team vodka

Songs inspired by Columbine/other school shootings

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Bones - TheCafeteria

POD - Youth Of A Nation

Bones - BombsInTheLunchroom

Bones - Reb & Vodka

Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies

Marilyn Manson - Killing Strangers

Bones - Rampart Range

Bones - Troubled Youth

Zack Hemsey - Vengeance

feel free to expand the playlist xx

a long list of weirdly specific (and also vague) kingsglaive things

  • nyx fights in circles
  • crowe wears a knife  even when off duty, but none of the guys do
  • the match cut between the glaives eating dinner and regis’ war council is incredibly satisfying
  • the glavies are all refugees but also they’re not all from galahd so where are they from (and how does that work when in-game things aren’t terrible in lucis)
  • there’s a lot of classically church-y architecture and design in insomnia, mostly around the place/glaive HQ. is that solely stylistic or supposed to suggest something more (it also matches Luna’s room in Tenebrae maybe that’s got something to do with it)
  • they spend so much time setting luche up as a part of the Recognizable Group aligned with Nyx and I’m still not sure how I feel about his face heel turn at the end (and I’m not sure if that means it works or not)
  • “selena get down!” cutting directly to lunafreya on TV further highlights the Association squeenix wants us to draw that I am 100% ignoring
  • there’s canonically an airline in lucis (it’s japan airlines) do you think they offer direct flights to niflheim
  • drautos’ thing about how “always wanting to save somebody… doesn’t win wars” takes on a whole new light when it becomes clear that nyx’s hero complex is the reason the trap works in the first place (related: I legitimately believe drautos likes nyx. his blunt acknowledgment that “the worst is yet to come” strikes me as an attempt to let nyx know and connect with him, as does his admission that he understands what its’ like to want to save everybody. of course, that only makes everything worse)
  • regis loves luna so fucking much and the technical quality of this film is amazing
  • luna being the bridge between nyx and regis is interesting and I’m not sure how to deal with it in relation to nyx’s prexisting relationship with regis (I think it has something to do with regis-as-king versus regis-as-man; luna humanizes both of them)
  • related: the ways regis says you when he recognizes nyx, I want to know what’s up with that
  • (tangential: nyx is both the team mom and the vodka aunt he’s the pike trickfoot of the group he’ll get you into a mess but he’ll also help you out of it afterwards)
  • from the way libertus asks about crowe’s death it sounds like nyx didn’t tell him she was sent to find lunafreya
  • I have a mild issue with how much info they try to cram into each shot but also it makes rewatches more interesting so it’s not all bad
  • the swelling music and “then surely there’s not safer place for me to be” and his little huff and the fireworks and j e s u s
  • I could write a paper about the application of action conventions in this movie
  • I will never be over “this thing is no mere trinket” like which lotr fan wrote that line
  • there’s a moment where the camera pans down to see the glaives fighting in the engine room and I’m p sure they’re all in the same combat loop
  • the difference between regis and luna is that luna tried to go back for regis where regis continued without her (and a lot of that comes back to noctis, regis’ desire to protect him before all else and lunafreya’s duty/destiny and the way it pulls her in different directions; they did so dirty by her in the game)
  • lunafreya nox fleruet and nyx ulric have known each other for forty-eight hours tops and they are already throwing their lives on the line for each other and it fucks me up so much
  • luna plays luche like a fiddle and I love that
  • where do I sign tbh fuck u nyx ulric (but also that he doesn’t care to see the future, that’s. that’s a lot)
  • nyx utterly letting go of the past, to the point that he destroys insomnia, is also a lot (there’s something a lot like utter freedom in that moment, unchained by the past and leaving the future to better hands than his; it’s that old eddying, half-tailspin and half flight, turning in circle and always immediate)
  • they pulled a Speed and I didn’t even notice I’m a sham
  • I love that he turns to ash, I love the king’s magic being like fire, I love all that imagery (all that burning, burning, burning)
The Foxes Play Fuck/Marry/Kill

based off my earlier post

  • It started out as a movie night until none of the Foxes could agree on a movie to watch.  
  • Somehow between arguing over movies and Nicky showing up with a lot of booze, someone (Matt) came up with the great idea that they should have a team-bonding night instead by playing question games.  
  • Nearly everyone started to refuse before Allison reminded them of all of the bets they could settle tonight with a pointed look towards Neil and Andrew who were sitting side-by-side on the couch.
  • Nicky (who was already five shots in) suggested fuck/marry/kill

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headcanons for my sunshine bro jeremy knox

