team usher

can we talk about this for a minute ???? we can se how valtteri is a bit uncomfortable at first. a bit unsure where to be, where to stand. probably wondering if he should even be there … and as soon as some members of the team see him, they usher him forward. and at first you think lewis doesn’t really take a notice to him, but as they crouch down, lewis ushers valtteri to come in closer, that he too should be in centre, along with him. and honestly, i think just that let alone, made valtteri more comfortable. i might not always be the biggest fan of lewis .. but i love this. and the whole team. it just made me very happy.


Aaliyah & Usher as Counterparts

They were born only four months and two days apart. Usher’s date of birth is October 14, 1978 and Aaliyah was born January 16, 1979.

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number and Usher’s self-titled album were both released in 1994. Both debut albums showed off a maturity beyond their 15 years.

Sophomore efforts One in a Million (1996) and My Way (1997) were released just little over a year apart. Both albums are home to two of some of the best R&B singles of the 90’s; One in a Million and You Make Me Wanna.

Third albums were released in July 2001 with Usher’s dropping on the 1st day of that month and Aaliyah, six days after. Both were critically acclaimed for their artistic growth. 

They could both sing, dance and were the first male and female artist from their generation to be considered as the heirs to throne of Pop superstar siblings, Michael and Janet Jackson.

Kinda love his new hair. Trying to. Trying to love him no matter what. Being a professional fangirl. HAHAHA.