team wreck

We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends as we chase the setting sun. 

But we’re leaving them behind, we’re on the run.

Some Civil War things, possible print? Maybe I just love the trademark MCU undercover gear: hoodie, hat, sunglasses.

Why I am Team Jess

Okay guys I desperately need to talk about why I will always be Team Jess!
I am a huge GG fan since the beginning and I watched the show at least 5 times and every time I fall in love with Jess all over again. After I heard about the revival I started to rewatch it (again) and by now I am so excited that I cannot think about anything else. And I thought I could handle it if Rory and Jess are not end game but right now? I think I am going to die if she ends up with anybody else.
The thing is, I could never quite understand why I was so obsessed with their relationship and how I always was Team Jess – no matter what. It actually really bugged me that I could never be Team Logan although he was a decent guy towards the end and of course because I want to enjoy the revival even when Rory ends up with Logan. But still… I think I will cry for the rest of my life if she’s not with Jess in the end. And after re-watching GG again I finally understood why Jess is the only one for me (and Rory).

On the one hand, it is because of Milo’s acting skills. They are simply stunning! It just hit me recently how mesmerized I am after watching him in season 4 & 6.
For instance, when he tells her that he loves her. You just SEE how sad and what an emotional wreck he actually is.

And when he tells her to run away with him? You just FEEL how desperately he wants to be with her and how everything he does is because of her – to finally be good enough for her. And I cry every damn time when I see his face after she says no:

You can see the same heart-breaking face in season 6 when she tells him she is in love with Logan. I mean seriously, he doesn’t even have to say anything, your heart just breaks because his face says it all… that he is still in love with her but cannot have her. 

His performance is just outstanding because he never had to say a word – his facial expressions showed you everything you needed to know about his feelings. ( I guess it is better if you remember these scenes because these screenshots are really terrible) 

On the other hand, it is because of their storyline. I guess that’s why I am such a mess when it comes to Rory and Jess because he never stopped loving her and no matter what happened or how much he was hurt at the end: he just wanted Rory to be happy. That is why I will always be Team Jess – because he loved her so much and put her happiness before his own. Not to mention that he never stopped trying to be good enough for her…
I mean, how can you not root for him? From the beginning all he ever wanted was to be with Rory and make her happy.
Maybe now a few people who are anti Jess will understand why so many of us are Team Jess…

So yeah… I guess you can now imagine what my breakdown will look like if Jess and Rory are not endgame…

P.S. I am sorry if there are some mistakes…  English is not my native language.

/Edit: Here we go again…  

Daily Inspiration 7 – @banettedaily

I love the way you draw Banette, it’s so cute!! When I first learned about Daily Pokemon, my first thought was to look up all of my favorite Pokemon, and I was so happy to find yours! You made it look so much cuter, too! The Banette fusions that you’ve been doing recently are really cool!

Reuniclus is just a little intimidated to be around a ghost type…

MacCready and Hancock.

My headcannon is that MacCready actually has a soft spot for non-feral ghouls. I know a lot of fans have interpreted it completely the opposite based on his back story with Lucy. I’m basing this off of a couple of in-game interactions with non-feral ghouls - his attitude and trust with Daisy, his interaction with Hancock when you switch companions, and the fact that he hates it if you kill Trish during the drug deal.

As for his relationship with Hancock - I think they’re pretty good buds, and Hancock has probably hired Mac the Merc for odd jobs. I imagine they’re a pretty effect team in a…. wrecking havoc kind of way.


Now in glorious, extra-video!

What’s aF doing? She should be writing!

I am writing don’t worry! I’m actually waiting for my beta fish while messing around drawing three black cats. I’ve been wanting to draw them for a while really hehe. So, have Ms. Fortune and two Chat Noirs. I miiight clean this up later, but I’m working on a new computer and still getting used to things.

Come on guys, you must realize not all Mimikyu are the same. The one Team Rocket got is a salty, spiteful queen and chances are good we’ll see (arguably) nicer ones once Acerola shows up. Character development is sure to follow.

For all we know it’s muttering things about “bathe the streets with the blood of the guilty” and other freaky shit like that. Or trying to invoke Zalgo, whichever comes first.

(Meanwhile I’m going to sit over here and dote on my darling little Casper and feed her beans and give her high-fives and watch her wreck teams)

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I split my mains between Reinhardt and Mercy and pick up whichever is needed or available. Last time I played competitively someone locked down Mercy ASAP and I was really skeptical because incompetent Support players wreck a team. We get into the match and this Mercy player was a godsend keeping our Reinhardt (myself), Roadhog, and everyone else fully alive singlehandedly while pulling off multiple rezzes at a time. We ultimately slaughtered the other team because of our Mercy.


The case had been long and mentally-exhausting. The team was wrecked; and you were no exception. Spencer had somehow convinced you to play cards with him, to get your mind off of the case. After about 20 minutes of him pleading, you finally gave in. Hey, 3 hours until the plane landed. Why not?

It turned out that maybe the case had tired even the genius’ mind. You won the first round. And the second. And the third. “I’m on a roll!” You exclaimed, giving Spencer a large grin.

The profiler smiled back at you with a small nod. “Yeah, you’re really beating me.” Spencer replied.

“When I come back, we’ll play another round.” You announced, standing up. “I’ll try to go easy on you.”  Spencer laughed a little as you made your way to the restroom, beaming with pride.

Derek, who was going back to his seat after grabbing some coffee, smirked down at Spencer. “It’s really nice of you; letting Y/N win.” He murmured.

Spencer gave a shrug, shuffling the deck. Derek went back to his seat, and when you returned with the same smile on your face, the genius couldn’t keep back his own smile. Losing every single round was worth it, if he can see you smile like this.