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While the pattern should have degraded long past the point of return, Seven find Jadzia’s pattern in the transporter buffer one day and manages to bring her back. She isn’t sure about this Trill who has joined the Voyager team but when they’re sent on a mission together to a planet she’s about to learn that where Jadzia goes, adventure is quick to follow.

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We assume that the fine folks at NASA spend all day working on warp drives and teleporters and such, because we are woefully ill-informed adult-sized children. But still, we figure they’re occupied with important science stuff way above our pay grade. Like engineer Lonnie Johnson: He spent his days working in NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena as part of the team that built Voyager, Galileo, and the Mars Observer spacecraft. He helped test the stealth bomber and developed new systems for nuclear reactors. It’s like he was always destined for genius level work: When he was a teenager, he designed his own robot sidekick.

But then you go ahead and check his Wikipedia page. It barely mentions NASA, instead choosing to focus on other, much more important accomplishments, like a really, really effective toy squirt gun.

Johnson’s major contribution to society came in 1982 while he was screwing around at home working on something silly and trivial, like a new type of heat pump. Heat pumps normally use Freon gas, but Johnson was trying to make one that worked off of water alone. When he switched on the pump, water fired out and slammed into the shower curtain with way more force than he had expected, and the idea of heat transfer suddenly seemed a whole lot less interesting than shooting some poor son of a bitch right in the face with it.

5 Awesome Things Invented by the Last People You’d Expect 


Josef: I’ve seen Spy many times without his mask. We were friends before we took up our contracts, so I saw him many times. Und we figured there was something going on between Spy and Demo. Soon got it out of Spy in the end!

Mick: Rare that I see him without his mask, really. Yea, and with my help Tavish managed to actually make the first move. Still yet to hear a “thank you” from Spy. 


North Equatorial Belt Plume - Voyager 2
Four frame Voyager Imaging Science Subsystem narrow angle mosaic taken of a large plume in Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt. This plume represents a massive cluster of thunderstorms deep within Jupiter’s cloud deck. Rising air from these thunderstorms punches through the surrounding sinking air, producing a white plume of ammonia ice clouds. This image was taken on July 6, 1979 between 1905-1916 UT. This was about 3 days before Voyager 2’s closest approach to the planet. Image Credit: NASA / JPL / Voyager-ISS team / Justin Cowart

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✧ (the tiny warlord)

What does Kao think of you? [ACCEPTING]

I would kill you. ✧ I would physically hurt you. ✧ I would attack you unprovoked. ✧ I would manipulate you. ✧ I dislike you. ✧ You annoy me. ✧ You scare me. ✧ You intimidate me. ✧ I hope I intimidate you. ✧ I pity you. ✧ You disgust me. ✧ I hate you. ✧ I’m indifferent toward you. ✧ I’d like to get to know you better. ✧   I’d like to spend more time with you.I’d like to be friends with you. ✧  I’m unsure what to think of you. ✧ I’m unsure how I feel about you. ✧ You are my friend. ✧ You are my best friend. ✧ You are my mentor. ✧ I look up to you. ✧ I respect you. ✧ You are my hero. ✧ You inspire me. ✧ You are my enemy. ✧ You make me happy. ✧ I want to protect you. ✧ I would fight by your side. I consider you an equal. ✧ I think you are beneath me. ✧ I think you are above me. ✧ I would lie for you. ✧ I would lie to you. ✧ I would sleep with you. ✧ I would sleep by your side. ✧ I would hug you. ✧ I would kiss you. ✧ You are family to me. ✧ I would die for you. ✧ I would kill for you. ✧ I would trust you with my life. ✧ I would trust you with my most precious belonging. ✧ I would trust you with a secret. ✧ I would trust you with my biggest / darkest secret. ✧ I love you (platonically). ✧ I love you (romantically).

well it would be a lot easier if SOMEONE would give out the security codes but we can usually use the Jefferies tubes to get around that. the captain doesn’t like us to play too much; she says the game “wastes power”, whatever that means  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I prefer holodeck simulations of the game, but then again Pokémon Go is a good way to walk around and look like I’m busy doing something while avoiding actual assignments 

Takumi: “Looking forward to meeting you again in Ryuunosuke’s next adventure“

While the news of the day is mostly AA6-focused, today was also the final DGS DLC.  As part of that, Takumi provided a special message for the players:

“London, at the end of the 19th century…
I hope you enjoyed your great turnabout voyage.
The team is looking forward to the day we can meet you again in Ryuunosuke’s next adventure.”

While this isn’t quite enough to say we got two AA sequel announcements in 48 hours - after all, this was written before the game went on sale - it is pretty close!

But until that day comes, Takumi leaves us with this:

Ok I’m pretty thrilled about the direction the recent chapters of HxH are going, so I’m gonna make some predictions for how I think things are going to go and we’ll see how accurate they turn out to be.

  • Gon will not be traveling to the Dark Continent, but after the voyage the team will bring something back (either accidentally or on purpose) and it will draw both him and Killua&Alluka/Nanika back together to deal with it
  • At least one member of the Zodiacs or Beyond’s team will sustain a serious injury on the boat before they even reach the Dark Continent. At least three will die very quickly on the DC, possibly in their first battle/confrontation.
  • To contrast the addition of both Leorio and Kurapika in the Zodiacs, two new members will have been added into the Ryodan (I have a whole meta on how these two groups contrast one another but that is for another time). Gyro is one of them, and we will see him again in Meteor City meeting the Ryodan. The other will either come from the Bizeff/Hina/Welfin group or those three will meet Gyro in Meteor City.
  • Woble (and the younger children in general) are gonna have some truly vicious Nen beasts since their sense of morality is still unformed, and as a result they will be unable to control them
  • Mizaistom will be named Vice-Chairman
  • Kaito and the koala will be called back in to help deal with the ants the Hunter Association took from East Gorteau
  • Kuroro will use a Benz knife again during the fight
  • We’ll see more of the Ryodan members’ techniques in Kuroro’s book
  • Hisoka ends up breaking/cutting off Kuroro’s right hand or arm to halt his Bandit’s Secret technique
  • Kuroro will either die or something will happen to disrupt their fight
  • Machi is in the audience at Heaven’s Arena

Now if only the next chapter switches things up to feature Kururi I’ll really be happy