 

- They’re making Mystery Room 2 at the same time

- “Sh*t, we forgot Flora again!”

- They’re writing more family bonding moments 

- Beautifully animated cutscenes aren’t made in a day

- Older Emmy needs more muscles 

- Finding new voice actors is hard

- Can’t decide on which character must get kidnapped 

- “Have we decided on a mother for Kat yet? Is she alive? Are all the Layton kids orphans? Who knows?” 

- Luke prefers America (he’s teamed up with Phoenix Wright) and doesn’t want to come back to England  

- “We promised comedy in this game but it’s a little lacking… Time for a fart joke!”

- Can’t think of a reason why Sherl can talk 

- “Do we give Katrielle a girlfriend…?”