team vermillion

  • Mavis: Hey look buddy, I'm a tactician. That means I solve problems.
  • Mavis: Not problems like "what is beauty?" because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems.
  • Mavis: For instance, how am I gonna stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing me a structually superfluous behind? The answer? Use a weapon!
  • Mavis: And if that doesn't work, use more weapons!

Reverse! Fairy Tail

Since @lalamelon was really interested in seeing how this AU played out, I decided to make a small series of drawings for it. Maybe I should do more? Leave a comment!💕

Fairy tail review: 455

Erza cover:

Wendy being worried for Erza I really think she and maybe Jellal are going to save Erza at some point


I love his character devellopment and that of the rest of the raijinshuu 

Who’s the he they are speaking of Ajeel or Zeref or someone else:

Team flying daron is aesome:

Natsu’s glare is sexy:

No wait I want Lucy to rub her face on his

Ajeel trying to kill Erza with his attack:

There’s a hole in Freed’s jutsushiki:

Fuckin Badman with minions are in town:

Lucy and aquarius’ key scene:

Brandish using Lucy’s bathtub:

Brandish is still Queen tho:

A deep impression on who? Zeref? Whoever was in Mardi’s void:

They are surrounded:

Mavis expression:


Mashima’s message for 2015:

[今年一年FTを応援してくれてありがとうございます。 2015年のMVPはイグニールに決定です。]


Thanks for supporting one year FT this year, thank you very much. MVP of the year 2015 is the decision to ignore.

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