  • nickname captain sunshine originally starts out as an insult thrown at him by jean in his first few weeks at USC
  • jeremy has an addiction to caffeine
  • he throws himself into making the team the best that he can
  • mr sunshine isn’t all sunshine which jean figures out 2 months into summer practice when he is checked awfully hard against the plexiglass
  • he’s afraid of heights which is ironic since he loves flying
  • his favorite place back home is the little hidey hole he found when he was a kid
  • he wears glasses only around the dorms, and then around the apartment him and jean share

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Holster: *downing a whole bottle of vodka*
SMH team: chug! chug! chug! chug! chug chug!
Ransom: oh damn…
Holster: *coughing, lays on ground, rolls over* WHAT ARE THOSE!
SMH team: *goes nuts*
Shitty: *is the guy in red hat*

(submitted by @bvarfolomeiknight)

Hey… hey… but… Lopez going to Sister’s raves on ‘intelligence gathering missions’ and being like “this music is stupid. you are stupid. your team is stupid. that vodka is probably poison. I do not dance” and Sister like super drunk and running around Lopez while techno plays and he’s just like “I cannot believe I’m not allowed to kill you yet” and shes just like *dances on* until she passes out and hes just like *SIGH* 

Notice My Behaviour! - Spencer Reid Criminal Minds One Shot


Anonymous said:

Saw that you wrote for Criminal Minds! Could I request a SpencerxReader where reader is a member of the BAU and is in love with Spence and while on a case, a witness or officer hits on him which… makes the reader feel like she has no chance with him. The team tries to reassure her that Spence likes her just as much but she doesn’t believe them. Spence overhears them talking and tells her that he does like her and it ends in smut? Sorry & TY!

Word Count: 2,550

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: mention of alcohol, tiny bit of swearing , smut :)

Notice My Behaviour!

You packed away the files into your bag, tossing your laptop on top, before scanning your hotel room to make sure you hadn’t left too much stuff out. The case was finally wrapped up but the jet wasn’t setting off until tomorrow so you and the team had a night to yourselves to relax before the next psycho came your way. You had all agreed to meet down in the bar and have a few drinks; it was pretty much a tradition whenever you had a night off together, so you riffled through your bag trying to find something that didn’t scream ‘work-wear.’ You usually liked looking professional, but it was nice to dress to impress sometimes, especially when there was someone in particular to impress: Spencer.

You could still remember your first day on the team; you walked into the office and got introduced to all the team and realised what an amazing group of people they were. You loved how sassy Emily and JJ could be and the three of you became fast friends, filling the office with girl power. You couldn’t help but check out Morgan’s arms when he shook your hand, but that was as far as the attraction went and now you saw him more like an older, protective brother. You say brother because the team really were like your family at this point, even with all the travelling round and stress of the job, you always knew they were there for you, whether you were falling apart after a case or just wanted someone to party it up with.

That was mostly where Garcia came in, the two of you got on so well, the amount of time you spent hanging out, shopping and playing video games made it feel like you were barely ever apart. She even called you with most of her case info now, much to Morgan’s disappointment. Then there was Spence, who had spent all of your first day following you round and telling how amazing the team was and how much you would enjoy working there, tripping over not only his words but also a desk in the process. That was the start of it all; he was so friendly and kind that it didn’t take long for you to develop quite the crush on the handsome genius, which only got worse over time. Seeing how much he cared about every case and every victim and learning more about his past only made you fall deeper until you were completely head over heels for him.

JJ and Prentiss were constantly telling you that you should tell him how you feel but you could never quite bring yourself to do it, and you swore them to secrecy about your feelings. Usually you were pretty confident and didn’t really have much trouble with men, but Spencer was different, he was so smart and kind that you didn’t want to just flirt your way into bed with him, you wanted more. Anyway, you ended deciding on a sweet, light blue skater dress and you put on a bit of red lipstick to complete the look. You smiled at the contrast between looking like sweet as pie but also pretty badass as you walked past the mirror grabbing your purse before you headed down to the hotel bar.

You smiled and skipped over to the table where you saw JJ and Emily already finishing their first drinks.

“Hey (Y/N), great dress,” JJ said, pulling you out a chair, “we were just about to get another, what do you want?” 

“No worries girls, this round is on me.” You smiled heading to the bar, feeling all the stress of the case melting away as you actually got pretty excited about a night relaxing with the team. You ordered three vodka and lemonades at the bar, but before you could hand the bartender any money, he placed his hand on yours.

