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Emilio Martinez - Kidnapped?

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Can I have a request for Emilio what happens me Tristan alex tessa and Erika go to get lunch while I stay outside I get dragged into jakes truck and they take off with me

You and a few other members of Team Ten had decided to go out for lunch together.  Everyone else was still finishing and you had to get a phone call, so you had stepped outside the restaurant.  You were watching Tristan, Alex, Tessa, and Erika through the window with a smile on your face, until someone grabbed you from behind.  

You opened your mouth to scream, but someone put their hand over your mouth.  The restaurant wasn’t on a busy street, so nobody was around to see.  Nobody in the restaurant was even looking out the window, so they couldn’t see you either.

You were pulled backwards, and you heard a van door open.  You were pulled inside, and the person removed their hand.

The all-too-familiar scent of all the spilled drinks and dropped food filled your nose.  You were in the Team 10 truck.  You turned and saw that your captor was none other than Ivan Martinez himself, twin brother of your boyfriend Emilio.

“Ivan what the hell?!” you asked him angrily.  Your heart was still beating a mile a minute, and you put your hand on your chest.  “You scared me half to death!”

“We saw you outside and figured you were leaving lunch early,” Jake said from the front seat of the truck.  “Don’t worry, I texted Erika to let her know we picked you up.”

You rolled your eyes.  “That doesn’t make up for kidnapping me.”

“I am sorry babe.”  You heard Emilio speak from the row of seats behind the one you were in, and sighed.  “I asked them to stop and ask if you needed a ride.  I never said kidnap.”

You shook your head and let out a frustrated sigh.  “If I weren’t getting over being terrified right now I would slap you.”

Your phone began to ring, and you looked down to see Tessa calling you.  You answered the phone and brought it to your ear.  “Tessa-”

“y/n!” she said with a sigh of what seemed like relief.  “We just got the text from Jake that you were kidnapped, we’re all freaking out.”

You looked at Jake with fury in your eyes.  “You didn’t even tell them you were the ones to kidnap me?”

“Are you with Jake?” she asked, worried.

You nodded, forgetting that she couldn’t see it.  “Yes, I am.  Sadly.  If I actually do die of fright before we meet again, slap every person in this van for me, would you?”

She laughed.  “Yeah, sure.  So you’re safe, right?”

You looked around the van.  “As safe as I can be for a kidnapping, I guess.”

“Alright.  We’ll see you back at the house.”

You nodded, again forgetting that she couldn’t see it, then hung up the phone.  You looked at Emilio and sighed.  “You’re lucky you’re cute,” you said as you climbed to the next row back so you could sit with him.  “Otherwise, I’d probably punch you across the face right now.”

Emilio nodded and put his arm around you.  “I never said to kidnap you but yes, thank god I am cute.  I do not want to get punched.”

anonymous asked:

Back when the twins were in Spain and were doing real pranks on each other (dying Emilio's hair and waxing Ivan's legs) I found it funny how completely different they act when they're mad. When Emilio gets mad, he gets MAD. Even in Chanthony's video where they put shaving foam on his face he started screaming in Spanish for Ivan to get them before attacking them himself. But as for Ivan, he's pretty chill, and when he's mad it's more like a "f you, leave me the fuck alone" type thing

Yeah I know they always react differently. It’s funny how in the xbox prank, it’s Ivan who got super mad (and Emilio too when he violently threw it on the floor lol). But we never know what’s real and what’s fake so yeah… 

I’m pretty sure the prank on Emilio in Spain (dying his hair) was planned. His reaction was way too extreme.

Ivan Martinez - Mistake

You and Ivan had just started dating about two weeks ago.  You were meeting him at the Team Ten House to go out for lunch, which was your first mistake.  You had watch the Team Ten YouTube videos, you knew that they were always pulling pranks on each other, but you never imagined you’d get caught in the crossfire so quickly.

The door opened and the Spanish twin was standing in the doorway.  “Hello y/n,” he said with a smile on his face as he took your hand in his.  “Ready to go?”

You nodded, and the two of you walked towards your destination.

After you went to lunch, Ivan had invited you back to the Team Ten house for a little while.  You went out to the backyard while he went inside to grab snacks, and you were sitting and waiting when he came out with bags of chips in his arms.

While you were on the date, you decided to take a leap.  You’d known Ivan for a really long time, and you really liked him.  You wanted to try to kiss him.

“Hey,” you said, standing up to help him with all the chip bags.  You decided to do it quick and when you took the chip bag from him, you pretended to fall and pecked him on the lips as you fell.


You saw Ivan standing in the doorway.  Or, was it Emilio?  You looked at the two of them in confusion, then sighed.  “Oh crap.  Who did I just kiss…?”

“Emilio,” said apparently-Ivan from the doorway.  “I had him help me bring out the snacks.”

Your eyes widened.  “Ivan I-I’m so sorry.”

“How could you?” he asked in a hurt voice.

“I didn’t know!  I can’t tell the difference between you two!”  You ran over to him as tears started forming in your eyes.  “Ivan I’m so sorry!”

He smiled at you.  “I am not Ivan.”

You let out a frustrated sigh.  “This is why I don’t like dating someone with an identical twin.”  You wiped your tears from your eye and looked at the twin you kissed.  “No more jokes.  Which one are you?”

“I am Ivan,” he said as he hugged you.  “I am sorry, I never meant to get you upset.”

You shook your head.  “Don’t scare me like that.”

He smiled.  “Let me make it up to you.”  He gently put his hands on your waist and pulled you closer to him, until your lips met.  You stood there for a moment, kissing, until Emilio started clapping.

“You so cute together,” Emilio said with a cheesy smile on his face.

You sighed and buried your face in Ivan’s shoulder.  “I hate dating a twin.”  From that day on, you made it your mission to memorize the difference between the two, so thinking about it would just be an afterthought.


June 11th 2016…

Looking at the monitors 707 lights a candle and sings a lonely song to his Twin,  "Happy Birthday Saeran, I miss you"

Somewhere hidden in the woods that same sentiment is not shared “Why did you leave me Saeyoung!”

June 11th 2017

Saeyoung tentatively raises his hand “Happy Birthday Saeran, I love you”

Saeran raises his own and closes his eyes “Same to you stupid Brother”

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Another HanRyu collaboration with the wonderful @jumin-love <3

Wand Headcanons

Ollivander remembers making and selling every wand that does him harm while he’s in the Malfoy basement.

It’s a matter of status in the castle, who the House team players trust to keep their wands during matches. Madame Hooch, by tradition, keeps the Captain’s wand, but usually the person the players trust the most keep their wands. 

James and Sirius were so close, they could use each other’s wands interchangeably, with no adverse effects on their magic.

Wixen tend to be buried with their wands. Cremation, though can’t apply to wands. They won’t burn. Urns are typically sold with a slot on the side for the wand of the deceased. 

Luna’s wand, an occamy feather core, was a family heirloom, something her father’s family line had kept until it chose someone. It chose her when she was eight, the day after she learned about occamies from a moving picture book, and passed the bookshelf where the wand box was kept. It jumped off the shelf towards her.

Fred and George have wands of the same wood and the same length, with different cores. The wands look the same, but have a different feeling to them.

After the end of the war, and after using borrowed wands for a few weeks, Hermione spent a few hours in Olivander’s shop looking for a new one. It took just as long to find her a second wand as it did to find the first, but the fit was just as right. 

Parvati Patil is teeny tiny, but her wand is the longest in her year.

Fenrir Greyback used to own a wand, but it snapped during a skirmish with some Order members during the first war. He realized that day that he didn’t need one.