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Saw this and had to post it. STOP JUDGING.

Everyone pointing fingers at futile stuff that don’t even make sence, focus on the bigger picture and how much effort they putting into it.

Why don’t you go do what he does, go rap out there in there mainstream market and see how it feels like!

Maybe then you can judge… that’s if you ever get heard.

Leo Fitz Appreciation Post

So I really love Fitz a lot and I know it’s only been 10 episodes and clearly this hiatus + winter break = me going insane, but I’m pretty sure Leo Fitz sits firmly in my top characters of all time, and with the way the show is going, and if it lasts as long as I hope it does, he’ll probably take over as favorite.

So basically, this is a post about why I love Fitz. My personal manifesto if you will, that’ll probably grow and adapt over time. But for now, this is it. Note that a lot of this is somewhat headcanon/opinion, based on the few episodes we have, but the main points stem straight from canon. Also note that this is probably not as organized as it may seem. (2700 words, 5 pages)

In summary:

  • Unashamed genius, modest hero
  • Hides behind words, but easily read
  • One half of a practically married couple that’s incredibly codependent
  • His general dynamics within the team

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