“Don’t worry gorgeous these drinks are on me. I’m Jamie by the way and you are?” He smiled at you charmingly, and you couldn’t help smiling back as you replied,

“Thanks very much Jamie, I’m (Y/N).” Shaking his hand before you picked up the drinks,

“Well (Y/N), I hope you have a great night.” He went off to serve another customer and you blushed for a moment before returning to the table to find that Reid and Officer Summers had joined you. Officer Maddy Summers had been your local law enforcement contact on the case and you couldn’t deny she did a great job but there was something about her that you didn’t like; it wasn’t so much the fact that she was skinny and blonde and beautiful, it was the way she looked at Reid. You could tell she had her eye on the profiler and honestly you felt like if she was interested in him then you had no chance.

You put on your best smile as you returned to the table,

“You can thank Jamie the bartender for these drinks girls!” You joked as you placed them on the table before greeting Maddy, doing your best to look genuinely happy that she had joined you.

“Have you ever had to buy your own drink (Y/N)?” Spencer asked, almost sounding a little jealous, and you couldn’t help but laugh at his outraged expression.

“I’m sure it’ll happen sometime, but until that day I am not complaining.” You joked back, kind of pleased that he had noticed the male attention you get. You noticed JJ checking out her watch and she looked around confused,

“Where’s Morgan and Hotch? They should be here by now.”

“Hotch said he can’t make it, he’s got a night of paperwork ahead of him, and I think Morgan is still getting ready in his room.” Reid explained and you all sighed and rolled your eyes, this was classic Morgan.

“I thought it was the girls who were supposed to take forever to get ready?” Prentiss joked, clinking her glass with yours.

“Hey, I made it here on time!” Reid protested, not wanting to be lumped with Morgan. You felt your stomach drop as Maddy put her hand on Spencer’s and said,

“Well I guess not everyone can be as naturally gorgeous as you.” Her eyes flickering over his blushing face as a moment of quiet fell over the table. JJ’s eyes darted to you, as you gave the back of Maddy’s head your best bitch-face, glad she was looking away. Before Spencer could reply Morgan came bounding over to the table and conversation picked up again, though you noticed Spencer hadn’t moved his hand from under hers.

The night went on, all of you talking, joking and generally having a good time although there were a few moments when you almost lost it at Maddy’s incredibly unsubtle flirting with Spence. He looked pretty flustered by her seductive words, but you were pretty sure she had him wrapped her little finger by now. She was so gorgeous that there was no way he wouldn’t be falling all over her.

As it started to get late Maddy stood up and announced,

“Well as much fun as this has been, I’m on duty tomorrow so I’m gonna get going. Thanks for having me guys, Spence do you want to walk me out?” She added flashing him a smile that would melt any man’s heart. He nodded his head and followed after her, looking a bit disconcerted by the whole thing, glancing back at a laughing Morgan as if seeking guidance.

“Shit.” You muttered under your breathe as soon as they were out of sight, not even meaning to say it out loud.

“Come on (Y/N), you know Spence, he’s just being nice, it’s not like he’s actually going to like her.” JJ said, reading your mind as she placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

Morgan’s brow furrowed as Emily continued, “JJ’s right, she doesn’t even begin to compare to you.”

“Hold up, I feel like I’m missing something.” Morgan quizzed, starting to grasp what was going on here. JJ explained,

“(Y/N) has a bit of a crush on Spence, and by that we mean she is crazy head over heels in love with him. And now she’s disappointed because he went to walk Maddy out, even though it clearly means nothing, because she feels like she has no chance with him.”

A broad smile grew across Morgan’s face as you hid your head in your hands, embarrassed at your secret being revealed, but you looked up again, when you heard him burst into laughter.

“Are you kidding me?! My man Spencer has been crazy about you since you joined the team! And now you’re telling me that all this time you felt the same! This is crazy, you’ve got to tell him!” He practically slammed his fists onto the table with his last sentence, genuine excitement seeming to wash over him. Emily and JJ looked at him in disbelief, but you just shook your head,

“I appreciate you trying to make me feel better Derek but that’s just not true. I have to face it, as long as there are girls like Maddy hitting on him I basically don’t stand a chance with Spencer, no matter how strong my feelings for him are.” You said, starting to feel pretty down in yourself. “Sorry guys, I think I am going to call it a night.” You added, finishing your drink swiftly and giving the girls a quick hug before you headed back up to the lift to take you back up to your room.

