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GH#1BloggaNEWS: Trinidad wins GOLD in mens javelin #I4tandt

S/O to Trinidad’s Keshorn Walcott,

for  becoming the Olympic champion in men’s javelin.

Walcott won the competition with a throw of 84.58 to set a National record

and became the youngest champion in javelin history.

This is so historical as this is the 1st gold since Hasley Crawford won the 100m

at the 1976 summer games in Montreal.

After his sensation win he appeared for post-olympics interview.

“I’m more than stunned,”

“I just went into the final to enjoy it, so to come out with the gold medal is a feeling

I can’t describe right now.“

“I know everyone is proud of me,” he continued. “I’m just thankful for all the support. I’m going back to the Games Village to celebrate with the team, and we’re leaving (today), so we’ll celebrate in Trinidad too. I know they’re going mad in Toco.” -Walcott


  • Ranked #1 in the world
  • Full time head coach who has been around these players for years
  • Most players have been playing together for 5+ years
  • USSF spends millions on them 
  • Train in state of the art facilities 
  • Players have been in YNT programs since their early teens, playing on elite teams before that. 

Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Ranked #46 in the world, were #125 a few months ago. 
  • Volunteer head coach who has been working with the team for about a month and saw 2 of his starters play for the 1st time a few days ago.
  • Most players didn’t start playing until their early teens because the youth soccer programs are pretty much nonexistent.
  • Federation didn’t send money, equipment or medical staff on time so the team showed up with $500 and had to get by for a day or so on the hospitality of locals and opposing teams. 

Final score 1-0 USWNT.  Hats off to the Soca Princesses.