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Warmth For The Holidays

We received a really well written and heartwarming letter this past week. Although it doesn’t relate directly to Choices and instead focuses on another one of our games, High School Story, I thought this letter would be great for the holiday season. Victor, thank you for letting us share your letter. Because of you, our High School Story team is now considering a MG storyline.


Dear Pixelberry Studios,

Hi! My name is Victor and I’m a huge High School Story fan! I’m a regular player, and I’m also a new player to Choices! I absolutely love your mobile games, and I even bought the official High School Story shirt! I wanted to reach out to you for a few reasons, but first I’d like to tell you about my story that led to Pixelberry.

I was born with a rare autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis (MG for short). It is extremely rare in children, yet I acquired it at age five. Basically, it weakens all of the muscles in the body, making it difficult to breathe, walk, eat, and complete simple tasks such as opening a water bottle, or a jar of pickles. Over the years, I’ve had multiple surgeries, appointments, and a lot of missed school due to recovery from surgeries and tests. Unfortunately, I’ve had to miss quite a lot of my “high school experience” due to my body’s limits, such as my inability to participate in sports, stay late at football games, be included in after school clubs, participate in PE, and even make friends. Eventually, I was forced to be homeschooled online because I couldn’t physically make it through a day of walking from class to class. Overall, it was hard for a teenager in high school to live with a disease that is constantly making me weak and unable to participate in regular teenage activities.

Then, my sister introduced me to High School Story. My siblings and I are big Laura Shigihara fans, so when we discovered her video where she sings “Best Day” live on YouTube, we had to check out your game! 

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Gladion doesn’t fit in with Team Skull.

Has anyone noticed that he doesn’t have Team Skull’s logo anywhere on his design? Plumeria’s got it tattooed on her stomach, and Guzma and the grunts have necklaces. Did I miss Gladion wearing the logo somewhere or does he really not have it?

Not to mention that Gladion’s design in general is strikingly different from the rest of Team Skull. Everyone else has strictly black and white clothes with a cross/zigzag motif and the sun/moon skull eyes on their heads, whereas Gladion has black and red clothes and no cross/zigzag motif and no skull eyes.

I dunno man, that’s just really suspicious, especially with the theories I’ve seen involving Lillie and Lusamine…

How would you like the opportunity to layback and chill with Hosoi at either the Huntington Beach or Orange @vans park for the day? For a small donation of $400 to the Next Up Foundation you could spend a private afternoon skating and swapping flare and Classic Tales from the 80s with the King of Style himself. What if we told told you we are also throwing in a Vans gift card for you to get some new gear or holiday gifts at the Vans store? 

That’s only $400, the price of 400 pairs of underwear from the Dollar Store, you could have a once in a lifetime experience while helping out a good cause. Click over to the Next Up funding page now. Only five days left. Operators are standing by.

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anonymous asked:

Apparently Emma Watson was named celebrity feminist of the year?????????

Let’s not pretend it isn’t because she is a petite, white, nonthreatening English rose. I mean, which big company wouldn’t want this pretty little easily packaged, safe product to represent feminism?

No one seems to be talking about the fact that the runners up were Laverne Cox and Beyonce. But y’know, women who are in control of their bodies and their sexuality and who are viewed as powerful would never win. Not to mention, they’re not white. How could you sell them? They already own their images, and they aren’t quiet about it.

The Ms. Foundation “Celebrity Feminist Of the Year” is an arbitrary honor and the title is 100% meaningless. Until Ms. Foundation teamed up with Cosmopolitan and agreed to splash Emma Watson across the news as a bizarre bite-sized feminist icon, I had never even heard of them or this competition. And I bet if Laverne had won I would have kept not hearing about it.  

An organisation that wants to rank “how feminist” celebrities are is not one which should be in charge of choosing who we should celebrate most for their work as a feminist.