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“He is the beginning of what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance.” Dave Filoni

Red Velvet to make a comeback in FEBURARY! it is “expected to be a turning point for both red velvet the team and the agency.”

  • Okay so I haven't seen the subs yet but I don't understand why people suddenly jumped to "oh Yuuri is breaking up with Victor" and thought it was a rational conclusion. Yuuri's been thinking about retiring this entire time. Since literally episode 3. Regardless or whether or not he actually does, he's anyways been thinking of having Victor step down as his coach after the GPF since episode 4 and especially episode 9 (where he said he'd tell Victor regardless of whether or not he wins). In Yuuri's head, is not right for him to "keep Victor away from the ice." He loves Victor so much that he's willing to let him go, so Victor can be happy as well. This is Yuuri giving Victor the option of returning to skating, should he so wish. Victor's response remains to be seen--as I believe Victor himself is unsure of what he really wants.
  • But you know what is certain? Their engagement. They got engaged the previous night, and Victor expressed his intention to marry Yuuri after the GPF in plain words. Even in the previews for the next episode we see them still wearing their rings. Yuuri's decision of "let's end this" has nothing to do with their personal relationship. They're still engaged.
  • I'm actually somewhat relieved that Yuuri told Victor now, before the Free Skate, because it's been a huge source of anxiety for him. It gives Victor a chance to understand, and to reassure Yuuri that regardless of what happens, they're going to be together throughout it. It's a weight off Yuuri's shoulders, and once he gets that reassurance from Victor, he's going to be able to skate without any burdens. Remember, his theme is Love. And Love Wins.
  • And one more thing to always keep in mind: "Hanarezuni sobani ite." It's their song.

Ray didn’t blame Mick. Ray pointed out how the team never really trusted Mick. And frankly Ray looked more disappointed in himself for not being a better friend than for Mick’s decision. When Mick sold the team out to the time pirates, Ray was pissed as hell. But now….Ray didn’t look mad just sad and disappointed that the team really did sell Mick short. Atomwave feels outta nowhere man. 

Mick leaving the legends is the best development that has come out of this episode next to the return of Snart. Honestly the team never trusted either of them and treated them like dirt.

Honestly only Amaya and Ray ever treated Mick like a true friend no matter how brief that was. Sara had no right to call him a friend. She never even tried.

I’m like so salty over this right now. I’m glad he left. He deserves people who actually look out for him. It’s bad when the ‘evil’ side is the better one.

Let’s get “I Wait(아 왜)” to 1 Million views!!
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  • just refreshing the page won’t work - i suggest making a playlist with all their mvs 
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So like I’m just saying that now Harrison Browne is retiring from playing in the NWHL, and said in his video that he still wants to work with hockey, he could move to DC and manage a new expansion team for the league because let me tell you I already have a team name, logo, and mascot planned, and I think it would be a great addition to the league. Consider, for a minute, the idea of DC Justice. Logo is Lady Justice. Jersey is royal blue. I will be the biggest fan and come to every game. I even have like $3 in my bank account to contribute to their start. @hbrowne24 please bud we need it