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About Demure's gender...

Ok, I really REALLY needed to make this post, because I’m feeling pretty annoyed by an information regarding Demure (Damle)…

Apparently a lot of people believe that Demure is a girl in the japanese dub of the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime. Guys, that is FALSE.

Demure IS NOT a girl in the japanese version of the anime, he’s a boy as well. I can assure that, I’ve seen the japanese version myself and he’s a BOY (he has a male seiyuu as well). Also japanese fanartists portray him as a boy as well (at least on the ones I’ve seen)

Now, about if he’s a girl or not in the manga (wich is another thing people use to say), I don’t know, since I haven’t read the manga (only like the first 6 chapters) I don’t even know if he appears on the manga as well, so I can only assure his gender on the anime.

I want to be clear with something: if somebody wants to see him as a girl, because it’s their personal headcanon or something, I believe that’s perfectly fine. I just wanted to clarify this false rumor about him being a girl in the japanese dub, that’s all, everybody is free to see the characters the way they want.

I hope this post doesn’t offend anybody, I really do, I’m just easily annoyed by false information.