team wolf pack

Dating Emmett Cullen would include:

-arm wrestling (him letting you win)

-Piggy back rides

-Him being super protective of you

-him being jealous if you hang out with nay other man (especially in the pack)

-The other Cullen’s being protective of you

-lots of cheesy jokes 

-playing baseball together

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Jughead is a werewolf theory

I’ve been reading some fan theories and its a possibility.

Take, for example, Archie’s hallucination of the football team as a wolf pack. It was a unique choice of imagery, the team in werewolf masks. Does Archie sense something darker about the team? I can easily imagine Jughead somehow getting bit by one of the football players, especially Reggie, during a fight or argument that goes too far.

There’s also the possibility Jughead was born a werewolf. FP, his father, is the leader if the South Side Serpents, an ‘alpha’ in his own right. Maybe the SSS is some kind of werewolf pack?

Jughead has been portrayed as a ‘lone wolf’ throughout the show and someone people view as capable of being dangerous (ex: Reggie and the police accusing him of killing Jason). He’s been written as an outsider in the town of Riverdale because of his family’s situation and his personality in general, being a werewolf would only add to the reason why he’s such an outsider and prefers not to get close to people.

 Jughead will be a werewolf in the new one-shot coming out soon, ‘Jughead: The Hunger’. The official comic summary says"Jughead and his family’s dark legacy comes to light". Riverdale has already revealed some dark secrets about his family, what if theres more to it?

Its been mentioned that Sabrina the teenage witch will be making an appearance in the show. She can’t be the only supernatural being in the show, there has to be more creatures lurking about. There’s also another suggestion of supernatural elements: Cheryl’s nightmare in which she dreams of Jason as a zombie - perhaps a reference to ‘Afterlife with Archie’?

From the previews, Jughead: The Hunger’, seems very dark, like the show Riverdale. It would be a perfect fit. Is the release of the comic a hint to fans? Or will the show adopt ideas from the comic like they did with Sabrina the teenage witch from the Jughead comics?

Seems a bit of a long shot but there are some things that could be suggesting it. Werewolf or not, I’m looking forward to the episodes to come and the release of ‘Jughead: The Hunger’. Sorry for any grammer and spelling mistakes its 4am and I couldn’t sleep without typing up this theory.


Not requested: Reader works at the BAU and is in a relationship with Reid when they get called in on a case in Beacon Hills where their dad is the Sheriff.

A/N: I just really liked this idea and I don’t know why. Okay, I’m definitely making a part two considering it doesn’t really get into Beacon Hills or Reid and the reader being a couple yet but I also might make more than just two. Let me know if you want more.

You walked into the debriefing room where you saw your hometown on the screen. Beacon Hills. You nervously sat down in between JJ and Reid.
“What’s wrong?” Reid says looking your way worriedly.
Shakily you say, “What? Oh, nothing I-I’m fine.” Thankfully Garcia walks into the room starting to talk about the case.
“There seems to be a stream of murders in Beacon Hills,” she says pulling up pictures on the screen. They seem to be a mix of planned attacks and random killings.
You mumble to yourself, “Stiles should have this already figured out.”
Half of the team cocks their head at you while the other half doesn’t seem to notice. Garcia then continues, “The police department doesn’t know what to make of them. As you can see,” she says shifting uncomfortably, “whoever is doing this is ruthless and chaotic. Honestly, I don’t know how you guys can do this on a daily basis.”
Derek looks closely at the file and says, “We might be looking at two different unsubs.”
Hotch quickly closed the file and looks around at the team, “Well whoever they are they’re moving fast we have to get out there. Wheels up in thirty.”
You quickly close the file walking out of the room as Reid jogs up beside you, “Hey, (Y/N), are you okay? I saw you looked nervous in there.”
Nodding, “Yeah, yes. I’m fine.” You look down dreading telling the team it’s your hometown.
Time passes and you’re all on the plane thirty or so minutes into the flight you finally speak up, “Beacon Hills… It’s-It’s my hometown. Uh, my dad he’s the Sheriff.”
You hear them all say, “What?” at various times and nod your head.
“Your dad? He’s the sheriff?” Read asks not knowing who your family is.
“That’s why you looked nervous. You know (Y/N) it’s common to get nervous when you-”
Interpreting him JJ says, giving Reid a look, “Are you sure you’ll be okay? It is your hometown I understand if you’re not.”
“I’ll be fine. Just a warning my little brother will be around a lot he’s into these types of things I guess,” you say recalling all the times he’d drag you down to the station to see your dad and to talk about cases that might be linked with the supernatural.
“Well, we still have a long flight ahead of us,” Rossi chimes in, “everyone should get some rest because when we get to Beacon Hills there will be no time to do so.”
Everyone nods looking around you finally get to relax and hope the case isn’t linked with the supernatural.