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Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 

TF2 Headcanon - “In The Know”

Based on a random headcanon @camiluna27 proposed like an hour ago. And I made this trash.

-Title: IN THE KNOW-

The first thing Engine knew of Spy finding out, was the exact moment his laboratory door exploded inward with the force of a furious frenchman’s foot.

“YOU KNEW!” accused the masked man, blatantly seething.

Engie, trying to diffuse the situation, doesn’t rise to the bait. “Ah know many things, Spah, you mind tellin’ me which thing you’re on about?”

“Zhe bushman has been defiling my SON! And I am zhe last on zhe base to know about zhis-… zhis-… blatant manipulation of a minor?!” Spy cries, furious, but perhaps not finding quite the right words in English.

Amused, but patient, Engie puts down his tools before responding. “Now, see here Spook the kid’s nearly thirty he ain’t no minor-”

“Physically, per'aps, but–” interjects Spy, before Engie can talk over him again.

“…-and he’s a tad immature at times but it don’t mean he can’t make his own decisions. The kid knows what he’s on about, and ah’m getting the impression it’s more about the who, than the fact he’s in a relationship with another man…”

“Well of course that does not matter, it would be ‘ypocritical to scorn such a union, but my point is zhat of all zhe men 'ere… 'e chooses zhe one man who likes to fling PISS at people for fun!” stresses the exasperated Spy, hands flailing as he tried to impress on the stocky Texan the gravity of the situation.

“Mmmm, ah know you two don’t see eye-to-eye but Sniper’s a good man and Scout couldn’t have done much better -or worse, come to think of it- outta the people here. Least it ain’t BLU’s Sniper…” he gets the dig in there, because who could resist.

The horrified expression on Spy’s face was worth it. “Mon dieu… per'aps we should thank god for small miracles zhen, I could not attend a wedding where zhey replace confetti with jarate…”

Engie snorts. “Now where'n the hell’d ya get that idea, Spook?”

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TF2 Headcanon - Demo/Spy & Sniper/Scout

The basic headcanon is that Spy KNOWS he’s amazing, but maybe certain teammembers have all mentioned that Demo is The Best at kissing, and a handful of other things (and he’s most concerned about Scout knowing that, bu the runner is really just yanking his chain and parroting what Sniper told him about the explosives expert).

Fed-up, Spy goes to confront the guy over this whole seducing his son and the rest of the team, nonsense. Openly outraged at such impropriety in their ranks.
Demo listens, nodding along to each complaint and french curse with a deadpan expression, trying not to smile at the idea he’d stolen poor little Scout’s innocence and Spy was (in the most roundabout way possible) trying to defend his son’s honour.

But really, he knew what this was about.

When Spy finally stops talking, he tilts his head, grins and says, “So ye’re jealous I hadnae gotten around to ye faster, is that it?”

And Spy reels for a moment before stuttering out something most likely blistering in French, and glaring.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then, laddie?” Demo leans back in his chair a long moment, sincerely trying not to laugh at the whole scenario, then stands up. “Well, you know ye could have just asked, right?”

“I would never degrade myself to do such a thing,” Spy snarls back, suddenly questioning why he even came.

“The asking, the kissing, or the fact you’re seething with jealousy that I got to ye last, Spook?” Demo responds, backing the other into a verbal corner.

Spy’s expression hardens as he tries to find a verbal retort; though the temptation to flip  the bird at the Scot and cloak was incredibly tempting. The worst part was he got the impression that the man was right… and that would sincerely mean he’d lost control of himself and his sanity.

He was the one who did the seducing, had people unconsciously adoring him, wondering what it would be like if he was to-… and he’d leave it open to interpretation. It was also a challenge, and he disliked someone claiming to be more skillful than himself.

Indeed, there may be some other personal motivations, but still… Spy must be the best. Ironically, he was the one who nearly jumped out of his skin when Demo suddenly appeared closer than before, placing a hand to his shoulder. Spy must have gotten lost in thought, been quiet for far too long for the other to think of invading his personal space so significantly.

“I know I’m a lot to take in, lad, but do ye want a drink to help you get over the shock of wanting tae kiss a Scotsman?” Demo offers, half-jesting, but still holding a bottle of Scrumpy in his free hand.

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Josef: I’ve seen Spy many times without his mask. We were friends before we took up our contracts, so I saw him many times. Und we figured there was something going on between Spy and Demo. Soon got it out of Spy in the end!

Mick: Rare that I see him without his mask, really. Yea, and with my help Tavish managed to actually make the first move. Still yet to hear a “thank you” from Spy. 

someone save us from this carpeted bathroom


While the pattern should have degraded long past the point of return, Seven find Jadzia’s pattern in the transporter buffer one day and manages to bring her back. She isn’t sure about this Trill who has joined the Voyager team but when they’re sent on a mission together to a planet she’s about to learn that where Jadzia goes, adventure is quick to follow.

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well it would be a lot easier if SOMEONE would give out the security codes but we can usually use the Jefferies tubes to get around that. the captain doesn’t like us to play too much; she says the game “wastes power”, whatever that means  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I prefer holodeck simulations of the game, but then again Pokémon Go is a good way to walk around and look like I’m busy doing something while avoiding actual assignments 

We assume that the fine folks at NASA spend all day working on warp drives and teleporters and such, because we are woefully ill-informed adult-sized children. But still, we figure they’re occupied with important science stuff way above our pay grade. Like engineer Lonnie Johnson: He spent his days working in NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena as part of the team that built Voyager, Galileo, and the Mars Observer spacecraft. He helped test the stealth bomber and developed new systems for nuclear reactors. It’s like he was always destined for genius level work: When he was a teenager, he designed his own robot sidekick.

But then you go ahead and check his Wikipedia page. It barely mentions NASA, instead choosing to focus on other, much more important accomplishments, like a really, really effective toy squirt gun.

Johnson’s major contribution to society came in 1982 while he was screwing around at home working on something silly and trivial, like a new type of heat pump. Heat pumps normally use Freon gas, but Johnson was trying to make one that worked off of water alone. When he switched on the pump, water fired out and slammed into the shower curtain with way more force than he had expected, and the idea of heat transfer suddenly seemed a whole lot less interesting than shooting some poor son of a bitch right in the face with it.

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