Little did you know, it hadn’t take Spencer long to dismiss Maddy, feeling really quite uncomfortable about her advances and he had walked back to the bar just in time to hear the whole exchange, cringing when he heard Morgan confess his feelings for you but feeling overwhelmed with joy when he heard JJ mention yours. Seeing you leave, he quickly told the guys he wasn’t feeling too well and that was going to head up to bed before he made his way up to your room.

The whole team was staying on the same corridor, so Spencer knew where your room was. You had just got back to the room and taken your shoes off before you heard a frantic knocking at the door. You were worried that it was an emergency so you quickly swung the door open on to see Spencer stood there, looking at you with his mouth hanging open, words failing to come out. Realising his inability to spoke, he tried to tell you everything another way, cautiously gripping your waist as he pressed his lips to yours.  You stood frozen, not quite sure of how to the handle the situation despite the fact that you had been imagining this moment for so long now.

Finally your brain kicked in as he went to move his lips away, instinctively wrapping your arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. With his confidence growing Spencer tightened his hold on your waist pushing you back into your room slightly and closing the door behind him.  Now with a little privacy, you moved your lips to his neck, running your fingers through the long hair you found so cute. His lips finally free he began to explain,

“I overheard you and the others talking about how you didn’t like that I walked out Maddy, and that you didn’t feel good enough, but (Y/N) you’re the one I want more than anyone else. I’ve wanted this since your first day at the BAU, you’re so perfect, I just can’t understand why out of all the guys that like you, you’d like me.” You smiled against his skin as he half-spoke, half-moaned his words, pushing his cardigan off his shoulders. He quickly pulled it off, tossing it aside, excited with where this was going.

“For a genius , you can be pretty stupid sometimes Spence,” You  joked, unbuttoning his shirt as his hands moved to the zip down the back of your dress, “Of course I like you, you’re so smart and sweet and kind. And honestly you’re pretty gorgeous.” You added with a cheeky smile as you shrugged off your dress letting it fall to the floor, pooling around your feet. You felt amazing as Reid gazed at you in awe, his breath hitching as he took in your barely covered figure. You slid his shirt off and moved to his belt, frustrated at how many items of clothing he was wearing.

Much to your surprise Spencer slammed his lips back on yours, pushing your back against a wall as his hands hungrily roamed your stomach and back before he finally reached up to unclasp your bra, struggling with it a little bit. By this point you had his trousers down by his ankles, and he let out a low, guttural groan as you slid your hand into his boxers teasingly slowly. He looked up at you with pleading eyes until you finally rubbed your thumb over his tip, smearing precum over him before you started to slowly pump him, your hand wrapped firmly round his shaft.

He moaned loudly as his began an assault of kisses and love-bites on your chest, while he slipped his hand inside your panties. You panted his name as he slowly pushed a finger into your wet slit, twisting and massaging before he slid in another. You were both moaning loudly, enjoying the other’s hand, and you were getting so turned by feeling Spencer bucking his hips against your hand as you stroked his hard manhood faster.

You felt the heat building in your core and, needing to feel more of him, you pulled down his underwear. He let out a whimper at your loss of contact, but quickly whipped your panties down and brought one of your legs up to his waist. He gave you a slow, loving, gentle kiss before he filled you with his considerable length, almost making your legs buckle.

He tried to start slow but soon lust took over and he was fucking you hard against the wall, making you moan with every thrust as he hit your g-spot. As he slammed inside you, he nibbled and sucked at your neck, giving you Goosebumps with his warm, wet lips. You trailed your fingers over his back, sending shivers down his spine with your gentle touch. His pace quickened as he got more and more frantic and you felt yourself get weak in the knees as your walls clenched around him, his name spilling from your lips as you came. He held you up, pressing you up against the wall for a final few thrusts before he tipped over the edge, spilling his warmth inside you. You both gasped for air as he pulled out of you and lowered your leg, but he kept you against the wall keeping you warm as he held his body against you. A smile grew across the genius’s face as you two kissed playfully, and you both giggled knowing that that would not be the last time you shared a hotel room on case. 


Wyatt didn’t even know why he came to Brianna’s party. It was the last place he wanted to be and he’d been avoiding her for most of the week. He didn’t even know why he was upset but mostly because it felt like she had betrayed him. The one kid he couldn’t stand, that was who she chose the minute he turned his back. Currently he was sitting in her living room with a few of the guys from the team and drinking a vodka and cranberry drink. A random freshman sitting in his lap who was obviously interested but he was barely giving her the time of day.

Usually Wyatt would have been running the beer pong table with his best friend and of course since he wasn’t, Luca was which was annoying him even more. Instead, he just kept taking shots and moping, doing his best to avoid Brianna.